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𡣕 a concubine, wife
𢦂 (Cant.) to brag, praise oneself
𢫦 variant of 拍, to clap, tap, beat; a beat or rhythm
𢫫 (Cant.) to rub
𢮑 (Cant.) classifier for lengths of cylindrically shaped objects
𢯱 public opinion; to assemble; to seek
𢰾 general, overall, chief
𢱟 to strike, flog
𢲵 (Cant.) to save up (money), to save up bit-by-bit
𢲸 (Cant.) to shake violently, stir; to strip
𢳜 to waste
𢥠 terrified, afraid
𢥞 same as 忡; a sad, uneasy countenance
𡽱 a high hill; the name of a hill
𢅏 blinds, window screens
𢅖 curtain, screen
𢊍 variant of 厨 , a kitchen; a closet; a cupboard
𢐧 a stand, frame
𢘅 (Cant.) flurried, flustered; arbitrariliy
𢙢 to fear
𢙱 to impose upon; stupid
𢠳 irritable, surly; sad
𢠵 alarmed, agitated
𢵓 (Cant.) to rush; chase someone out, drive out
𢶅 to divine; to fold
𢶜 (Cant.) to push; pull open
𣪠 to attack
𣳨 to store up, pile up
𤆍 red; communist, 'red'; bare
𤊒 (Cant.) to scald with boiling water
𤍕 to gather wood for a burnt sacrifice to Heaven
𤍠 hot (in temperature)
𤍤 a flaming explosion, a flash
𤏲 to set on fire
𤑕 smoke, fog, vapor; smoke, cure
𤔔 to govern
𣚕 (Cant.) to wave, beckon with the hand
𣘦 ebony
𢶣 to fold, double
𢶯 (Cant.) to pull, turn
𢷤 to expel, reject
𢹑 (Cant.) to widen with force
𣉞 white, clear
𣑁 to leap, skip
𣓌 a well-sweep
𣔨 (Cant.) to be entangled, twisted; (of alcohol and tobacco) to be strong
𣔼 a cane, rod, pole, staff
𣘗 a tree a thousand feet high
𤕭 to get hold of, take
𠀀 the sound made by breathing in; oh! (cf. BOPOMOFO LETTER O, which is derived from this character)
𠛪 to cut open, sever
𠝭 (Cant.) to fell, cut; to sweep away
𠞰 to attack, destroy; to fatigue
𠢤 to urge, compel
𠧩 an archaic form of 悔, to repent
𠩺 to split, rive, crack
𠬛 to dive under water
𠭴 (same as 㑁) short; of short stature
𠯦 (Cant.) to eat, take a meal
𠯽 (Cant.) a final particle indicating affirmation
𠚹 to mow
𠗦 to lean on; to trust in
𠀁 the original form for 七
𠀉 (the same as 丘) a hill; elder; empty; a name
𠀍 (same as 世) generation; world; era
𠁥 the horns of a sheep
𠂔 to stop
𠂝 every, all; a multitude
𠂢 to branch
𠂤 to store up, to pile up
𠆌 (variant of 庸) usual, common; to use
𠕄 (Cant.) 酒𠕄, a dimple
𠰌 to compress the lips
𠰲 (Cant.) to belch
𠱘 (Cant.) contrary, opposing, against; disobedient
𡀠 or; emphatic particle; (Cant.) particle implying doubt
𡄟 (Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of panting
𡄵 (Cant.) to grin, laugh
𡈎 a decoy; to inveigle
𡑞 tunnel, underground passage
𡒃 a shore, bay; winter quarters
𡒄 disappointed
𡚁 used-up, malpractices; (Cant.) bad, vile, corrupt
𡚦 (Cant.) vulgar term for female sex organ
𡜱 to envy, to be angry with; (Cant.) pregnant
𠾏 (Cant.) interjection
𠸒 (Cant.) 生𠸒人, a stranger
𠴰 (Cant.) classifier for a piece or lump of something
𠴳 (Cant.) a tiger or demon's howl; to argue, quarrel
𠵘 phonetic
𠸺 (Cant.) contrary, opposing
𠻴 (Cant.) to rinse
𠼕 (Cant.) a suffix indicating time
𠼗 to blink
𠼞 ammonia (obsolete)
𠽃 a handful, tuft
𠽒 (Cant.) classifier for hats
𡞾 soft, delicate
𤘘 cattle, domestic animals
𦣱 mysterious, occult
𧘂 to rush at, dash against
𧚅 (Cant.) crotch
𧜁 to make smaller, fit; seam
𧣴 a cup
𧬨 ringing, spacious
𧭜 to deceive
𧰊 a rumbling sound
𧴪 fragments
𧶶 to peddle, trade, deal in
𧸖 to earn, sell at a profit
𧗴 a raised path
𧗗 same as 衄 , a nosebleed
𦪈 (Cant.) to kneel
𦱄 mushroom
𦷝 to cut grass; hay
𦼯 dock
𦽊 a chestnut horse
𧋊 (Cant.) a large butterfly
𧌇 (Cant.) a large butterfly
𧌓 a grasshopper, locust
𧐅 maggots, centipedes
𧓍 pearl oyster
𧻙 (Cant.) 轉灣𧻙角, not straightforward
𧿒 (Cant.) to stamp (one's foot)
𧿫 (Cant.) to have a rest
𩋘 shoes
𩋧 shoes; the name of a drum
𩔗 kind, species; to be similar to
𩥋 to gallop wildly; (Cant.) stupid
𩦢 to provide for; anxious; danger
𩯭 hair on the temples
𩶅 mackerel
𩼈 a variety of perch
𪐀 (Cant.) relationship; together
𪒬 (Cant.) burned
𩅻 pelting rain
𨻶 a crevise, fissure; time, leisure; unpreparedness
𨃞 to sit cross-legged
𨃟 to sit cross-legged
𨆪 (Cant.) to press down or push out with the foot
𨉉 weak
𨍳 distant; an open carriage
𨣦 clear; strained
𨧧 to strike, attack
𨮘 a fine grade of steel
𨸚 series, rank, grade
𨸬 battle-field, battle array
洴 (Cant.) mud, mire
𦢌 an abortion, miscarriage
𤠑 sea otter
𥈟 blind; no pupil in the eye
𥈲 (Cant.) to keep a close eye on, to control
𥈶 (Cant.) sound asleep
𥊌 (Cant.) wrinkled, folded, creased, crumpled
𥋟 to wink
𥌛 (Cant.) to gaze greedily at
𥐞 a crude saltpeter
𥑢 boron (obsolete; see 硼)
𥑪 impure ammonium chloride
𥔀 roar, crash
𥅠 (Cant.) to fix one's eyes on, gaze at
𥄴 looking about eagerly
𤡮 a kind of monkey
𤢕 to ruin; to tire of; to explain
𤢪 to hunt
𤮨 to grind; a hull; a mill
𤵚 humpback
𤷇 (Cant.) severe pain
𤿪 (Cant.) wrinkled, crumpled
𥁕 compassionate; to feed a prisoner
𥂁 salt
𥄎 (Cant.) to pull, lift up
𥔵 variant of 磁 , magnetic; magnetism; procelain
𥜌 a coat, jacket, robe
𦆯 confused
𦍩 a ram
𦐇 the sound of wings, whir
𦘩 (Cant.) chin
𦙼 a putrid carcase
𦕒 to spy, peep
𦚓 fat
𦚖 (Cant.) to wink
𦆟 tangled
𥻟 glutinous rice
𥝢 to take advantage of; sharp (of weapons); profitable; profit
𥜥 the duration of a dynasty or reign
𥥅 (Cant.) a hole, hollow; cavity
𥧹 (Cant.) puddle
𥫱 to hoard
𥬯 a basket
𥵚 thorns, brambles
𥞛 a stack, pile
hidden, mysterious, secret; to conceal; small; minute
radical number 9
to join or connect the vine
obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters
knife; radical number 18
(an ancient form of 五) five
simplified KangXi radical 149
to finish; particle of completed action
power, capability, influence
duplicate of Big Five A461
woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38
water; radical number 85
hand; radical number 64
heart; radical number 61
snout; KangXi radical 58
death, destroyed; lose, perish
to fly rapidly
lame; the first form is Radical 43
edged tool, cutlery, knife edge
long time (ago); time passage, grow late
kwukyel hammer
river; KangXi radical 47
larvae of the mosquito
all; common; general; every, whenever; generally
a tally, like fitting the two halves of a tally, to petition the emperor that ..., to play music; to beat time
place; KangXi radical 170
eat, food; radical number 184
walk; walking; KangXi radical 162
(same as 卷) a book or painting which can be easily folded or rolled up, a division of a book
(ancient form of 巨) great; big, chief, very
(ancient form of 之) to arrive at; to go to
(non-classical form same as 互) mutually; together; each other (dialect) scratching or clawing to and fro
(J) non-standard form of 傘 , umbrella, parasol, parachute
first character of Korean place name 'Halpho'
lid, to cover; to hide; a cover; an umbrella
half of tree trunk; rad. no. 90
thirty, thirtieth
to go round, to make a circuit, to make a revolution, to turn round
tender; weak; gradually alterrrrating
to look upward
hair style; ore
soldier; servant; at last, finally
fragrance, smell
Japanese unit of weight (1/1000 of a kan)
to create, to make to invent; to begin
cinnabar (native HgS); vermilion (artificial HgS used as pigment)
file of ten soldiers
no, not; un-; negative prefix
cut, mince, slice, carve
number six
fire; radical number 86
phonetic for 'te' (Japanese)
door; family
an ox, a cow Radical 93
rap, tap; radical number 66
dried up ( of waterway; the channel of a river; a pond, etc.)
(ancient form of 爪) claws of birds or animals, feet, to scratch, to claw, to grasp
(ancient form of 友) a friend; a companion; a associate, friendly, to make friends of, brotherly regard
(standard form of 仂) a surplus or excess, a tithe, a great stock of merit
(same as 宁) space between the throne and the retiring room behind it, to store up; to save up, peaceful, used as a term of comparison
frozen; cold
(ancient form of 幻) deception; sleight of hand; magic
to stammer
high and level on the top
(non-classical of 攀) to drag down; to seize, to pull, to hold to
wall made of soil, used in name of places
a kind of punishment in Han Dynasty, name of chessmen in Chinese chess game(simplified form, a variant 罵) to curse; to revile; to abuse, to scold
a sickle, a reaping-hook, to gether in the harvest, to pare; to scrape
(corrupted form of 幼) young; immature; weak; delicate
(incorrect form of 功) merit; achievement; meritorious, efficacy; good results
(same as 守) to guide; to watch, to wait, to keep
name of an island
(same as 鬒)bushy, black hair
(a variant, seal type of 全) perfect, complete, absolute
a tribe of savages in South China
to take in; to absorb, (non-classical form of 罱) a kind of spring fishing net; a kind of small net with a handle used to catch fishes or birds
yelling sound of towing a boat, (the Sanskrit) to call out
(same as 丘) hillock or mound
a proud temper, military equipment; a long spear
a marsh at the foot of the hills, (interchangeable 湢 沇)name of a river
(ancient form of 奴) a slave; a servant, term of depreciation, (ancient form of 侮) to insult; to ridicule
(ancient form of 信) to believe in; to trust, truth, sincerity, confidence, a pledge or token
hesitate to say, reluctant to speak
smooth, slippery
gold; money; KangXi radical 167
to turn upside down; to exert a great deal; to pull and drag, to implicate or involve
to take; to receive; to fetch; to take hold of
(ancient form of 會) to meet, to gather, to be able, to understand
(ancient form of 收) to receive what is due; to gather together, to harvest, to collect; to put away, to close, to bind, to restrain, to bring to the end, (same as 摎) entwined -- as branches of a tree; to tangle; to involve, to collaborate; to band tog
to help; to aid; toassist (ancient form of 岑) a relatively high, pointed hill, silent; still; quiet
deep in the mountain
ripped; split
soft and meek, weak, to arrange, to regulate
name of a mountain
according to; to use; with, for
to walk alone, to insist on one's ways in doing things
command, order; 'commandant', magistrate; allow, cause
stand; let stand; establish, set
north; northern; northward
to beg for alms; a beggar
a straw bag; a tobacco pouch
4th of Earth Branches; period from 5-7 a.m.
to cut meat off away from bones; ancient torture
to prick a dog to make him go
(kokuji) water gate, spout
to go; depart
high. to raise
beggar; beg; give
advance quickly; to go back and forth; origin, source
ancient unit of measure (8 feet); 'fathom'
young girl; strange, different
to fly
place, locale; department
you; that
same as 壓 , to press; to oppress; to crush; pressure
dirt clod; piece
to dwell
harvest; year; age
cult; radical number 113
ill tempered; naughty
Radical 122
choke on something eaten
shake off, brush away; dust
hall, central room
broad, wide, extensive
to wash; to rinse; to clean; to spurt; to blow out
(non-classical form of 氿) the dry soil on the river side, spring water from the hole of mountain side, a small fountain, shore; bank; beach, name of a lake in today's Jiangsu Province Yixing county
name of a river, (same as 汊) a branching stream; branching creeks
name of a place
name of a county in today's Sichuan Province
name of a hill
(interchangeable 邘) name of a place
name of a place
(ancient form of 吟) to hum; to intone, to moan, to sigh, high ridges of cliffs, pebble ground
(same as 嬐) agil; adroit fast; quick; prompt, neat; tidy; orderly, to raise the head; to look up
(ancient form of 旡) choked and unable to breath
(corrupted form) to scatter; to dispearse, to give the reins to; to allow to run wild; unstable; light; featherbrained
crooked; winding, to circle; to hover around
with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get ahead
(same as 套)a case; a wrapper; a covering; a snare, to encase; to slip over
(ancient form of 姬) a charming girl, a charming concubine; a monarch's wife
a lady officer of the monarch's palace in old times
(ancient form of 子) child, seed, 1st terrestrial branch
(ancient form of 嬌) handsome; pretty, cunning, meretricious allurements, to insult; to disgrace, licentious; profligate; lewd; (Cant.) amorous, in love with
(non-classical of 凶) cruel, unfortunate, sad
(same as 疚) prolonged illness, mental discomfort, to stay in one place for a long period
(simplified form of 寫) to write; to draw
(same as 刑) a law, to punish; punishment
to engrave, (interchangeable with 契) a written contract or agreement
(a variant of 財) wealth; property; valuables, bribes
to fall over; rolling on the ground
used to represent sound; to hum; to groan
loud; clamour; hubbub, big mouth, to brag
(simplified form of 偑) name of a place, last name
(same as 凶) cruel, unfortunate, sad
(ancient form of 史) history; chronicles; annals
(non-classical form of 欠) to own money, deficient, to yawn, last name
(corrupted form of 拯)to save; to lift up
name of a person
(standard form of 眾) all; the whole of; a multitude, a crowd (three or more)
(standard form of 仡) strong; valiant, a minority ethnic group in China
(same as 厎 砥) to apply knowledge to final causes; to extend knowledge to the utmost, equally; average, smooth
to lick; to taste, a mat, bamboo bark
(ancient form of 世) an age, a generation of thirty years, from generation to generation
(same as 丕) great; distinguished
(corrupted form) to follow, to trust to; to put confidence in; to depend on, to turn around; to turn the body, (interchangeable 隱)
grass; radical number 140
rice cake
clothes; radical number 145
crossroads; street
variant of radical 146
noisily; uproarious; troublesome
crowd into, go into
go; walk; move, travel; circulate
residence, dwelling, home; grave
social custom; manners; courtesy
ribs; chest
bad, inferior; slightly
year; new-years; person's age
a line; to arrange in order, classify
government official, magistrate
old, aged; experienced
(same as 石) rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
(ancient form) fault; sin
(non-classcial form of 走) to walk, to run, to leave
(large seal type 宇) a house; a roof, appearance, space; the canopy of heaven, to cover
(same as 灸) (in Chinese medicine) to cauterize by burning moxa; moxa cautery; moxibustion
to draw a full bow to aim at the target, to hold; to maintain; to uphold, to conduct
the appearance of the mountain is flat and smooth, (corrupted form of 峱) name of a mountain in Shandong province
to cover something with a piece of cloth, a kind of cloth used to cover something
name of an island
(same as 岊) the turning area of a mountain, mountain top; summit, a high mountain, a bare (of bald) mountain or hill
(same as 芒 荒)vast, to reach, dwell, to negelect; to leave completely unattended to
(ancient form of 宅) wall of a building, a house, to keep in the house, thriving; flourishing, blazing, (ancient form of 度) legal system; laws and institutions, to think; to consider; to ponder; to contemplate
to walk slowly; to stroll; to ramble
a pillow case
a turban; headdress; a scarf, a piece of cloth (fabric) used to cover something
(same as 忍) to endure; to bear; to forbear; to repress
(same as 嵐) mountain vapor; mist
(corrupted form) name of a mountain ( the location is unknown)
(same as 引) to pull; to attract, to guide, to introduce, to quote, to retire
do not care; unmindful of
(ancient form of 工) labor, work, fine; delicate, to be skilled in
to hold; to grasp, to maintain; to support; to keep; to uphold, a tie or stalemate
to remedy by punishment; to punish; to reprove; to warn, in great distress; suffering hardships; distress; trouble; worry
to shoot; to spurt, (same as 的) target for archery
to defend; to ward off; to refuse; to reject; to oppose, a frontier pass (in Wuxian) in ancient times, a county in ancient times
painfully sad, scared; afraid; fearful, anger, melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, to be concerned about
(same as 孕) to be pregnant; to conceive
a big bull
(ancient form of 火) bright lights and illuminations of the fire, fire sounds
(same as ) a kind of jade
(same as 虐) cruel; ferocious; atrocious
(non-classical form of 艸) grass; straw; herbs; weeds
to vibrate; vibration, (same as 佾) a row or file of dancers, esp. referring to those in ancient dances at sacrifices or other rites
(same as 肙 蜎) a small worm; larvae of mosquitoes, empty, to twist; to surround
swastika, one of the auspicious signs recognized (e.g. in Chinese Tathagata Buddhism) as being on the chest of Buddha (and variously seen in statuary on the chest, soles of the feet, or palms of the hands)
wild duck, teal; swim
scoop out; gouge
look towards; turn one's back on
same as 世 , generation; world; era
wintry wind
wind; air; manners, atmosphere
younger of brothers; father's younger brother younger brother of a husband
lightly tap; through away; drop; sentence final particle
calm, lull
heaven; sky
obedient; united
person's name
sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump
to descend; to come down from heaven. to send down
to hang
fish name
go out
hill; elder; empty; a name
rock; used in Korean names
falsehood, deception; vacation
freezing; stopped up, closed off
stand side by side
extend across, through; from
bent, distorted, crooked; feeble
much, many; more than, over
summon; propagate, transmit
deputy, vice-
the beginning; to start, to begin, to be the first
used in Korean place names
to hang or bow the head, to droop, to lower; low, beneath
name of a river in today's southwest of Shanxi Province, the wet things attach or stick up to each other, dirty and muddy
dog's hair
distant and indistinguishable
a kind of tree, a kind of lumber used to stop a carriage
(same as 旨) (non-classical form 時) purpose; will; intention; objective, good; excellent, a season; an era; time
(non-classical form of 臾) a moment; an instant; a little while; a short time
㲿 (simplified form of 瀇) extensive body of water; broad and deep of water; momentum of moving water deep and wide
(same as 朽) rotten, decayed, useless, (same as 咼 剮) a wry mouth, to cut a criminal in pieces; to hack
(ancient form of 正) the right side, proper, pure, honest and virtuous, original, exactly
(ancient form of 溺) sunk; perished, drawned; infatuated
flags flying, long bands or ribbons attached to flags, streamers, etc. ( ancient form of 偃) to cease; to desist from
pick up with fork or pincers
to sink; to drown to be given over to
concerned about
to rely on; look up to
pen; radical number 129
wolf; cruel, wicked, mean
variant of radical 125
number two
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
united in; agreement; mutual aid
an interrogative particle
pimple, sore, boil
countenance, appearance
string; vast, expansive
weave, lay warp
ramie; sack cloth
4th of Earth Branches; period from 5-7 a.m.
court-dress jewels
to collect; to join together
uproot, pull out
kernel, seed; enjoy, feast [?]
rising sun; sunshine
timber forest; timber, lumber; woodcutter
trail, tow, drag, pull
select, choose, pick out
type of oak; stable
same as 怱 , hastily, in haste, hurriedly
a fierce Mongolian wolf dragon's head on roofs
should, ought to, must
suffer, become emaciated, haggard
paper; stationary; document
marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance
an organic compound
used in person's names
a marshal or herald; an offical rank in old times, indicating exclamation (same as 哉)
(same as 鄖) name of an old country in today's Hubei province, name of a place in today's Jiangsu province
(ancient form of 遊) to travel; to roam; to saunter
(same as 邦) a state; a country; a nation
(same as 序) an east and west wall; side rooms, screen-walls to private rooms of the palace, ancient school which was also an asylum for aged scholars
to dig a passage through a mountain or hill; to drill, collapsed in ruins; to crumble, the earth cracking up
(same as 仿 方) to imitate, like; resembling; according to, a measurement for sound effect
(ancient form of 兩) two, a pair; a couple; both
public opinion, (same as 訟) to go to law, to dispute, to demand justice; (Cant.) classifier for ears of corn
with a charming sprightly carriage (said of a woman)
(simple form of 興) to prosper, to begin, to increase; to rise; to raise, flourishing
birds' chirps; gabbling, sound in high pitch; to roar; aloud
to come; to go out
(same as 貌) manner; appearance; form; face; bearing
(non-classical form) sound of tapping; sound of striking, opposing voices
(same as 黜) to degrade; to dismiss, to reject; to dispel
(ancient form of 公) public; open to all
used in girl's name
(non-classical form ) happy; pleased, to laugh
(simplified form) last name
used in girl's name, a woman's countenance; features
tie-beams of a small boat
(same as 耗) to waste, to destroy, to diminish; hence it came to mean, a rat, heedless; careless; inattentive; rough and coarse
to mate; to pair
deep; profound, empty; hollow, quite; peaceful
(same as 序) precedence, order, orderly, the east and west walls of the parlor
fine stone; fine jade
big; extremely; great; vast; extensive; tall
(same as 匴) a large basket for holding cooked rice, a kind of tray made of bamboo used in ancient time
strong; healthy, to clasp under the arm, to persecute; to oppress, vigorous
(ancient form of 陋) to secrete; to hide, a kind of basket
(a variant of 阱) to fall into a well, a pit; a pitfall; a hole; a gully, to involve; to entrap
(same as 坳) a hollow in the ground; a cavity, (same as 物) matter; substance, all living creatures, things in general, the affairs of this world, things or matters outside oneself, others, goods, the Tibetan classical text means Buddha
to chew; to masticate, to dwell on, Chinese medicine term
slow-tongued; to stammer, to shout in triumph; the noise of shoting in battle
to bark (said of a dog)
(of a crowd) noisy; to brawl; to scold
(same as 玷) a flaw; a defect, to cut with a sword; to chop
concealed the stolen goods in one's dress
(Cant.) an expletive, exclamation
rocks collapsing (descriptive of sound), big pieces of rocks
(interchangeable 斟) name of a old country; used in name of a place
(ancient form of 恆) constant; regular; continually; persevering
(same as 𠭴 𠭴) short; of short staturee
(same as 旒, a corrupted form of 荒) a cup with pendants, a pennant, wild, barren, uncultivated
name of a fish in legend, spawn, or roe
(simplified form) rude; barbarous, stupid; dull, last name
(a simplified form) clever; ingenious; cute; pretty
(same as 仿) to imitate, like; resembling, according to
㐖毒, an old name for India
(same as 孩) a child; an infant, young; small
(same as 定) to decide; to fix; to settle
(same as 刓) a round off; to trim
(same as 介) alone; solitary, to live alone
(same as 拗) to pull; to drag, to break off, to pluck, as a flower
short, small; little
(ancient form of 容) face; expression, to contain; to hold; to pardon
(same as 作) to make; to do; to act, to write; to compose; to rise, work
(ancient form of 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
(ancient form of 侮) to insult, to ridicule
(same as 扊) the bolt of a door; door latch
to rub; to grind; to polish; to wear, to take; to obtain; to select, to beat; to strike; to attack
tiles (laid upside down) on a roof, ropes, to hold fast
mountain, (corrupted form of 底) underside; bottom; basis; foundation
a turban; a headdress a scarf
(same as 毛 芼) to select; to choose; to pick out
(same as 希) rare, to hope; to expect
a fine thread, a net with small; tiny holes
(same as 仿) alike; similar, (same as 搒) to involve; to affect
forked branches, stone roller, to roll, to stop; to detain; to prohibit, to clutch; to grasp
(a simplified form of ) to carry on the shouldersof two or more men, to raise
(simplified form of ) to hold; to grasp, to detain, to uphold, to push, to stand upright
(a simplified form 撝) to wave, to assist
(abbreviated form of 錢) money; cash, a unit of weight, a Chinese family name
(same as 或) a certain; some, perhaps; probably; maybe, or
a vessel for rice, mats on carritage
confusion; confused or disorderly; chaotic
(same as 恔) cheerful and exuberant; spiritually elevated
name of a mountain
terrified; scared; nervous, (same as 懊) regetful; remorseful; resentful
nauseated; disgusted, (in medicine) an acute case, quick-tempered, to regret; to repent, small (piece of land); narrow (minded)
raging animosity or hatred; full of anger and spite, unhappy; displeased
jealous; to envy, (same as 妨) to hinder; to obstruct, to harm; to damage
to push; to excpel, to shirk; to decline, to row, to wipe and clean, to strike; to beat, to be rampant in defiance of authority
dusk; twilight
name of a mountain, the plain between mountains
luxuiant; lush; flourishing
(same as 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
(corrupted form) frivolous; flippant; capricious; plyful; sportive, cunning
name of a mountain, (non-classical form of 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
(same as 芬) fragrance; aroma; sweet smell; perfume
(same as 彋) a bow stretched to the full
(same as 呡) (simplified form of 歲) a year; age (of a person), harvest
(baby talk) body waste, (a dialect) weight measurement
(ancient form of 恕) to forgive; to pardon, (ancient form 怒) anger; wrath; indignation; rage
fear; dread; fright; scare, crafty; low cunning
name of a mountain
(non-classical form of 弢) a bow-case; a scabbard, to sheathe, to conceal
cart, vehicle; carry in cart
more, still further, much more
walk, go on foot; run; leave
KangXi radical 149
egg; ovum; roe; spawn
post horse, relay horse
cold, cool; lonely
argue; biased; one-sided
sloping, steep; suddenly, abruptly
string; relatives; conspire
to put forth ears and to blossom of the grains (corns and cereals)
a kind of grain
to be careful; to exercise caution; to take care; to pay attention
a little protruded
good, virtuous, respectable
surname; a musical note
sink, submerge; addicted to; name
early morning
stingy, miserly, parsimonious
urine; urinate
prison; stable, pen; secure
form; appearance; shape; official
see, observe, behold; perceive
plum; judge; surname
do, play or fiddle with; alley
think of, recall, study
unit of distance; village; lane
ancient musical instrument; surname
gains, advantage, profit, merit
an ox walking slowly
(same as 豚) a small big; a sucking pig, to shuffle along without lifting the feet
a kind of animal, the animals to run about wildly, wild; mad; crazy, (same as 獪) cunning; artful; crafty
(same as 狺) to bark (said of a dog), (same as 齗) gums (of the teeth), (same as 啀) dogs to fight with gnashing and grinning; looks very angry
(non-classical form of 炒) to fry; to roast; to cook
to burn; to heat, to burn over a wider and wider area; to glow; to shine, light; brightness
a brick
to desist an ox (止牛)
a legendary wild animal, snake; serpent
(same as non-classical form of 眄) to look askance; to ogle
(ancient form of 香) sweet; fragrant, delicious, incense
(same as 男) a human; a man; a boy ( non-classical form of 留) to remain; to stay, to keep, to preserve
new branches growing (said of trees), hollow; empty
to move one's eyes (sama as 眴) to express or indicate with eyes (interchangeable 眩) dizzy; giddy
(same as 玗) fine stone like jade
griping colic, a swelling, a little painful; some not serious
(same as 㽱) griping colic, illness; disease
(same as 珙) a large piece of jade-stone
milk; breasts, the young of animals, birds
(of tiger) to roar or howl
(same as 吁) signs and groans; moan, name of a county
ear lobe; lobule
(corrupted form of 虫 蟲) insects; worms
name of a place in today's Jiangsu Province Yixing county, to float; to waft; to swim
(standard form of 沛) a great flow of water; flowing copiously, quickly; rapidly; sudden, flourishing; luxuriant; prosperous or abundant, marsh; swamp
a river in ancient times
(same as 攸) the flowing of the water, name of a river
(non-classical form of 舉) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
(same as 蚩 嗤) to laugh at; to make fun of; to deride; to ridicule
to cough; cough
a kind of ornaments, people wore in ancient time in order to avoid evil spirits or influences
name of a place in ancient times
(ancient form of 流) to flow, to drift, to circulate, a current, to descend, unstable; weak
(a variant of 涎) spittle, saliva
(same as 雨) rain, to rain down; to pour down
(non-classical of 淬) to temper iron, or steel for making swords, etc. (also used figuratively), to dip into water; to soak; to dye
water flow; water current; momentum of moving water
(same as 厚) thick, deep friendship, to treat kindly; generous
(same as 光) light; brightness, glossy; glory; glorious
(same as 沿) to follow a course; to go along; to coast, to hand down; to continue; to conseve, along or by, as a road or a coast
㩿 unstable, dull, rough; coarse
to enter, to go ahead; to proceed; to advance, to improve, to offer
a king of tree
(same as 艮) one of the Eight Diagrams for divination
(ancient form of 氣) air; vapor, breath, spirit; character, bearing; manner
(same as 廾) hands joined, to support; to aid; to help, to lean upon
(ancient form of 綱) the large rope of a net, main points; outline; principle
one of warring states; surname
suitable, right, fitting, proper
tell, announce, inform; accuse
affair, matter; work
vomiting of a dog
sell; [NOT casing, shell, husk]
son, child, oneself; final part
Asia; second
thou, you
to scrape; to pare
we (Shanghai dialect)
dull, slow, unskilful
continue, carry on; hand down; to join
make effort, endeavor
labor, toil, do manual work
disorderly, messy; huge, big
tiger; brave, fierce; surname
swallow; absorb
weak; a rickety person; emaciated
correct, right; facing, opposed
a handful; a pinch
rock mountain
diagram; chart, map, picture
right, fitting, seemly
surround, encircle, corral; whip
be numerous, brilliant
to dawdle; the emperor Yao's father
number one
to connect
place name in Guangxi province
mountain ridge, mountain peak
a legendary ancient emperor-sage
cave; hole
Korean place name Pholha
still, yet; even; fairly, rather
platform; unit; term of address
stab; prick, irritate; prod
certificate, ticket; title deeds
dot, speck, spot; point, degree
real, true; honest, sincere
to enter; to make progress to advance; to urge forward
even, regular, uniform all alike; to arrange
(nuptial) winecups
mound, grave; ridge in field
mound; used in place names
mountain pass (Korean)
to mutter, grumble, murmur
to rebuke; to scold; slander
risk, brave, dare
to soothe, to pacify; to settle, to establish
price, value
flattery; glib
to plunder; to rob openly
complete, utmost
an echo, a sound to vomit, as an infant
unsubmissive; obstreperous
final particle expressing consent; talkative
to spit out
mountain peak; cave, cavern
to scold
yellow dirt mount
name of place
(of animals) to eat grass
clear, bright; the sun; heat pertaining to this world; superior; upper; front
to occupy, take possession of; a base, position
do obeisance, bow, kowtow
enlighten, advance; progress
circular measure
area between waist and hips
wart; tumor; goiter; papule
to pluck, pick, tear
large head; many; high; to divide, to distribute
expand, enlarge, stretch
even, uniform, of equal length
distribute, large head
skill, ability in handicraft a craft, an art, a calling; a trade; an accomplishment
year; new-years; person's age
morning sun, sunrise
stop, halt; stay, detain, keep
to give to; to confer on
sugar product
a sacrifice at the beginning of a military campaign
(Cant.) vulgar, abusive term for female sex organ, cunt
an even-grained, yellow- ish, fine wood used for furniture; cedar
an inferior agate
tinkling sound tinkling of pendant gems
lay down; retire from office
mountain name
to endure
measuring box
a frame; a reel, spindle, spool
wood shavings
a chemical compound
species of deer found in north China
lion-dog shrine guardians
to turn over the clod of the earth with a shovel or a spade, to plough the land for rotation of crops, a channel for irrigation in farmland
(same as 䢋) indicating exclamation
to hasten; to hurry to
name of a place in today's Sichuan Province
name of a place
pebble; small piece of stone
(same as ) (ancient form of 俟) to wait for, until; when; as soon as
(same as 年) a year, one's age
(same as 移) to change; to shift; to move; to influence, to coney; to forward
(same as 芑) a kind of sorghum with white sprouts, a kind of wild vegetable; bitter herbs
hanging down of the ears of the grains, something to hang or be hanged or hung
(corrupted form of 究) to examine; to study; to investigate exhaustively
grains producing neither flower nor fruit
weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
(same as ) bran; chaff, grains; corns; cereals
instrument of torture used in ancient times, loud, an evil doer all the times, (same as 幸) to rejoice, fortunate; prosperous
cannot straighten up
a kind of disease
great; big; vast, (same as 弼) to aid; to assist; as in the government, (interchangeable 佛) Buddha
(interchangeable ) to linger; to walk to and from, to conceal; to cover up; to secrete; to hide; to cover over
to dig a hole; to tuck in; to put the finger into
to deliberate and plan; to arrange
(simplified form) (a dialect) to kill; to slaughter
to sink into; to pierce, (ancient form of 割) to cut; to hack; to reap
to cut the flesh from the bones; to scrape off; to pick out; to get rid of
(same as 坍)to fall into ruins; to collapse
small, poor, submit to the dominion of; slow; late
(corrupted form) to make a profit on sell and buy; the profit in business, (interchangeable 嬴) a overplus; gain; profit; abundance
(same as 柙) a pen for wild beasts; a cage for prisoners
to close; to stop up; to obstruct
can not walk normally
(ancient form of 得) to get, complacent, (same as 礙) to obstruct, to hinder, to stop progress, to injure, to offend, to concern, hindrance, restraint
to exert oneself; to make strenuous effort
a cove; a bay, a bend or nook in the hills, the outside part of a curved bank; the curve of a bow
(same as 丘) a hillock or mound
(same as 坐) to sit, a seat
(corrupted form of 囂) looks big outside but empty inside, to yell; voice of anger, hubbub; clamour
(a simplified form) (corrupted form of ) all together, mutually, last name
to move; to start; to shake, name of a person
(corrupted form of 佇) to stand and wait; to hope for
(non-classical form of 卣) a kind of wine pot or jar used in ancient time
last name
(non-classical form of 卻) still; but; yet; etc., to refuse to accept, to retreat; to withdraw
inferior; secondary, ugly
(ancient form of 卓) to establish, to surpass, eminent; lofty; profound
great strength; great power
sodomy; to bugger
(non-classical form of 跛)lame; crippled
wine cups
(same as 廩) a granary, to supply (foodstuff), to stockpile
(same as 刷) a brush, to brush; to clean; to scrub, to print, expecially from blocks
(same as 嬭) the breasts of a woman; milk; a term of respect for women; grandma, one's elder sister or sisters, used for a girl's name
a kind of fish in legend (a record in old books)
small and weak, used in girl's name, a woman's feature; lady's face
a goddess's name in legend; the sister and successor of Fu Xi 伏羲, (interchangeable 庖), last name
a lady teacher to teach the proper rules of female behavior in ancient times
a pretty girl; a beauty; a belle, handsome; female beauty
(same as 姒)wife of one's husband's elder brother; (in ancient China) the elder of twins; a Chinese family name, (same as 姬) a handsome girl; a charming girl; a concubine; a Chinese family name
used in girl's name
(non-classical form of 孕) to be pregnant; to conceive
used in girl's name
ice; icicles, cold; frost, crystallized
(interchangeable 伴) a partner; a companion, (same as 赫) bright; luminous, glorious (same as 扶) to support; to prop up; to help
with a big mouth, great; big; vast
(said of truth) to come out to the open; to be known by all, (ancient form 澤) glossy; shining
to brawl; to scold, noise from a crowd; hubbub; noisy; loud noise
to refuse, to repel
a phonetic
a buckler; a shield
(same as 弣) the middle part of a bow; the handle of a bow, try to dig and get something with a knife
(ancient form of 居) to dwell; to occupy to inhabit, a Chinese family name
cold, indifferent
bitterly cold
to freeze; to congeal; to curdle
to go round, to make a circuit, to make a revolution, to turn round
a steep bank, a declivity
distress; difficulty
but, how; bear, stand, endure
pull, drag; seize, hold; lengthen
KangXi radical 167
gold; metals in general; money
tool for boring holes
come, coming; return, returning
hard; wise
a pit, a hole
house, dwelling; dwell, reside
very; somehow
store, stockpile, hoard
(same as ) spasms, cramps in the feet and legs, in cold day the joints of the feet and legs unable to stretch
(ancient form of 台) a raised platform, eminent; exalted, name of a star
the bolt of a door; door latch
(ancient form of 丹) cinnabar, red; scarlet, a pill, a sophisticated decoction
a kind of beast with long hair, other name for pig, fox, wild cat, raccoon
to walk in an easy and leisurely manner, (same as 宙) time--past, present and future, infinite time; time without beginning or end; eternity
to break off (relations); to sever, to exterminate; to annihilate; to wipe out, to pierce; to stabl; to irritate; to hurt, to hold weapons, agricultural implements; far tools, sharp will; eager intention; determination
(non-classical form of 哉) a particle expressing surprise, admiration, or grief, an expletive
(same as ) bows (with carved pattern) used by the son of heaven -- the emperor, flags; streamers; banners, a flag-staff made of bamboo
㦿 a window, a small door, (ancient form 戶) a door, a household
to stretch a bow, the bow decorated with colorful silk and leather, bent; curved
(same as 弛) to unstring a bow; to relax; to neglect
(same as 甘) to have one's heart own; to submit, admire, etc. sincerely and willingly
a kind of delicate and fine fabric, a napkin; kerchief or towel, a headwear
to rely upon each other
a cottage; a small house, a small cup
(non-classical form of 廖) name of a small ancient State, a Chinese family name
(simplified form of 㥮) obstinate; stubborn; opinionated; obstinacy; stubornness; intransigent, truculent; savage, ferocious; fierce
melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, anxious and fearful, extremely sad
stupid; foolish; unwise; unintelligent
knowledge; to know; to be aware of, a bureau, state of affairs
(non-classical 憂)palpitation or fluttering of the heart, to become interested in something (usually as a result of persuasion); to move the mind; to start thinking; agitated; nervous
(said of music) disharmony; discord, quiet, to yield; to concede
a house; an unfinished house, uneven; irregular; unsuitable; ill-matched, tenon
a family name
dwell, to live in a depraved (crude; vulgar; inferior) place
to have wisdom; intelligent
(standard form of 忝) to disgrace; to insult, to condescend
(a variant of 急) anxious; hurried; urgent; hasty
a dish-cloth; a mopper; a cleaning rag
a dish-cloth; a mopper; a cleaning rag, headdress; a scarf; turban
ragged clothing, ragged; old and wear out
to love, to be found of, o like; love, affection, a breath, news, to stop; to end, (interchangeable 忌) jealous; to envy, (the small seal 愛) love
roof of the house connected
grievous; mournful; melancholy
(corrupted form of 司) to have charge of; to preside over, a (governmental) department
(simplied form of 掔) thick; firm; substantial, to drag along; to pull, to lead
to take
(standard form of 尾) the tail; the rear, last; final
name of cape in Shandong Province
name of a mountain
(simplified form of ) to wipe; to scrub; to rub, to dust; to clean, (a dialect) to scratch with fingers lightly, (a dialect) to carry on the arm
(ancient form of 族) a tribe; a clan; relatives, race (of people), a class; a family (of animals)
(same as 丞) to respectfully receive, to flatter; to pay court to
mountain; hill
(same as 岐) name of a mountain in Shanxi province, name of a political district in ancient China, name of a river in Shanxi province, to diverge; to branch
name of a mountain
(a variant of 岸) shore; bank; beach; coast
(a dialect) the gesture of using an indented contain (ladle, spoon etc.) to get in hold something (loosed), (corrupted form of 瓬) clay pottery; earthenware
to give a playful blow, to strike against, to wring; to wrench; to twist, to turn for the better
to clutch; to grasp
to clatch, to grasp with the hand, to pinch, to kill, to attach from the sideway, to strike with the hand; (Cant.) to tear, rip
to feel or touch with hands; to hold, to lay the hand on, to cover
(an ancient form of 居), to dewell; to remain, to be in--of various states and conditions, to occupy, the course of one's life
to disturbe; to agitate; to harass, to quarrel; to wrangle
to lead; to guide, to entice, to introduce, to draw out; to stretch, to beat; to strike
small; to store up or pile in order, to follow; to trace, a short step
to beat; to strike, to throw; to pitch, to scoop out to dig out
forest, grove; surname
prison, enclosure
pity, sympathize
ligustrum sinenese, tree
precedent, example; regulation
year; new-years; person's age
mud, mire; earth, clay; plaster
刺 stab; prick, irritate; prod
to seep out, excrete
change; easy
two, both, pair, couple; ounce
roast, broil; toast; cauterize
anger, rage, passion; angry
expand; open up; support or push
take; bring; grasp, hold; arrest
bull; bulllock; ox (castrated), a four years old ox
a fine breed of cattle (cow, bull or ox), hornless cattle
(same as 犍) castrated bull; ox, name of a political division in ancient China; today's Sichuan Province, a kind of animal (looks like an ox)
a two-years-old ox, ox with a long body, ox with long and big feet
(same as ) a kind of jade
the opposite; contrary of the cattle's horns
(same as 杴) a shovel, a trough to carry off water, a wood-board; a plank
gloomy; dark; obscure
to gouge out an eye or eyes (a corrupted form)
to regard; to look up to, to look, to take a glance at
name of a spirit; a god, a kind of jade
to absurd pursuit or desire; to wish wildly; to desire to long for (usually more than one's rightful share), to knit; to weave
to have disappeared, avoid, not at all, not supporting by
to turn one's eyes to; big eyes
scattered or dispersed and clear, to stop, to detain, a conncetion, lineage
(corrupted form of 玖) black jade-stone
blocks for printing, supporting boards used in building walls
(same as 玫) black mica (a sparkling red gem)
(ancient form of 鈕) buttons
of mountain; high and lofty
(same as ancient form of 甃) brickwork of a well, to repair a well, to lay bricks
to look, to confuse; to dazzle
illness; disease
(same as ) two dogs are barking to each other, rude spoken language; rude talk; unpolished; rustic and coarse
a rush and impatient disposition, (non-classical form 狷) rash; quick-tempered; narro-minded, honest and straightforward
a large ape found in Western China, a precious mammal found in Africa
a kind of dog
a yellow dog with black head
dog with a short tail, (same as non-classical form 貂) the sable; the marten; mink
illness; disease
(non-classical abbreviated form) fox-like animal
(same as 貁 non-classical form 狖) a kind of animal (looks like weasel), an ape with black color and long tail
(same as 狦) a fierce dog, a kind of animal (looks like a wolf)
skin disease
(same as 怯) lacking in courage; cowardly, nervous; socially timid; fright
(same as non-classical form of 莊) solemn, large farmhouse
(same as ) fire
ashes; embers, remnants of
a tray; a plate; a dish, large bowl
(non-classical form) to destroy; to injure; to damage, to exhaust, to complete; to finish, (ancient form 布) cloth; textiles
(same as 殘) to destroy; to injure; to damage; to spoil, cruel and fierce, crippled
the sun
(same as 冀) hope; wish; to hope and scheme for, to stammer; to stutter; stuttering, to give
disappeared, not supported by, to avoid, unable to see
to measure; to estimate
early morning, daylight
to covet; greedy
rash; impatient, very angry
(a dialect) a crack on the utensil
farm tools; a spade or shovel
marshy; swampy, damp; moist
woolen textiles; fine cloth
(non-classical form of 氀) woolen textiles; (non-classical form of 毹) woolen blanket, a kind of dresses wear by monority, stupid and vulgar
a basin; a bowl
flying feather, soft; light
unstable, dull, rough; coarse
a kind of tree, (corrupted form of 杬) a kind of plant; (non-classical form 欖)the olive tree
(same as 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
guide or lead to make the water flowing smoothly
to hold; to grasp, rregular; uneven, a precipice beneath an overhanging cliff, (same as 拑) to take by force; to control with threat of force; to coerce
light; bright, clear
mind; disposition; temper
a river in ancient times; in Henan Province
flowing of the water, sound of the flowing water
(non-classical of 析)to split; to rip or break apart; to divide; to separate, to interpret; to explain; to analyse
(same as 棒) a club; a stick, to hit with a club, good; strong; wonderful
(same as ) a basin; a bathtub, a kind of tool or utensil, (interchangeable 模) form or shape of a thing; style; pattern; appearance; look, a sample
(a variant 七) capital form of seven
(simplified form of 棡) a tall tree; a large tree, (interchangeable 扛) to carry on the shoulders of two of more men
(simplfied form of 椲) a kind of wood ( used as a kind of material to make basin and bowl, etc.) (same as 楎) a peg for handing things on, a clothes-horse
(simplified form of 灡) water in which rice has been washed, (interchangeable 瀾) a great wave; a huge billow
to soak or be soaked; to dip; to immerse
(a variant of 法) statutes, laws, regulations, a rule, legal standard, plan or methods, etc.
(same as 抌) to hit or to strikeheavily, to dip, to administer; to control, to govern; to treat; to cure, to punish
long and narrow boat, a small boat
(ancient form of 飪) to cook food thoroughly
a wound; a bruise; a sore, scar, muscles of the back
unexpectedly; suddenly aching of the midriff or waist; lumbago
(standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
(a corrupted form) a kind of insects; earthworm, strips of meat cut from the flank and dried in the wind
fat; plump; obesity; obese
(simplified form of 膞)sincere; earnest, a part of offering in sacrifice, gizzard of a fowl, chopped meat, small pig, the kneecap; patella, bone of one's limbs
(same as 芀) name of a plant (much used for making brooms); a reed
(same as 卒) a servant; an underling, a pawn in chess, abrupt; hurried
to eat meat, (same as 肘) the elbow, (same as ) fine quality of meat, (same as 衄) nose bleeding
(same as 脘) the stomach; gizzard (of birds and fowls)
half of the body, (non-classical form of 胖) fat; obese
small, missing; wanting; lost, the floating ribs on the sides of the trunk
of tiger
(same as 虐) cruel; ferocious; atrocious
of tiger, to roar
(same as 虔) to act with reverence, devout; sincere
the buttocks, the anus
to twist or to crumple between hands and make something turn, (same as 懦) cowardice; timid; weak and cowardly
(same as 囟) top of the human head; the skull
to fawn on; to flatter; to please, to love, attractive
dry, dandruff-like scales of dead flesh and skin
(same as standard form 巾) a napkin; kerchief or towel, a headgear
meat, rough; cracked skin
uncooked or raw meat, an organic compound; Proteose
(ancient form of 汁) meat soup, mixed meat
a shirt; a garment; a gown, a black dress
(simplified form of ) (same as 緇)) black silk; a dark, drab colour, used for Buddhists, from the dark colour of their robes (same as 純) pure, honest
the belly; the abdomen
to measure (esp. for grains) by pints and pecks
(same as non-classical form 蛆) maggot
(non-classical form) (same as 舠) a knife shaped small boat
a kind of herb medicine, luxuriant; flourishing of grass and trees
tools to draw water or liquid
(same as 艖) small boat (short and deep)
(same as ) (standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
a sailing boat
a patient (of jaundice; icterus) facial complexion
a full net, a thick rope; a cable
(a corrupted form) net for catching rabbit
(corrupted form) net; web; network
(non-classical form of 螈) a kind of lizard found in damp places; Diemyctylus pyrrhogaster, a kind of amphibious reptile
(same as 處) to dwell; to abide in; to stay on; to be at rest in; to occupy, a place; an office; a department
a sea-insect; in the shape of a human's elbow
(non-classical form of 虻) a gadfly
(same as 芞) fragrant herb, vanilla
(same as 荾) parsley, (same as 葰) ginger, pistil
conceive, be pregnant
beautiful, graceful
ride, ascend; avail oneself of; numerary adjunct for vehicles
to request; to ask a favour of
beauty; imperial concubine
change, transform, alter; rebel
5th of the 8 trigrams; South-east; mild, modest, obedient
mud; surname
establish, create; knife cut
scroll; curl; make a comeback
(J) same as 面影 , visage, face; trace, shadow; memory
high and uneven
mountain pass; crisis, climax
a child toy
rickshaw, cart, vehicle; name of piece in Chinese chess
monopolize, take sole possession
correspondence; a case; a box
night, dark; in night; by night
capital city
to receive; to enjoy
painting tool place name
to inform quickly; an urgent communication
Mountain in Gansu province
small, head shaped hill, used in place names
old man
nation, country, nation-state
same as 單 , single, individual, only; lone
character used in place names
variable unit of land measure
a trunk; a portfolio
used in translation
a noise; a sound
to revile
smile, laugh, giggle; snicker
to respectfully inform
plow soil; place name
pure, clean, unspoiled
break, smash; broken, busted
a kind of china
glory, honor; flourish, prosper
to fill; a foll of cloth
two pieces of jade joined together
a fountain or spring
name of one kind of jade
county, district, subdivision
a pennon; a streamer
why not? would it not be better to?
place name
type of oak; stable
straight grain
a table, flat pieces of wood, a slip, a leaf
fierce-looking, ferocious
a small table or tiered stand filled with meat offerings
animal name
a decigram, one-tenth of a gram
a kind of evergreen tree
Chinese land measure; fields
dusk, dark confused; stupid
var of 'to be', 'summer'; name
to feed a prisoner
issue, dispatch, send out, emit
spasms or convulsions in young children, caused by indigestion
scrofulous lumps or swellings
rice field
dry (as opposed to rice) field; used in Japanese names
be united; cooperate
white hempen cloth worn by mourners
bamboo cover for boat
an organic compound
a kind of protein
then, thereupon, only then
to lead, guide
bright, luminous; glorious
a lot; a label; a slip of bamboo engraved with signs
strive, endeavor, struggle
unhulled rice
to change; to alter; to accommodate oneself to
cns 2-2A40 is different
an organic compound
to beat; to strike
to make, prepare, manufacture; workmanship; an arrangement
a kind of farm tool
to put forth effort
stingy, sparing of; close-fisted
the navel
river in Shanxi province; city
to be defeated
smooth out the clothes
member; personnel, staff member
a Chinese family name arrange; display a column of troops
escape, flee; abscond, dodge
wheel; to turn; to revolve
eat, food; radical number 184
surname; place name
explain in detail
bleat of sheep; surname
deceive, cheat; hurried, bustling
ancient wine vessel
a general term for plants
deed, contract, bond; engrave
name of a place
to prepare, all complete; all ready, (corrupted and abbreviated form of 訛)false; fake, errors; wrong
name of a state in old times, name of a pavilion
thicker, heavy, still; yet
(ancient form of 討) to quell (uprising, rebellion, etc.) to punish (another nation, etc.) by force fo arms, sound; voice; tone
(same as 徂) to go to; to go ahead; to advance
to walk slowly, lame; crippled, long and thin legs, to walk alone, to insist on one's ways in doing things
(same as 赴) to go to; to attend (same as 踣) to stumble and fall prone, stiff in death
name of a place in today's Hobei Province
(Cant.) an elevator (from the British 'lift')
a tool for brushing the thread, ornamental; brilliant
name of a mountain, name of a place, name of a state
name of a hillside, name of a village, name of tomb of an emperor; name of a high mound
(same as 遷) to move; to remove, to change
a pit; a hole; a gully
dangerous; hazardous; difficult; trouble, disaster or distress, name of a place
a kind of wine
to cut; to mince; to slice; to carve
name of a person
name of a pavilion (Han Dynasty) in today's Henan Province
name of a county in today's Hunan Province
to slant; intricate; describe a writer's pen, lofty rocks; protruded rocks; resolute
(non-classical form of 那) that, there
to bump, to strike
to shake one's head
(same as 价) a servant, a middle-man, good, great; (a simplified form) price; value
the lips; (Cant.) to sip
to condemn; to sentence, to hold a hearing (on a legal case); to interrogate or question a prisoner, to whisper
cold, cold air, bitterly cold
(same as 喟) to sign; to lament, to stop, to cut off; to sever; to interrupt
(non-classical form of 吝) stingy, sparing of; closefisted, to regret, to shame; to insult
a god, pregnant
(same as 詍) loquacity; to talk incessantly and tediously, to laugh, joy
(interchangeable 吼) to roar of animals, angry tones, (interchangeable 詬) a sense of shame; to shame, to vomit
sound of a whistle, to blow
can not walk normally, swollen feet
(same as 仇)an enemy, enmity, hatred, to hate, a rival, a match
(non-classical form of 勃) sudden; suddenly; quick; to change as the countenance
frivolous; flippant; capricious; playful
(a dialect) to engrave
big; great; vast, very, liberal, bark (as a dog)
(same as 艾) Mugwort, artemisia or any plant which produces moxa punk, general name for plants like mint
(same as 朗) bright, clear, intelligent, light, brilliant, to understand, to illustrate, to cleanse
cultivated land; to till lands, a clod of earth
to stop up; to close against; to restrain, to dam a stream and change its direction, to conceal a mound
draw the feet up; to refuse to advance, to summarize; to gather; to collect, name of an old country, (same as 鍐) a headstall; ornament on a bridle; (Cant.) to jump up
(a variant of 寇) tyrannical; cruel, to rob; to plunder, banditti; thieves; highwaymen
weak and small
to worship of God, to praise; many; much
to do something in an old way; use the old method; to go to the old road
bitterly cold
(corrupted form) right; fitting; proper; good, should; ought to; had better
deep bottom; the southeast corner of a house
corresponding; equivalent, cosiderable; to a great extent, appropriate, (same as 凹) a hollow, concave
horned hair
(same as 刺) to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt
agricultural implements
(ancient form of 桀) a hen-roost, cruel, the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty
(same as 寍 寧) peace; serenity, used as a term of comparison: -- rather; it is better, would that
to make a fool of; idiotic, simple, stupid
to speculate; to conjecture; to assume; to make an intelligent guess; to fathom, (of a woman) beautiful, used in girl's name
to speculate; to conjecture; to assume; to make an intelligent guess; to fathom, (of a woman) beautiful, used in girl's name
(same as 遂) to obey; to comply with; to follow the wishes of another, (an ancient form of 歲) a year, age, the harvest
insincere and cunning person; a pretentious person
(same as 媵) (in old time) a maid who accompanies a bride to her new home; to escort, a concubine
(same as 嬛) lonely; solitary, exquisite; fine, to worship with reverence
(same as 葬) to bury, (ancient form of 坐) to sit, a seat
a kind of grain
forty bundles of rice plant, panicled millet, (same as 芽) sprout; shoot; bud
(abbreviated form) capacity unit in France (Decalitre) equal to ten times of one litre
to pierce through; to penetrate through; to cross, extremely; to the extreme, a hole; an opening; an aperture, with no door or window
to pierce through; to penetrate or bore through; to thread, to cross; (Cant.) hole, hollow, cavity
name of a mountain (of warship), (same as 禔) happiness; good fortune; good luck; blessing, (same as standard form 祓) to exorcise; to remove evil; to cleanse; to clean; to wash away
(same as 柘) a thorny tree about 15 feet high, the leaves are used for feeding silkworms before the mulberry leaves are ready or when they are scarce, bark contains a yellow dye (interchangeable 蔗) the sugar cane
(same as 紖) a rope for leading cattle
a hole; a cave; a pit, to digthe ground and build underground living quarters, to make smooth of the leather
(same as 緇) black silk; a dark, drab colour, used for Buddhists, from the dark colour of their robes (same as 純) pure, honest
(standard form of 紆) to twist; to distort, a cord
to stand still
a big house, (same as 宏) great; vast; wide; ample
(same as 矺) to rap; to tap; to beat(same as 磔) torture of dismemberment used in the ancient times, sound of throwing something to the ground
to offer small pig as sacrifice when warship god of life
to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn
rope made of bamboo strips
dark rice plant, millet grain (in black color), (same as 稃) bran
ten handle of grains (rice plant)
a rite or service, message offered to the gods in worship
(same as 禍) calamity; disaster; evil; misfortune
a kind of stone, rugged rocks, difficult; hard; difficulty; hardship
a kind of rock
rocky (same as 玤) fine stone which is little less valuable than jade (interchangeable 崩) to collapse; to fall
(same as 恩) grace, favour, kindness, mercy
(terrains) of highly strategic; precipitious (hill, etc. a big mound; (same as 㢈) a collapsed house, to hit, to catch something
(standard form of 斥) to accuse; to blame, to expel; to drive off; to reject
joy; delight; gratification
side room
mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad
scared; terrified, fear; dread; fright
a threshold; a door-sill
depraved talking
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
to surprise; to amaze, afraid; scared; fearful; terrified, grieved; distressed; grieved; distressed
(non-classical form) mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad, to fear; fear; dread
palpitation or fluttering of the heart, to become interested in something (usually as a result of persuasion)
(corrupted form of 怴) crazy; mad, anger; angry, idiotic; silly; stupid, ill-will; enmity; animus
to remember (old days, friends, etc.); to recall, (a pronoun, a dialect) this; these; such, here, without restricition; at will, to trust; to show good faith, weak, ( ancient form 飪) to cook, you, ( dialect) so; that, than, that case, that (indicating d
sorrowful, anxious
a bucket made of willow, (a dialect) to lift (especially when only a single person is involved)
(a simplified form) to strike; to tap, to shock
(same as 㢋) vast, to open up, enlarge or expand, the blot of a door; door latch, name of a person
disappointed; to fail in attaining one's purpose; to be disappointed in attaining the ambitions, to be surprised; to be amazed; to marvel, to think; to consider; to ponder; to contemplate, to expect or hope with eagerness, a credit, straightforward; faith
a granary, a cabin, as in the ship, a corridor; a hallway
a model or typical example; technique of standard handwriting, knowledge, to know; to feel; to understand
never reveal one's feeling or emotion, (same as 巧) false, artificial, illegal, clever; artful, pretty cute
(non-classical form of 弼) device for regulating bows; bow regulator, to correct, to assist; to aid
the buttocks; the rump; the sacrum, to set sideways, the male organ; (Cant.) vulgar term for the female sex organ
(standard form) lusty; strong; gigantic strength, heavy sleep with snoring
a rope decorated with bronze ornament (for leading cattle), a family name
to walk; to go
to go; to walk
to walki; to go
a Chinese family name
walking, (ancient form form of 會) to meet, to gather, to be able, to realize
powerful and strong bow, (interchangeable 5F3D 韘) archer's thumbring of leather
(ancient form of 西) the west; western, European
(simplified form) name of a mountain
lofty; high; steep
name of a mountain
(same as 巽) the 5th of the Eight Diagrams 八卦, South-east, Mild, bland, insinuating, peaceful words
a big piece of log to join the thick ropes; cable; used on a boat
this, here, if so; in this case, reluctant to go forward
(same as 屑) chips; crumbs; bits trifles, to care; to mind
(corrupted form) the upright bar for fastening a door
(same as 玈) black color, a black bow; bow in general
to go straight forward, (same as 衕) a lane; an alley, (same as 侗) ignorant; rude; rustic; straight-forward; uninterrupted; no obstacle
(same as 屇) a cave a hold in the ground; a hole
(same as 㡃) an artisan to soften raw silk by boiling and to dye the dressed silk
to stop, to detain; to stay; to end; still; calm, only
(non-classical form) to jump; to leap; to bounce; (in general) get angry and leave away, to bump; (Cant.) to poke, jab
to strike; to beat; to attach, (same as 揈) to move; to shake; to wield
(non-classical form of 梳) a comb; a coarse comb; to comb
(corrupted form of 慌) blurred; dim, obscure; confused in mind
to dispel, to move; to transfer, to issue; to set aside, to stir up, turning
to ruin; to destroy; to break down, to hang up; to suspend
to hold; to grasp, to maintain; to keep, a post, to lead on, (same as 擩) to rub, to crumble by hand, to massage; mixed-up; confused
a robe; a long gown, a shirt; a short gown
remains; remnants
to move; to shake; to rock; to excite, to decrease; to reduce; to diminish; to subtract; to deduct, to shoulder; to take upon on oneself
high; tall; lofty
to close, shut the door with a bang, to soar, (ancient form 闔) a Chinese family name
(same as 恚) full of anger and vexation, rage; hatred; to hate; to bear a grudge against; animosity
(simplified form of 憍) (same as 驕) untamed; intractable; disobedient
(ancient form of ) slow; gradual; tardy; leisurely, to delay; to put off; to defer
to accumulate, to massage the cheeks
an artisan to soften raw silk by boiling and to dye the dressed silk
storage room
tinkling of jade
descend, fall, drop; lower, down
narrow; crude, coarse; ugly
willow tree; pleasure
convenience, ease; expedient
statute, principle, regulation
bright, brilliant, radiant, light
province; save, economize
throat; pharynx
pick up, collect, tidy up; ten
degree, system; manner; to consider
cave, grotto; ravine; hole
(same as non-classical form 耜) a farming instrument; a spade; a shovel
light; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
light; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
a pillar arch
the sun
day after day; daily, time, moving of the sun
a board (on the back of a donkey) for carrying things; saddle
a kind of tree
to breath with mouth open
to drink, to swallow
a kind of tree
to laugh hertily; to roar with laughter, to breath
(a variant of 昶) a long day, bright, extended, clear
(same as 冬) winter, (in lunar calendar) the period from the 10th to the 12th moon
a kind of water
to vomit; to throw up; to disgorge, hiccough; shortwindedness, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to sigh with grief or regret; to lament; to deplore
(simplified form of 濄) (same as 渦) name of a river, to whirl, an eddy
dirty; filthy, corrupt, soap, black, to unravel silk threads
bank of a river, (same as 汊) a branching stream
a fountain or spring flows downwards, sound of the flowing water
danger; precarious; perilous, lofty; high, to decay; to break; to snap
(simplified form of ) slippery ( as a road)
half of a unit of measurement used in ancient times
(same as 浺) deep and far; profound and abstruse (of the sea)
(non-classical form of 涓) a brook, the smallest drop of water, to expel evil influences; to eliminate; rid off, to clean up, to select, atributary (or a river), the flowing of a spring, (interchangeable 泫) to glisten; to sparkle, to weep
(corrupted form of 洭) a river in ancient times; a part of Huangjiang, Lianjiang and Beijiang in today's north-west of Guangdong Province
to rip open the flesh, to break; to snap
to pull; to dray; to hinder; to santch away
to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
to take breath or rest (after strenuous exercise), hiccough; shortwindedness
broken; to break, ruined, reason; cause; right, principle; theory, to arrange; to repair, to regulate; to operate; to govern
(same as 更) to change, to alter
hidden; mysterious; secret, to conceal
flowing of the water
(ancient form of 訶) to scold or blame in a loud voice
(same as 菢) to incubate; to brood; to hatch; to sit on a nest, a woolen blanket
withered; dry, calamity; disaster, (ancient form 辜) sin; crime; guilt
to lift up the eyes and look around
(same as ) a kind of jade (a jade decorative article for horse)
a kind of animal ( of mule tribe) (same as 貘) tapir
angry glances; to look angrily, eyeballs
to look up to; to respect
with heavy eyelids
to look askance at, to dislike, a kind of eye disease (tears all the times), pretty eyes, (same as 瞲) to look at in surprise
(a corrupted abbreviated form) to cover the line of vision or sight --the straight line between an object and one's eyes, to look steadily at, to look at impatiently
down; to see obscurely, (same as 䀛)
to look far with the eyes half-closed (to narrow the eyes), to look at for a long time, daybreak; dawn, to look not straight forward, to distrub; to dizzy; dark, to look at ferocious
to look at, to examine; to observe; to survey
a kind of monkey, fox
a kind of animal (of dog tribe)
a kind of animal (same as 夷) generally called for minority groups in old China
to split tangled hemp
(same as 犐) hornless cattle
(same as 貅) a kind of animal like a tiger, a fabulous fierce beast -- thus -- fierce; valiant; heroic; brave
(a non-classical form) a bowl, a small shallow container; a small cup
a small bowl; a small basin
(non-classcial form of 耄)an old man of eighty, aged
hide or to keep in store the vegetable in cold winter days
a kind of cattle
(same as 犐) hornless cattle
a kind of jade, a conical cap (wore on ceremonious occasions in ancient times) decorated with jade
nasal disease, (same as 疤) a scar; a birthmark (same as 巴) to hope; to wish
(ancient abbreviated form of 瑁) a very precious piece of jade worn by ancient emperors to match tables borne by the nobles
(corrupted form ) diseases of the abdomen, illness, sick for the second time; get sick again
earthware; pottery (a basin; a pot; a bowl. a cistern; a crock), (interchangeable 缸) a big earthen jar
(same as 鈃) long necked wine vessels (bottle; pot; jar; and cups etc.)
flame; fire, light; brightness
measuring unit for thermodynamics
green colored melons
a kind of melon
(same as 燒) to burn, to roast, to boil; to heat
bright lights and illuminations of the fire, flames
diseases; illness
to be weaked by disease; feeble; lean (a dialect) poor in quality
agricultural implements; farm tools, name of a place
(corrupted form of 燎) to burn, to illuminate; a signal light; brilliant
dropsy; hydrophillic swelling
a kind of mountain cattle; big and heavy
to faint, to feel nausea, abuse; vilification
(a dialect) to stare at
(same as 白) he bright, white moon; a pure glistening white, splendid, white
䀀 cups; small cups
calf, bull; bullock; ox (castrated), (a variant) domesticated animals
a frightened pig or dog, bark, a running pig
color of the oxtail; a flat yellow
the lowing of an ox
(same as 燼) ashes; ember
(same as 飪) to cook food thoroughly
(simplified form of ) scorched or burned
(same as 觢) a kind of cattle with two horns straight up
㿿 wine cups
vessel; container
illness; disease (a dialect) a chronic disease; never recover after a long illness
walking like mad; mad
(interchangeable 怯) to be weaked by disease; weak; feeble, lean; emaciated, illness; disease; sick
㽿 (same as 瘑) ulcer; sore; boil, illness; disease
a kind of woman's disease, to cut apart, to break
a kind of ape (gibbon)
(same as 坩) an earthen vessel
(same as 覘) to spy on; to see; to observe; to inspect, to cast the eyes down, the insight of the debauchee, to move the eyes; to look around
(ancient form same as 讟) to libel; to slander; complaints; grumblings, blames or curses; to blame, (same as 怞) to grieve, sorrowful, sad and weary
(same as 猊) the lion, a wild beast or wild horse which can do 500 li in a day
green; blue; black, extravasation of blood, to look pale or pallid (of the facial complexion)
illness; disease; ailment
(non-classical form) (said of some kinds of reptiles or insects) ecdysis; to cast off the skin; to molt
defects; flaws, illness; disease
(same as 狶 豨) swine; pig; hog; big wild pig, sound used in calling pigs, a legendary appellation of an emperor in ancient times
a kind of wild animal ( monkey tribe)
a hunting-dog, to hunt in winter, imperial tour
name of a dog in the period of Warring States (usually known as the magpie, jacklaw), generally called for dogs
(same as 瞬) to glance; to blink; wink,, (interchangeable 眴 瞚), to indicate one's wish or intention by expressions of the eyes
not a real father or a nature father (as distinct from foster father)
lot of melons growing but the root is weak and feeble, wearied and worn
the cucumber, dried (preserved) vegetable
a tiled house, brick wall of a well
(same as 痼) chronic disease, a sore in the mouth of a child
to look steadily at, ashamed, to look at ferocious
(si mplified form of 璯) jade decorated cap, used in person's name
(same as 寶) treasure, precious; valuable, respectable; honorable
crooked; to bend; to twist, involved; indirect
(non-classical form of ) (variant of 瑰) a kind of jasper; stone which is little less valuable than jade, extraordinary; fabulous or admirable
fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
sight blurred; unclear; dim
a Chinese family name, the timid look of a bird; (of birds) to look around, nervous (same as 瞿) shocked or scared
insight (version) of jealousy
(a simplified form ) beautiful eyes, to look at just for a short time
(same as 盎) a basin; pot; bowl or dish, sleek; well-favoured, abundant, a musical instrument
(interchangeable 啃) to bite; to gnaw, a gnashing sound, (standard form 齦) gums (of the teeth), erosion; to erode
(same as ) (a variant of 碗) a bowl; a basin; a cup; a dish
jar with a small mouth, an earthen jar, a jar for the ashes of the dead
hunchbacked; curved spine, short, dropsy
thin; lean; slim; enacuated
a crock with narrow opening, an earthen jar
narrow trail of path in the fields, a name of an old county in today's Yunnan Province
thick stick; stout carrying pole, beam of a bed
board to block the water current, to across a river by a closs-beam
to cover; to close; to shut
(same as 苒) (of flowers and grass) lush or delicate
name of a variety of grass
sweet flag; the calamus; its leaves are hung on the door lintels on the 5th of the5th lunar month, to avert evil influences
(same as 蚤) flea, to scratch, the mortices in the hub for the spokes of the wheel
(ancient form of 養) to offer provision (esp. to one's elders); to feed one's children
first-born silkworm
(corrupted form of 袚) greaves, knee-pads, buskins, dress; clothes of minority group in ancient times, children's garments, a mat for wrapping garment, (same as 帗)(in ancient China) a multicolored prop used in dancing rituals
the sleeve
a legendary spirit; immortal, (non-classical form of 聖) sage, sacred; holy
lose of the ear
to shrink; to recoil; to flinch, weak, soft and meek; gentle, (corrupted form of 耎) soft; weak, pliable
name of a variety of grass
(same as 炙) to burn; to heat; to roast; to broil
name of a variety of grass, hot
to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
the spine; the spinal column, the ridge
in between of the abdomen and the spine; the spinal column
(same as 脅) to shrug the shoulders, the ribs
to swell up greatly, to swell; a swelling; a boil
fatty; greasy, not thick; not tight, plump and pretty of the flesh
put out the tongue; (same as 㐁) to lick; to taste
fat of animals or plants, (same as ) fat; plump, fertuke, animal fats
(non-classical form of 甜) sweet; agreeable; pleasant
(abbreviated form of 8107 脅) the sides of the trunk from armpits to ribs; the flank
tendon (of meat animals); sinews; muscles
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass, a kind of herb
(same as standard form 衄) the bleed at the nose, to damage; a setback; a failure
a vase, a pitcher, earthenware
(same as 牂) a ewe or she-goat
to castrate, a ram or he-goat, last name
net; web; network, net for catching rabbit
(same as 罦) a kind of net equipted with tricky machine used to catch birds and beasts, a covering for a cart
(same as 罥) to hang up; to bind; to entangle, net; web; network
a kind of dance accompanied by music performed in ancient times, (same as 凰) the female phoenix, a legendary bird in Chinese mythology
(simplified form of 縳) fine silk fabric of bright white colour, to tie up, (interchangeable 卷) a book or painting which can be easily folded or rolled up, a division of a book, files
let down; suspend, hand; down
whirling of dust in the wind
same as 傚 , imitate, mimic
high, steep, towering; stern
enclosure, dike, embankment
dense, thick, close; intimate
tyrannical, cruel; to rob to plunder; banditti thieves; highwaymen
gigantic strength; hercules
correspondence; a case; a box
mountain in Shandong province
high, steep, precipitous
incoherent chatter
to castrate
crying of infants
dumb, mute; become hoarse
place name
sunrise; dawn
bare, naked, uncovered
thick (grass)
establish, create; knife cut
dried up; exhausted, tired; dry
the cry of a bird
to labor; tired
imperial degree; daoist magic
sword, dagger, saber
medicinal preparation
place name
dewdrop; icicle
what; which; who; why
phonetic used in Korean place names
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
temperate, frugal, economical
bandits, thieves; enemy; invade
used in girl's name
frivolous; flippant; disrespectful; irreverent; to insult, young, used in girl's name
ulcers, swollen feet, a kind of disease
to have one's ambition fulfilled; to be successful in one's career; (same as 愜) pleasing; satisfying; to gratify or be gratified, undignified; improper
equal; uniform, used in girl's name
an ugly woman
can not speak
three women, beautiful things
silly, foolish; doting; idiotic
(non-classical form of 嫂) wife of one's elder's brother
used in girl's name, (same as 妾) a concubine, (in old China) a polite term used by a woman to refer to herself when speaking to her husband
used in girl's name
(same as 娠) pregnant, to let develop; to nourish; to foster; to nurture, slave girls
used in girl's name
used in girl's name, a fat woman
womanly, (same as 姶 ancient form) exquisite; fine, used in girl's name, clever; bright; nimble, cute; lovable
(ancient form of 得) to get, complacent
sound of calling ducks
to shout at, (same as 欸) to backbite, to dislike, sound of oars; the creaking or swishing sound of oars or sweeps in rowing
(non-classical form of 啼) to cry; to mourn; to howl, to twitter; to crow, to sneeze; a running at the nose
(corrupted form) to shout; to scold with loud voice, din; noise; a confused noise
to spit out; to blame, name of an organic compounds
(standard form) to spit out; to blame, name of an organic compounds
(simplified form of 喎) a wry mouth
dust; dirt; a smear, (same as 牧) name of a place in old times
angry, to scold with loud voice, to slander; to defame
(ancient form of 寅) the third of the twelve terrestrial branches, a fellow officer, horary sign (for period from 3 to 5 a.m.)
locust, larva of Chilo simplex; a kind of moth
(same as 涅) to fill up, as a hole, black mud; slime, to stop up; to block; to cork
(same as 堡) a walled viliage, an earth-work; a petty military station, subdivision of a township; a ward in a city
below; under; low, (same as 陛) the steps to the throne, to ascend steps
a cavity; hole of a mound or an altar of earth
wall; fence, (interchangeable with 兑) a hole
a vegetable-plot, to plough; to till lands, among dikes and fields
spaciously rooms, expansive; vast and boundless
(non-classical form) harmonoy; peace, pleasant; agreeable; delightful
(same as 弁) a conical cap worn on ceremonious occasions in ancient times, low-ranking military officers, a Chinese family name
(same as 雕) to engrave; to carve; to tattoo
(simplified form of 儸) smart; clever
(non-classical form of 儕) a generation, a class; a series; a kind
vigorous; with great strength
(same as 昆) an elder brother
(same as 刳) to cut open; to rip up; to cut out
strong resistance; lazy, reluctant
(same as 鞨) to make ready the leather for shoes
(a variant of 劃) to rive; to divide; to mark; to cut
(same as 劙) to divide, to partition, to cut; to hack; to reap
to rain, cold; wintry
(corrupted form of 悸) perturbed, to throb, palpitation of the heart
anger; rage; angry, (same as 戾) recalcitrant; stubbornly persisting in doing something wrong; cruel; despotic
(ancient form of 素) plain; unornamented, white, ordinary, simple
(same as 堆) to heap up; to pile, a heap; a pile; a mass; a crowd
disrespectful; irreverent, to make light of; to neglect; careless; rush, to exchange, (said of one's personality) easy to get along with
great; big; tall; vast, noble; high in rank, very; much
to raise the curtain, a kind of rock
rock land
stupid; loutish, without ability; unable; lacking power
cherry, cherry blossom
a real, hank, skein
press, squeeze hard; force
a bamboo raft
precious stone
variant of 枡 , a measuring box
favor, benefit, confer kindness
stingy, sparing of; closefisted
a kind of jade
treasure, jewel; precious, rare
smooth; active; clever, sharp
ears without rim
to swell
ribs, armpits; flank; threaten
an organic compound
open; throw away
serge from Tibet
a leather ball for kicking
to hiccough; to dig out to expand
creek, stream; beach, sea coast
scatter; scattered
shining, brilliant, lustrous
color green; kingfisher
from, by, since, whence, through
a nose-ring for an animal
return; return to, revert to
return, turn around; a time
non-standard variant of 職 , duty, profession; office, post
the skirt of a lady's dress petticoat
bright, dazzling; to sway, shake
raise, lift up; recommend
to strike
to play with, handle things
insert, stick into; plant
make progress
search, seek; investigate
garden, field, farm, plantation
only, merely
indigestion; buboes, lymphatic inflammation
gate bar, bolt
large ring on a front door used as a knocker
to make a loud sound
to calculate
publication, periodical; publish
the lichee, a fruit which grows in South China
impede; neglect, delay
a small cup of stone with ears, used in ancient times for libations
pure; unadulterated; select
look at, inspect, observe, see
to smash rock
lofty, (same as 陖), rock; stone, name of a place
bed, window
mixed; abundant; assorted, repeated
(same as 熛) spiting flames, flashed fire, to shine off and on, to cover; to hide, to seal, to build
to meet; to co-operate; interaction, to have friendly relations, interlocking; interchanging
name of a place
something used to bind the frame work in a cart (compartment) of old times, (same as 輴) a hearse; a funeral carriage, (interchangeable 巡) to inspect (said of ranking officials)
a red swelling of the skin
name of a valley in today's Hobei Province, (same as 谼) deep ditch; big valley
name of a place, boundary; a line
(simpliied form)
suspicion; to doubt, to go up, to start, to occur
(non-classical form of 隙) a crack; a crevice; a fissure
name of a pavilion in Han Dynasty, name of a county in ancient China
(ancient form of 得) to obtain; to acquire; to gain, to effect; to attain, can; may; able to be done
(same as 䙷) to obtain; to acquire; to gain, to effect; to attain, can; may; able to be done
component parts of a cross-bow, (same as 銶) a single headed hatchet
name of a place, name of a county in today's Henan Province
(same as 䣩) rich; good; as wine, pure, unmixed; (same as 純) beautiful; fine; pretty, net; pure; (same as 醇) rich wine; strong wine, gentle; gracious; jidicious, pure and fair
to be scattered (over an area); to spread, to give an account of; to explain; to expound, to follow
(ancient form of 信) honesty; good faith; to believe ortrust, a letter
(non-classical form of 訕) to laugh at; to sneer, to slander; to abuse
(interchangeable 黓) black, color of the wine, sweet; honeyed; or pleasing
name of an ancient state, in today's Henan Province
name of a place in today's Shandong Province
a group of people walking together
(same as 鳩) the pigeon, the turtle dove
person's name
a boa constrictor
ant eggs
clear, bright; distinct
variant of 蚊 , a mosquito, gnat
kind of necklace
gentleman, young man; husband
in disorder; a dangerous condition of the State
wave; wasteful, reckless
slit in garment to aid movement
boat, ship, vessel
a brass parts for a cart in ancient China
a bird flying high ambition
submerge, sink, plunge; trap
knife, sword
cauldron, pot, kettle
brand, burn; branding iron
how? what?
an organic compound
distant, far; separated; different
cut off, reap, mow; sickle
variant of 高 , high, tall; lofty, elevated
grains producing no fruit
deep and dark; profound, (same as 窈) tranquio; placid; serene, soft and pleasing; plausible; exquisite; ver pleasant
acupuncture, narrow and protrude, (non-classical form of 拶) a torture device in old China consisting of several contractilbe wooden sticks, in between which the fingers of a suspect are placed and pressed to extort confessions
an implement to draw or to collect ropes or cords
(same as 網) web; net; network
stinging; hairy silk fabrics
to worship; to honor by a service or rite; to offer sacrifices to
(ancient form) to pray and to curse (the ways of treating a patient in ancient times)
rice plant growing the second time, the ear of grain (corn, millet etc.) growing upward
(same as 石) a measurement (in ancient times) equal to 120 catty (Chinese pound)
(same as 年) a year, age, harvest
shoes made of hemp or hair
(same as 衭) the lapel or collar of a garment or robe, drawers, (dialect) trousers or pants
ropes; cords; cables
a fine thread, linen thread; silk thread; a thread; a yarn
silky, very fine thread
(ancient form 綆) a rope for drawing up water (from a well, stream, etc.)
dresses for the bride, green color, yellow color, (interchangeable 絞) a greenish yellow color
(a non-classical form) (same as standard form of 7AB0 窯) a kiln; a brick furnace; a pottery, a coal shaft, a cave -- for human dwelling
rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
small bamboo, a kind of bamboo
(abbreviated form) (same as ) to break off (relations); to sever, to exterminate; to annihilate; to wipe out, to pierce; to stable; to irritate; to hurt, to hold weapons, agricultural implements; far tools, sharp will; eager intention; determinatio
(same as 攴) to tap; to rap, (same as 撲) to pat; to beat; to strike; to dash; to smash
name of a variety of bamboo
tool to collect rope, a second name for spinning machine; spinning wheel, the tender shoots of the bamboo with a bitter flavour
short, dog with short tail
short (ancient form of 拙) stupid; crude; poor; slow and clumsy
short; (Cant.) intensifier
bamboo with long joints
capacity unit in France (Hectolit) equal to one hundred times of one litre
a kind of mineral
sound of falling rocks, fallen rocks
(non-classical form 砥) a whetstone, smooth, to polish
sound of falling rocks, the arrowhead made of stone
(same as 賨) a fine stone resembling jade
tired; exhausted, rugged stone, coarse whetstone, to pile up rocks on the river-bank
rocks clustered pile up togethers
to put into a cupboard or closet; to put into the proper place; to put away, to put away for safekeeping, to collect and keep
(non-classical form of 料) materials; ingredients
red rice, coarse rice
white stone
(corrupted form of 氓) the people; the populace, rascal; vagabond
a long mountain ridge, steep; lofty mountain
steep and lofty, a big valley
a mountain in today's Sichuan Province
name of a mountain
name of pavilion (garden) in ancient China, name of a mountain
name of a mountain, a solitary peak
deep and level ground gully at the foot of a hill
name of a mountain
a land-slide, name of mountain
to arrest; to catch; to seize, to brawl; a hand-to-hand fight; to struggle for; to fight for, to beat; to strike; to attack
to rest from work; to take a rest
to walk in an unsteady way; to swing to and from, to doubt, to suspect
(same as 拿) to bring, to take, to apprehend, to grasp
(ancient form of 弼) device for regulating bows; bow regulator, to correct, to assist; to aid, to dust, to shake; to brush
to wipe tears, to bind
to kill; to put to death; to slaughter; to execute, to punish, to weed out; to exterminate, a kind of weapon
to get something with both raising hands
(same as 廛) living space for one family in ancient times, a store; a shop, a hundred mu (equal to 733.50 square yards) cultivated land
repeatedly; frequently; to alternate, common; ordinary; normal, sharp, name of a state in ancient China, bold; brave; fierce; violent; severe; strict; stringent
(non-classical form)
to shake; to rattle
hatred; grudge; enmity; animosity, (interchangeable 救) to save; to relieve; to rescue; to deliver; to aid
uneasy; distrubed; not feeling at peace
to debauch; to dissipate; to act uninhibitively or disrespectfully
confuse, senile, stupid
(same as 恐) fear; dread; fright; scare, (with reference to an unpleasant fact) probably; perhaps; maybe; possible; to threaten; to blackmail
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, to rest; to cease, intelligent, strange; uncanny, light aspirations ro ambitions for ...
to depend on
grieved; distressed
anger; passion; rage, to wait, to cheat; to swindle
(same as 恲) noble; disinterested; generous; energetic; liberal, to divulge; to leak out, to feel dull and listless or depressed
clever or smart in a small way, memory or recollection
(same as 恪) to respect; to venerate, grave and stern; of ornament -- splendid, imposing
(same as 怨) to find fault with; to repine; to murmur against; to harbour resentment, hatred
to rub hands; to rub between the hands; to twist between the hands
(corrupted form of 掊) to exact, to get salt from sea-water, to break up; to injure, to hold something in both hands; to scoop up mud; (Cant.) to hit, strike, knock
the jingling of metals, to strike, to lead; to guide
the ropes attached to the bier and held by mourners, mourning garments, a ceremonial cap for high ministers in old China
high, magnanimity
colar, the front of a Chinese gown, lapel of a Chinese dress worn by the literati in former days
big and high; lofty; steep
mountain; hill
(simplified form of 懤)grieved, pained
a kind of utensil; implement; tool, a place of worship; a place where to honor by a service or rite; a place to offer sacrifices; a kitchen
a shield; a screen, a tall building; an edifice, (same as 弄) an alley; a lane
mountains adjoining; mountains are unbroken connceted, name of a mountain
a dialect of minority (Zhuang); the plain; level ground between rocky mountain, name of county
steep and lofty, a big valley
lofty and dangerous, rocks on the mountain side
(interchangeable 尿) urine, to urinate
a hammer
a kind of tree, a tray for carrying sacrificial meats and wine
the soul out of one's body; as good as dead
an eddy; a whirlpool
㱿 (same as 殼) the husk, skin or shell of fruits; the shell of snakes, insects, etc., the shells of molluscas, a bag or case made of leather for weapons, (interchangeable ) prudent; cautious, (same as 嗀) to vomit; to throw up, strong; durabl
(a variant of 絨) fine, soft fur or hair; down, felt, camel's hair
the shinbone, or tibia, (same as 交) to intersect, the sun and the moon in the sky, (simpfied form 膠) glue; gum, resin; sap, anything sticky
the moon is dimmed; darkness, the word used especially by Triad Society ( a secret society during the Ching Dynasty dedicated to the overthrow of the Manchus and the restoration the Manchus and the restoration of the Ming Dynasty, the character means the
to touch; to ram, to pull with hands
a kind of climbing plants; rattan; bark can be used to weave cloth, a component parts of a loom
a kind of tree (like locust tree; similar to the ash; acacia)
a river
the water flowing from ..., the current of a stream
to splash (of water)
great billows; large waves; the waves swelling up
resurrection; to come to life again, sick
pleasure; joy
shortwindedness; hiccough, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), honesty; good faith; trust
glad; joyful; happy, avaricious; greedy, cold
sound, wicked; mean; vicious
sound of laughter
a river in ancient times
(non-classical form of 淑)good; pure; virtuous, beautiful or charming (women), clear
name of a pavilion, in Xinshi, name of a place in Jingling
a kind inferior wood
torture used in ancient times
name of a mountain, a component parts of a loom
mechanics, opportunity, urgent
(simplified form) (same as 蔦) the convolvulus; a kind of creeping plant, partridge; francolin, in Japan, the pole out side of a building used to post the public notice
a kind of ornaments, people wore in ancient time in order to avoid evil spirits or influences, sound of laughter
(same as 溝) ditch; waterway; moat, groove
goddess of an ink-slab
(non-classical form of 涎) spittle, saliva
a river
rugged mountain path, very skinny, to pile on upon another; accumulation; to accumulate; (Cant.) exclamation
(same as 斛) a dry measure 10 or 5 times that of a Chinese peck; a corn measure nominally holding ten pecks but generally holding about five, used in name of a place
to cut the flesh from the bone; to scrape off; to pick out; to get rid of, to arrest; to catch to seize, to struggle; to fight; to conflict; to vie; to compete
㪿 to break; to snap; to bend; to bow down
(non-classical form of 冥) dark; obscure; dim
(same as 旗) a flag; a pennant; a banner; a streamer, a sign
of look of the sun, the look of the weather
(non-classical form of 暴) violent; fierce; atrocious; cruel, sudden
(non-classical form of 顯) clear; evident; eminent; prominent; renowned; famed; to expose; to make known
(ancient form of 齋) to abstain from meat, wine, etc., to fast; penance
(non-classical form of 舂) to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
many; much, more than; over
(same as 春) the first of the four season -- spring, lustful, alive, joyful, youth
to disseminate; to spread, the weak sound of a Chinese musical instrument with seven or five strings
to let go, to put, to raid; to aggress, to encroach up, a bad year; a year of famine or disaster
(ancient form 合) to combine; to unite; to gather, to close; to shut
normal human relationships
trip, journey; travel; traveler
chestnut tree, chestnuts; surname
capture, imprison, seize; prison
knot; button; handle, knob; tie
stop, halt; stay, detain, keep
flow, circulate, drift; class
pure; virtuous; insult; maltreat
large rope, cable; rules, laws
fiery, violent, vehement, ardent
cool, cold; disheartened
consider, conjecture; material
be lost; sink, be submerged
tired; implicate, involve; bother
kill, slaughter, murder; hurt
strangle, tighten
species of antelope
listen, hear
hill, mound; mausoleum
to twist, nip with the fingers
if, supposing, assuming; similar
good luck
hide; go into hiding
grain; small particle
take part in, intervene
evil, wicked, bad, foul
tears; weep, cry
rob, ransack, plunder; pass by
approximately, roughly; outline
to lead; ratio; rate; limit
drip, soak, drench; perfectly
join, connect; continuous; even
to lead; ratio; rate; limit
Kunlun mountains in Jiangsu
pear; opera; cut, slash
land, continental; army
sparkling stone; glazed, opaque
bridge; beam; rafters; surname
bamboo hat; bamboo covering
reason, logic; manage
deer; surname; KangXi radical 198
(same as ) small and thin piece of bones
to blow, hot wind; wind of heat
hidden; concealed; secret, narrow and small, ugly, low; mean, inferior
(same as 饕) gluttonous; rapacious; covetous; greedy, name of a legendary ferocious animal, a fierce person; a greedy and gluttonous person
flying, to run swiftly; to go at express speed
used in person's name
colorful feather, a feather decorated arrow
fine down; floss; wool
hairy; long tail feather of a bird
medicine for a sore; a boil (injure by a sword or a knief)
a kind of head-dress wore in funeral rites in old days, fine clothes
(non-classical form of 脈) the pulse, the veins or arteries
(same as 等) rank; grade, same; equal, to wait, and so on; etc.
(ancient form of 莫) not, (standard form of 暮) sunset; dusk
bright; light, clear, (same as 瞇) to close the eyes; to narrow the eyes
fish, eyes of the fishes
the stomach; gizzard (of birds and fowls), (same as 髀) buttocks, thigh
plump, rich and full, plentiful, swelling, a plumpy trunk (body)
dim; ambiguous; unclear eyesight, sharp ends of something
(in chemistry) olein, oil and grease; fats (esp. animal), the ribs and skin
body, fat; plump
a kind of insects; earthworm, durable; strong and soft; pliable yet tough
(same as 痣) moles; birthmarks
to watch stealthily
to swell; swelling
(same as 能) can; to be able to, capability; talent, energy
castrated ram
to use; to made; to act, a kind of goat with mixed colors
(same as 牂) a ewe or she-goat
name of a variety of grass
(a non-classical abbreviated form of 鼠) a rat, a mouse, squirrels, moles, etc., KangXi radical 208
a legendary goat-like animal with 4 ears and 9 tails, a kind of goat with no horn
a kind of bee; black bee
mantis, (same as 蟅) ground beetle (Eupolyphage sinensis)
traces or marks of incomplete or damage
scorpion; a grub which bores into trees and destroys them, a kind of spider
(same as 蟊) insects that are injurious to crops
(same as 蜿) to creep; to wriggle
(same as 舵) rudder; helm
(same as 耜) a plough; a ploughshare
an indenture (of earthenware)
containers for water or wine used in ancient times
container for grains used in ancient times
flat-bottom crock (with narrow opening); jug, pitcher, vase, etc; (Cant.) stool
(same as 缾 瓶)bottle; pitcher; jug; vase
(same as 狎) to show familiarity, intimacy, or disrespect (of a tiger)
earthenware with the shape of a bean; used in ancient times
(simplified form of 絅) (same as 褧) a garment of one colour with no lining, a dust coat
(simplified form of 紬) a thread; a clue
(same as 蠀) grub ( a kind of larva); maggots, looper; inchworm; geometer
(same as 蚌) oyster
(standard form of 舐) to lick
offering blood to God
(corrupted form) to look straight forward, ashamed, to look in a mean way
name of a variety of grass, (same as 莫) not
a general term for nets
a kind of vegetable, plants of the mugwort or artemisia family
a vessel or utensil made of straw, grass or weeds, a kind of grass
a boat; a ship; vessel
a short, deep and small boat
to lift; to raise
(non-classical form of 邸) residence of a prince or nobility
(simplified form of 訢) (same as 欣) joy; delight; happy
(same as 貅) a kind of animal like a tiger; a fierce and courageous soldier
(non-classical form of 賢) virtuous; worthy; good, to esteem as worthy, excelling
the shiny colorful of the wine, sweet; color of the wine
(same as 純) beautiful; fine; pretty, net, (same as 醇) rich; good; as wine, pure, unmixed
name of a place, (same as 黨) party; gang; clique
name of a place
(non-classical form of 䢼) name of a state in old times, name of a pavilion
name of county (a village)
(interchangeable 奄) name of an ancient state, name of a country in old times
to hang on a big tree, to walk ( the way of Alces machlis, a kind of deer)
reptiles without feet, a fabulous beast
(same as 李) plums, a plum tree
(ancient form of 髻) dressed hair of a Chinese woman; a coiffure with a topknot
brave; courageous; bold, for the good of, to manage; to handle, (same as 豉) fermented beans
to falter; to hesitate
to walk right into
break; damage, wound of the foot, to walk
to stand for a long time, to accumulate; to amass; to store up
hog; pig
(standard form of 豗) grunting of pigs, to clash, sound of altercation
(same as 毅) firm; resolute; determined
(same as 鈍) blunt, obtuse; dull-witted
to reach; to arrive, to lie flat, stiff
to treat; to detain, according to one's wishes, good words; honest; sincere words, an echo, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun
(non-classical form of 謠) ballad; folk song; song, rumor
(ancient form of 謠) to sing, a ballad, rumour; slander; a false report, from, to follow, to undertake; to attend to
(same as 鞃) horizontal front bar on a cart or carriage, leaning board in a sedan chair
(non-classical of 轤)a windlass; a pulley; a capstan
the linch-pin of a sheel
(simplified form) tire of a wheel
(same as 虐) cruel; ferocious; atrocious
to think of; to remember (someone), to read out aloud, (same as 䛘)
(same as 軝) decoration on the nave or hub of a wheel
the protruded sides of a carriage (used in ancient times to screen off muddy dust)
reasonable authority statements, (same as 呶) noise (especially from a brawling crowd); uproar; turmoil, abusive language, to boast
the cross-bar at the sides of a carritage, (same as 較) to compare
(same as 軏) the cross-bar at the end of the pole of a carriage
(interchangeable 喃 諵) to murmur; in a low voice, to chatter; to gabble
(same as 誃 謻) to separate from; to leave or depart; to break away, (same as 詑) to cheat; to swindle
to soar as a bird, (ancient form of 遷) to move, to change
a mountain in Shanxi Province, name of a county in old times
(interchangeable 耗) news; tidings; report; information; message
(same as 庀) to prepare, to prepare, all complete; all ready
a small mound
(same as 域) boundary; a frontier, a region; a country, (ancient form of 城) a city; a town
to meet at the bank; shore; beach; coast
a big mound, abundant; fertile
steps leading up to a building
(ancient form of 隄 堤) a dike; levee or embankment
a narrow path (for rabbit), (same as 迒) animal tracks, path; way; road
(same as 踑) to sit with the legs spread out; to squat with the legs crossed, traces; footsteps, to follow up; to search out
(same as 敗) to ruin; to destroy; to spoil, defeat; to be defeated, bad; as meat
to stagger; to fall; to drop; to stumble
to scold in a loud voice
(same as 雌) female; feminine, a female bird, to dwell, to stop
the magpie, jackdaw; jay and similar birds
(ancient form of 瑟) a large horizontal musical instrument, usually have 25 strings which pass over bridges for tuning; anciently this instrument had 50 strings, but the number varies
(abbreviated form) (interchangeable ) a kind of jade; a kind of red colored precious stone
(same as 瘦 瘠) thin; lean; slim; enacuated, a kind of skin disease, a chill, a cold, malaria, (interchangeable ) cough; chilly disease; catching cold
(interchangeable 珸) name of a sword, fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
fine jade
a kind of dog
(abbreviated form of 留) to remain; to stay, to detain, to leave behind
to sink; to fall, to entrap, to crush; to capture
a small jar with a small mouth, a bottle; pitcher; jug etc.
bricks (same as 瓵) an eathen jar, a jar for the ashes of the dead
(simplified form same as 玲) tinkling of jade pendants
illness; disease, could not have access to ...
fat; plump, a chill, a cold, malaria, a wart; a pimple, a round lump
earthenware; pottery (bottle; pitcher; jug; vase; crock with a narrow opening)
bottle, earthenware
earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock with a narrow opening)
diseases, sticking up or protruding of the big bottom
(same as 癬) ringworm, used for various diseases of the skin
cunning; crafty; sly; wily; artful, vigorous; strong
㹿 a fierce dog, bite fiercely (said of dog), hunting in winter, a kind of beast
dysentery; diarrhea, a sore; a boil; an ulcer
to bite (said of a dog), dog to take food
a kind of animal
ulcer, a sore; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning; pestilence; epidemic, leprosy, (interchangeable 勵) to exhort to great effort; to urge
bricks of the well; brick wall of a well, to build a well, to construct with bricks
pulp of a melon, a kind of melon
illness; disease; sickness, idiotic; crazy; insane; silly
(a dialect) sickness; disease, favus (a dialect) everything is good except this particular one
(corrupted form of 兜) a helmet; a head-covering, a small pocket in clothes
dog to take food, a biter (said of a dog)
(same as 猧) puppy, of dog tribe
(same as 猱) a monkey with yellow hair, crocodile; alligator
sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
very hot, to burn, to heat, to roast, dazzling; bright; shining, a very great fire; flourishing flames
㸿 (abbreviated form of 犢) a calf
(same as 牣) to filled up; full of; filled with; replete with (interchangeable 韌) soft but tough; elastic
a two-years-old ox, ox with long and big feet
the light or glow of fire
(same as 犎) the zebu; or humped-ox
to glance; to wink, having one eye smaller than the other, one eyed, gazing into distance, sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
(ancient form of 萬) ten thousand, all, very; extremely; absolutely
sight blurred; obscure and dim; obscured
with big eyes
narrow and dim eye sight; having one eye smallerthantthe other, one-eyed, wink of the eyelashes, sleepy; drowsy; dim; vague and hazy
a kind of cattle, an one year old cattle
a cow; female of certain animals
cattle with white stripe on the back, variegated; parti-colored, mixed; impure
birds flying up and down, to look at; to regard; to inspect
to look askance, to look; to see, to hope, big eyes
to look, an angry look; to look at some one angrily, sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
(same as 烽) a conical brick-structure in which to light a beacon; (in ancient China) a tall structure (on a city wall, etc.) where fire was made to signal enemy invasion or presence of bandits
(same as 煢 惸) solitary; alone; single; brotherless; friendless; helpless, dice; a kind of gambling game played in ancient times
(non-classical abbreviated form of 熛) tough and honest; upright, flames burst into a blaze
(simplified form of )
durable and solid leather
wide piece of leather
a big basin
a small bowl; a small basin, a kind of vessel to remove (or to strain out) the water
fire; flames
abundant, ample; rich, wealthy
nest, living quarter in tree
animal disease
to twitter
to smile at
false, counterfeit, spurious
to hum, to intone, etc. to close, to shut
rip up, tear down; raise; haul
ancient family name
prepare, ready, perfect
Kunlun mountains in Jiangsu
to stalk; the stem; the foot; the base
rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous
high and lofty (mountains)
cliff, precipice; precipitous
leftovers, residue, remains
work hard; belabored; toil
turtle or tortoise; cuckold
乿 to cure, to heal
a bowl
the stride made by a man
opening, radiant
lovely; attractive
the brain
sword, dagger, saber
jar, pot, jug, vase; surname
to circle; a circle; corral
sound of something being smashed
marriage connections, a bride
an echo
to spit; saliva
tears; weep
a disease's name in Chinese medicine
a kind of mineral
used in 'lede', slovenly
casing, shell, husk, hull, skin
the high land along a river
help, aid, relieve; ferry, cross
ford stream
name of an ancient tribe
hunt; field sports
bind, draw firmly, strap
pay respects; reverently
classic works; pass through
the piece of leather used for soles on Chinese shoes. a patch
to braid, twist; twisted or braided
type of jade; pearl
sweet, sweetness
give birth
astringent; harsh; uneven, rough
surge up, bubble up, gush forth
juice; liquid; water; to leak, pour
erysipelas; sloughing of an ulcer
to entwine around; check (a current) with a weir
small bamboo
old age
old age
pottery, earthenware
daybreak; bright and brilliant
vegetarian diet; study
squeeze out of; extract
tree name
sickle handle, branch
perch; roost; stay
press down heavily with hands
oar, shaft
to state to, to announce
evil, wicked, bad, foul
to scrape; advantageous
a soft wood; to lay in stores of firewood
red lacquer bow
remnants, tailor's cutting
to perceive, feel
clear, bright; distinct
numerous, various; multitude
bright, clear, intelligent; light, brilliant; to understand; to illustrate
pear and other trees
used in girl's name
to pare; to cut into slices
use knife to split something
(same as 懦)weak; timid; imbecile
(same as 鍔) swords; a double-edged sword
industry, sound of making strenuous efforts
to cut in two, to slash
name of a place in today's Guangdong Province
(same as 場) an area of level ground; an open space, a threshing floor, arena for drill, etc. a place, to pile a sand-hills
not straight, improper
used in girl's name
used in girl's name
(same as 玊) jade with some defects, a lapidary, to polish gems; a surname
with great power; vigorous; very strong; with great force, (same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; region, great; big; vast
(same as 奎) the stride made by a man, name of a star, a kind of tree
thin ice
(a variant of 參) to take part in; to visit; to counsel, one of the 28 lunar mansions; ginseng
(same as 誘) to induce; to entice; to mislead; to lead on
tired; weary
(same as 冒) to go forward with eyes covered, to risk, to rush upon, to put forth, to issue forth
name of a county in today's Shanxi province
(corrupted form) chaos; anarchy; distractions; confusion
(same as 妯) sisters-in-law (a reference among wives of brothers)
to cut; to cut out; to pick out; to scoop out, (same as 鄃) name of a county in today's Shandong province
(same as 鍥) to carve; to engrave; to cut; to oppress, a sickle
lame; crippled; feeble
not pure, immodest, to urge, (same as 嗾) to set a dog on
Indistinct nasal utterance, laugh, sound of birds
can not see clear, (ancient form of 吻) lips
wrath; anger
(same as 咅) to spit out; (Cant.) the sound of spitting
(same as 那 哪) an auxiliary (in grammar), that, there, a final particle.
to deliver over to personally, to communicate orally with one's own mouth
last name, girl's name
(ancient form of 宿) ahalting place; to lodge for the night, to keep over night, to cherish, asleep and perching
night; dark; darkness, of death, to mourn, to lose; to deprived of
deep, profound, far, extremely
pretend to be delicate and beautiful, to hang or be hanged, to be in suspension; unfounded
name of a person
(corrupted form) in contravention of; to offend (same as 冒) incautious, to risk, to put forth
(same as 匙) a spoon, a key
(same as 庾)a stack of grain, a measure of 16 dou
(a variant of 最) very; exceedingly; most, superior
sound of surprising, to laugh loudly, to flow off, loquacious, sound; voice; tone
(sound transcription) used in names for minority ethnic group in ancient China
(a corrupted form) distress; very difficulty; anxiety; very tired
to slander; to libel, a maidservant, used in girl's name, womanly
a kind of monkey, fingering for an ancient string instrument
(same as 冥) dark; obscure; dim, stupidity, far and high, deep; profound, night
last name, all; together; mutually, a low rank officer to take charge of the bandits in ancient time
an interjection used in poems and songs
(same as 飺) to reject food
shift, move, turn
fox, leopard, panther
cakes, biscuits, pastry
to sleep; to realize, feel
to search for; to look after
赿 late slow; dilatory; tardy to delay; dull; stupid
book cover; satchel or bag
matter, material, substance
a Chinese family name to arrange; to display wheel
translate; decode; encode
the mouth of a valley
noisily; uproarious; troublesome
number two
a drop, trickle, dripping
hand over, deliver; substitute
sequence, number; grade, degree
sword, dagger, saber
Indian mallow
barley; coix agretis
bright; shining, splendid
a Buddhist high priest
intoxicated, drunk; addicted to
strong, unyielding, forceful
grass which has been cut and regrown; wild grass
to be obstructed, blocked; to break down
point of sword; sharp point
tool for boring holes
country; rural; village
abalone; dried fish; surname
return, turn around; a time
shut, close; obstruct, block up
(same as 罠) a kind of spring fishing net
name of a god
(ancient form 堅) strong; durable; solid; firm; stable, (same as ) tight; firm, pressing
(an abbreviated form of ) fine and delicate silk, plain white sackcloth for mourning
to mend (cothes, etc.), (inchangeable 綻) rippen seam; a crack; split
thick and big ropes or cords; bulky cables, spoilt silk
fabric; textile with patterns used for hem decorations, decorations on carriage and horses, varicolored silk or fine cloth loose in textture
decorations of the emperor's carriage; ornamental items on horses
(interchangeable ) a numerary adjunct for practically everything; a thread; a yarn, clothes for the dead, linen thread; silk thread
sharp; acute, clever, vigorous
bamboo with white bark, (same as ) tongs; pincers; tweezers, weary; tired; fatigued, small box
(same as 腱) tendon
name of a variety of bamboo; sweet bamboo, large bamboo
bad; poor quality of rice
wrench to adjust the string on stringed instrument
a kind of bamboo, colorless bamboo, bamboo shoot
to bind loose hemp, old yarn, to stuff; to fill, waste silk or cotton and silk to be laid and attached each other; to padding; cushioning
(same as 笮) narrow, boards laid across rafters, an arrow bag, a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, (same as 筰) rope made from bamboo-splints, (interchangeable 鑿) to bore or pierce through
(same as 稚) young and tender; small; delicate; immature, (same as 稊) darnels; tares, grass
a spacious house, (corrupted form of 秺) bundle of rice plant, name of a place
(same as 杼) the shuttle of a loom
to go through; to penetrate; passed through, (same as 洞) a cave; a hole
(same as 粄) rice cake; cake made of glutinous rice
(same as 糊) paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
(standard form 苦) bamboo, bitter bamboo, usually used as the material for making an umbrella's handle, (same as 罟) net
(same as ) (same as 糊) paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
(non-classical form of 宦) a government official; the government service, castrated
coresponding; equivalent, considerable, appropriate, (same as 凹) indented; a hollow, concave
deep and dark; profound, far; vast, obscure, mysterious
a cave; a hole, to bore through or drill a cave as a dwelling
empty; hollow, unreal, high and vast, the space
(a simplified form ) a kind of rice plant, shaking and waving of the rice plant
(ancient form of 粟) grains, millet, Indian corn
a second time growing of rice plant, rice plant, (dialect) sorghum; kaoliang
name of a place in ancient times
(same as 秈 覹) common rice; as distinguished from the glutinous variety or glutinous rice, (corrupted form of ) name of a place in ancient times
thick; height, black millet
a kind of rice plant
the stalk (stem) of grain, neat and orderly rows of rice seedling
to husk rice; to get the grains by oppressing the ears of the rice plant
a kind of grain (looks like millet but much smaller)
late crop, to reap or harvest; to cut grain
long grains
farm tool; agricultural implements, to till; to plough; to cultivate
dense; crowded; closely, a piece of wood used to strike off grain inm a measure thus - to level; all; to adjust; overall
something in the cave
to worship; to honor by a rite or service; to offer sacrifices, an institution, law, to perform rites in honor of gods
(same as standard form 餋) to worship; to honor by a rite or service; to offer sacrifices
to tie; to knot, to join
(corrupted form of 紓) to relax, to free from
(abbreviated form 縐) wrinkled, to shrink, crepe, a coarse, yellowish cloth for summer wear
to band together; to twist; to wring and to disperse fiber then to make thin silk, cloth, cotton-yarn or rope
(same as 硯) an in-slab or ink-stone (same as 硜) sound of pebbles or stones rubbing or knocking together
(same as 磽) hard barren land, a kind of stone (interchangeable 銚) a small pot with a handle
noise of stones rolling down, to ram the earth for foundations, (same as 夯) to raise with force; a heavy load; burden, to fill cracks and leakages with earth (in levee construction)
a fine stone resembling jade
name of a place; today's Jizhou
stone, to sharpen a knife, sharp-pointed; sharp, vigorous; energetic; keen
short (dialect) to curry favor; to toady; to flatter; to try hard to please
to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn, a lance; a spear
big rocks on the riverside (interchangeable 栱) an arched opening
(corrupted form of ) a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, an instrument of torture for squeezing the fingers of prisoners or witnesses in order to extort evidence or confession
the dead
(simplified form) the oscines
dark blue color, to combine; to unite, to close; to shut, the water is exhausted, to get the color away by soaking in the water
(non-classical form of 旃) a silken banner hanging from a staff bent over at the top
fluttering of the flag, the flags
tree with small leaves, mushroom; fungus, mould, ror mildew
to laugh at
to know; to recognize, to hide; to conceal, (same as 嘴) beak (of a bird), stone probe
the way of speaking; to spit at and not agree about something, to spit (same as 否) negative, to deny, cruel; savage; wicked; coarse; rustic
asthmatic breathing, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to long for; to covet, to hum over; to moan; to groan
(same as 歃)to smear the mouth with the blood of a victim when taking an oath, to taste; to try
(corrupted form of 椓) to beat; to tap; to thrash, castration as a punishment in ancient times, a castrate man, to accuse or charge
uneven, weak; feeble
in contravention of; to offend (a superior, elder, etc.) (same as 冒) incautious; rash; imprudent
(standard form of 羌) name of a river
to add to; to increase; increase; full, plentiful; abundant, saliva
great billows; great upheavals; boisterous breakers
(same as 淚) tears
the water flowing in a turned, crooked or winding and revolving way; an eddy
(same as 浸) to dip; to immerse; to soak; to permeate; to percolate, gradual; gradually
(same as 淵)an abyss; a gulf, to be deep
(simplified form of 潚) deep and clear (said of water) (same as 溲) to urinate, to immerse; to soak; to drench, to wash rice (same as 瀟) rushing rain and wind; roar of gust
(non-classical abbreviated form of 瀰) a watery expanse, to be cover with, to disseminate every where, currents of the water
a bank of earth or an embankment to block the current of the water, to stop (or block) up the flowing water
mild, damp and moist, red color
(same as 晨) morning; daybreak
(corrupted form of 哮) to roar; to pant; to howl
mud; quagmire
name of a river
name of a river, to give suck to, (same as 醹) vintage wine, (same as 乳) milk; breasts
name of a river
flood; a great flood; massive water, name a river, name of a place in today's Shanxi Province east of Yin county, (same as 汪) deep and extensive (said of water)
(non-classical form of 游) to swim; to float, to roam; to travel
㳿 (same as 渫) rolling billows, to get rid of; to scatter, muddy, to ooze
variegated; woolen fabric of different colors
branches to be a parasite (on) a tree, branches growing horizontally, (variant ) imperial orders
to beat; to strike; to attack, to move with happiness; excited, (a corrupted form) to laugh at
(same as 毹)woolen blanket with decorative design or pattern, to waste; to destroy
infested with bandits and robbers
(same as 垽) sediment; dregs; precipitate; lees
to lead on; to advance, to strike against; to break through
(ancient form of 濟) various; varied; numerous, elegant and dignified
flesh; meat of animals, (same as 浩) great; vast, many; much
fur; feather; soft and light
uncertain; not yet settled, irregular, to raise one's hands, to exhaust; to use up, to complete; to finish, all; entirely; totally; completely
long hair
(corrupted form of 氍) fine woolen cloth, a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
to smooth the hair, woolen textiles; fine cloth
(same as 勃) suddenly, to change, as the countenance, a kind of animal (interchangeable 悖) perverse; contrary to what is right, to rebel
(same as 捍) to resist; to oppose; to obstruct, to defend; to guard; to ward off, (same as ) to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
(same as 椰) the cocoa-nut palm
(same as 霄) the skies, night, to exhaust; to dissolve, clouds or mists
woolen textiles; fine cloth
a kind of tree can be used as dye-stuff, the mast of a boat
a shrub (plant); dense growth of trees
a fruit tree ( plum), (same as 菆) hemp stalks, a mat
a kind of tree, a harrow; a drag, a written contract or agreement; a bond; a deed, handles of spears or lances used in ancient times
corrupt; wicked, to hate; to dislike, (same as 猜) to be jealous and suspicious, cunning; crafty
(same as 踐) to tread upon; to trample, to carry out; to perform
(same as 偫) to store up, savings and/or reserves, complete with every; having nothing short; all; the whole
a winding path
(same as 胤)the succession in a family; posterity; heirs, to inherit; to follow after
(same as 怍) to be ashamed; mortified; chagrined, to change color; to blush
happy; contented; pleased, fragal, nearly; almost, cunning; crafty
(abbreviated form of 擠) to crowd; to throng; to push; to squeeze
inside; within; inner, a family name, (corrupted form of ) to take from the top, to strip; to peel
to beat; to strike; to attack
an error; a blunder, to cheat; to swindle; to defraud, confused; deceit; to deceive
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
(ancient form of 勇) brave; courageous; bold; valiant; fearless; gallant; heroic
to pierce; to stab, (same as 挑) to stir; to disturb; to agitate, to place the hand on, to impeach, (a dialect) to lift something heavy from one side or from the end
bashful; shy; ashamed
prudent; cautious
㧿 to bump; to knock against; to strike accidentally; to collide
name of a county in Han dynasty; today's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; southeast of Baotou county
to distribute, to scatter; to disperse
a finger wrapper; a covering (used to protect the fingers from getting hurt)
to strike with fists, to strike; to blow
(non-classical form of 慈) compassion; mercy; kind
a little angry
not doing well; disappointed; very discouraged; frustrate (same as 憛) worried; anxious; apprehensive, to lose head; to lose self-possession
(same as ) to hold in the hand
quick; fast, sharp, to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, to fear; to dread; to be scared of, to get; to obtain
angry, (same as 恲) generous; unselfish; liberal
exclusive; special (same as 德) morality; virtues, behavior; conduct
stupid; clumsy; (Cant.) to dirty, defile
to be perverse; to act contrary to, jealous; to envy; jealousy, obstinate; stubborn, fierce; truculent
indulgent and without restraint, to abandon oneself tocarnal desire; to be dissolute; to debauched, to forget, slow; to delay
used in a person's name, pensive
to pity; to commiserate; to have sympathy or compassion for, scared; afraid; fearful
(a variant of 悶) mournful, sorrowful, melancholy; depressed, to stupefy
to mix; to blend, to display in neat rows; to place in order
to set side by side, to hide; to conceal, to store
a kind of fabric, a county in today's Shandong Province; southwest of Huangxian
(same as 岐) name of a mountain in Shanxi Province, name of a political district in ancient China, name of a river in Shanxi province, to diverge; to branch
shape of the mountain, a mountain in today's Shandong Province
name of a mountain
name of a small principality in what is now Shanxi, the home of the founder of the Zhou dynasty
(non-classical form of 豚) a small pig; (Cant.) end, bottom, rump
(same as 彆) awkward, unfavourable, unsuitable, not smooth
to draw a bow, bent
(non-classical form of 弦) string (of a bow, a musical instrument, etc.), chord of an arc, the first or last quarter ofa lunar month
(same as 尿) urine; to urinate
vast, to open up, enlarge or expand
to set with the legs clossed (standard form of 踞), (ancient form of 箕) a winnowing basket, a dust basket, (same as 杞)a state in ancient times
a collapsed house; (same as 堆) to heap up; to pile
a room with open space, an old county near today's Shandong Province Yunchengxian
(non-classical and abbreviated form) shape of the mountain
(same as 培) to bank up with earth, to nourish; to strengthen; to cultivate
precipitous and lofty; very steep mountains
fine (material, etc.) and delicate (workmanship, etc.) decorative design or pattern
(simplified form of 幓) (same as 縿) the long bands or ribbons attrached to flags and banners (same as 襂) the feather decorected carriages or dresses; flapping and dangling, headdress used by man in ancient times
(same as 帽)a hat; a headwear, a cap (of fountain-pen, crew, etc.)
a kind of headdress for man in old China, a bag used to feed the horses
(same as 帢) a kind of cap worn by an officer in old China
high and steep; lofty
(same as 踦)one-legged, crippled; halt, a defect, tired, the shin
(simplified form of 嵾) uneven; rolling; rough; rugged, name of a mountain ( Wudangshan)
(a dialect) zhuang (a minority ethnic group) in Guangxi, said of the level ground; plain between mountains
the rocks on the hills are of different shapes; rugged and weird, character different from others
(same as 岡) ridge (o f a hill or mountain)
(same as 巷) a lane; an alley
ulcers, swollen feet, a kind of disease (abnornal in walking)
(abbreviated form) to resent; to hate, to neglect; negligent, joy; delight; gratification
(same as 搫) to sweep clean; to clean away, to eliminate
(ancient form of 怨) hatred; enmity; resentment, to complain; to blame; to impute
(corrupted form) (standard form of 憂) sad; mournful; grieved; to worry about; concerned over; anxious; apprehensive
(non-classical form) flags, pennants, streamers, etc.
ancient mourning turban worn by women, to hem, turban worn by men
to cut a strip of cloth; a breadth of material, (same as 繻) fine gauze, frayed edges of silk, silk torn into two pieces, one ofwhich was given as a credential and the other retained, a loose garment or cloak; fine clothes, the left over material after c
( same as 抿) to smooth, to stroke; to pucker, to contract, to wipe away
to count; to enumerate, to grasp the head
(same as 德) morality; virtues, behavior; conduct
sound of the anguish of sorrow; the pain of grief
to slap lightly on the clothes or coverlet, to beat; to strike; to attack
to beat; to strike; to attack
to dye, to dip, to soak; to rub in the hands
to beat; to strike; to attach
to discard; to reject; to abandon, to feel; to stroke, to sort out the divining stalks, to drop; to lose; to fall off, to weigh; to measure weight
(interchangeable 惵) afraid; fearful; terrified, peaceful; quiet; calm; safe; secure; stable
big foot, walking
(a variant of 惇) honest; sincere; kind; generous
name of a mountain, loftyand steep; high
to pile up layer by layer, wedge, gatepost
red slippers, (corrupted form of 履) shoes
name of a mountain
a cliff; a precipice
a fountain in the side of a hill, name of a mountain
(same as 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
(same as 泉) spring; fountain, money (archaic)
a mountain in today's Shandong Province southwest of Mengyin county
(same as 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
(simplied form of 慺) diligent; industrious; sedulous, to encourage; to make efforts
idle; lazy; slothful; inactive
(ancient form of 順) to follow; to obedient; agreeable; favorable, convenient; smooth
(ancient form of 憐) to pity; to commiserate; to feel tender regard for
red color
melancholy; grievous; mournful; sad, to fear; to dread; to be scared of
with expedition; urgent; hasty, anxious; worried, respectrully serious; to take careful precautions; to do something in a serious manner, to love; to like; to be found of; to be kind to
unsuccessful in one's career; to have not one's ambition fulfilled, generous; unselfish; liberal, uneasy; distrubed; not feeling at peace
to arouse to action; to encourage, to temper and grind; to train or discipline oneself (toward a goal); to sharpen (a knife); to forge to harden, (same as 弭) to stop; to end; to eliminate
enmity; animus; ill-will
(same as 諝) intelligence; brilliance, shrewdness; cunning; quick-witted and full of tricks; tricky
idle; shiftless
bad; evil; wicked; vice, overbearing; haughty, melancholy; depressed; dejected; cheerless; despondent, considerations; contemplations; to think carefully; to turn over and over in the mind
absent-minded; unconscious, happy; glad; joyous
lofty; high
a calico sack for grain, etc.
(same as 餌) a bait, cakes, food, to eat
(ancient form of 變) to change; to transform; to switch; to alter, rebellion
(ancient form of 靜) still; quiet; calm; silent; peaceful
(same as 踵) the heel, to follow, to call personally at; to go personally to, (ancient form 動) to move; to start; to shake, to excite; to rouse; to take action
anxious, unsuccessful man
the curved end of a bow
to walk with slow steps; proceed slowly
a long verabdah; a long porch
to walk
hide; conceal, a house not so high
number, several; a few, a kind of caldron or kettle, to walk
a cesspool; a manger, a trough; a flume; a chute, (same as 庾) a stack of grain, an ancient measure of capacity, a storage for water, (ancient form 逾)to pass over; to exceed
to stab, to rob of money; to rob of riches, to go nonstop to, to cluster together; to mass; (Cant.) to squeeze in
to shoulder; to take on the shoulder; to take upon oneself
(same as 幢) to cover; a covering; a screen, a curtain for a carriage
oiled calico, varnish-cloth used to cover the cross-bean in front of the shafts of a carriage
(non-classical form) to close; to shut, to block up, to pull or drag out of the water; to fish up; to salvage
drawers; trousers or pants
to think deeply, to think far ahead, profound and abstruse thinking, careful deliberations; to think and contemplate thoroughly
(same as 刲) to cut open and clean -- as fish, to kill; to sacrifice, to stab
(same as 央) sharp; distinct, bright-colored
to shake; to rock; to jolt; to joggle
measure, quantity, capacity
split, crack, break open; rend
labor, toil, do manual work
clear weather
prosperous, plentiful, abundant
different, unusual, strange
return; repeat; repeatedly
fat, (interchangeable 腦) the head
what is left over of the food ( of birds and animals), a big belly
(ancient form of 天) the sky; the heaven, Nature; God, day
(ancient form of 腆) luxuriant; abundant; rich; plentiful of food, brazen-faced; shameless, good; virtuous, protruding, as belly, etc., to go to excess
name of a variety of grass
(same as 朵) a flower; a cluster of flowers; a bud, lobe of the ear
a piece of one foot two inches dried seasoned meat, to paste up; to attach to; to stick up; to glue, (same as 殖) rotten fat; grease, lard, etc., bowels, fat
clay-made blowing wind instruments; music instruments made of clay
(same as 蒸) twigs of hemp used fo fuel, to rise, as steam, steam
(same as 曲) a bamboo tray for raising silkworms
Illicium anisatum, and kind of poisonous shrub
meat pulp; mashed meat cooked with soybean sauce, last name
sick; illness; disease, red
boat, large boat, to dispel; to remove; to move, to stir up
name of a variety of grass
clear; bright, (same as 吻) to agree; match, (same as 唇) the lips; the labia
big belly, swollen of the belly
nets for catching birds, net; web; network
the unsatisfaction of hunger requires meat, to cook the meat
fat in the abdomen or intestine, protuberances of the muscle, a fetus inside the belly
to dismember body of the livestock
the calf of the legs
(same as ) insects, (same as 餛) cakes; biscuits; pastry, an ellipse
(non-classical form of 䏺) to swell; swelling
(ancient form of 堇) clay
the buttocks; the bottom; the rump, to groan; to moan
(same as 翥) to soar
to walk swiftly, (same as 矞) scared; afraid; fearful; frightened
quick; quickly, hasty, soft and meek feather
an old man with white hair, source; head (of a stream), loud cries
grub (a kind of larva), second for spider, a variety of spider; octopus; a long-legged spider
poisonous insect, (same as 奎) one of the 28 constellations which ancient Chinese astrologers believed to control the literary trends of the world, (same as 蛙) frog
large shrimp in the sea
a kind of insect (looks like cicada)
jelly-fish; sea-blubber, (interchangeable 虴) looks like grasshopper but smaller
(same as 袽) old rags; old clothing, caulking
clothes without hem; ragged garments; a garment without a lining, single
collar, a throat-band to hold the hat, a tassel; a fringe, (same as 袨) in full dress, black colored ceremonial dress
short leggings drawn over the trousers, clothes for fisherman
a kind of gnat; a small flying insect
a kind of insect, (non-classical form of 珧) scallops, found in abundance in the China Sea; the shells contain mother-of-pearl, and the compressor muscle or ligament is dried and imported into China as Compoy ( 干貝); also called ( 江瑤柱) it is hig
armour, military dress
the pleates on the lapel of a garment of thin silk
(same as 觤) gaot with different horns (one is long and the other short)
aged; to get old, advanced age; great age; old age
(simplified form) (same as 翼) wings, fins, to help; to assist
a plague or a pestilence of goat (sheep); black goat or sheep, black
(simplified form) (interchangeable 耳) flourishing; thriving; vigorous
flying, flying away
(same as 喪) to lose; death; funeral, to mourn, to destroy
overall [questionable variant]
burn; bake; heat; roast
to lay the warp; to weave
to harness a horse a board in front of a carriage for the driver to lean on
a rope
epilepsy, convulsions
bright; flame
to temper steel
handle, lever, knob; authority
tangled hemp, raveled silk; vague, confused
draw, sketch, paint
drooping leaves; fringe soft, delicate
all, general; to summarize; the chief; to manage
fair; white; clear; discriminate
to cultivate land by first setting fire to it
a scabby bald head
a gem used as ear plug; a jade earring
type of pearl; scabbard
camphor tree
a railing; a fence an enclosed place
a kind of oak used for charcoal
type of birch
check; examine
wild animal mentioned in short story by Lu Xun
a kind of animal
dawn, daybreak; clear, explicit
ksc extension 3108
scatter, spread; praise; raise
to conceal; to search into
to weigh; cut; come without being invited
a grindstone; (same as 硐) a cave, cavern
wash face; erroneously borrowed for DKW 43352 'necessary, must'
happiness; good fortune good luck; blessing; bliss
a hairpin on which the hair is bound at the back of the head. 15 of age
a bamboo frame on which silkworms spin their cocoons
to set (a table); to install, equip; to lay (a foundation)
sound of setting up a koto
fullness, enough; pride
variant of 彈 , a pellet, bullet, shot, shell
war, fighting, battle
abrogate, terminate, discard
pour, splash, water, sprinkle
till, dig
teeth; gears, cogs; age; a form of KangXi radical 211
帿 marquis, lord; target in archery
wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
(ancient form of 饐) cooked food which has become mouldy, sour
dishevelled hair
(same as 餼) a sacrificial victim, explained as used of the living beast, to bite; to gnaw, to eat to the full; surfeited, a wart; a pimple; a pustule
(ancient form of 饡) to put the thick soup or broth on top of the rice (same as 饘) thick congee or porridge
dressed leather; a large belt
(same as 鞃) horizontal front bar on a cart or carriage, leaning board in a sedan chair
tie it tightly, to lead an ox, a wart; a pustule; a pimple, a round lump
(same as 廎) a small hall, store-room for melon
an one-year-old horse
to exert oneself; to make an effort; diligent; sedulous
䨿 bad; evil; wicked; vice; wickedness
ancient music; Chinese classical music
(same as 胲) cheek; face, ugly (same as 孩) a child
(interchangeable 頑 髡) ancient punishment of shaving the head
(non-classical form) the sound of the wind, a typhoon; great gale of wind
the sheat-fish
of nice and good hair
(non-classical form of 鴆) a bird like the secretary falcon
to care for; to concern about affectionately, (a corrupted form of 奊) slanting; not straight; curved (of the head)
(same as 醵) to pool money (for a feast, etc.); to contribute to a feast
lame; crippled
unstrained wine, vinegar
sound of moving carriages; noise of a number of vehicles
(same as 射) to project; to shoot out, to aim at
a bird, to map out or draw up (a plan); a plan or scheme; to calculate; to count; to consider
(same as 賑) to relieve or give aid to the distressed; to support, rich; wealthy
rustic; low; mean, to despise, family name
to walk
deep pond; deep pool
to walk
to press; to compel, to draw near, to excel; to surpass; to rise above; to transcend, to fly across; to jump over
to walk, to jump; to leap; to bounce; to spring
(same as 鞃) horizontal front bar on a cart or carriage, leaning board in a sedan chair
to move swiftly; to dart; to fleet; to drive v ery fast
(same as 廛) living space for one family in ancient times, a store; a shop (abbreviated form of )
to resist; to hold out, angry, to break up; to split, half step, evil; wicked; mean; vicious
money; currency and finances
wages; salary, to redeem; to ransom
(same as 衒) to brag; to boast; to show off
(same as 貤) to change hands; to shift, a series, steps; grades, to promote; to reward; ennobled; to bestow, to extend; to prolong
wine or any thick fluid of the best quality; (corrupted form of 靦) ashamed
to wait for; to await (interchangeable 伺), (same as 施) to act; to do; to make, to grant; to give, to apply
(same as 雹) hail; hailstone
to see; to observe
the rim or felloe of a wheel; a tire, a yoke, a collar
a low wall on the road side, a wall, the space enclosed by a constellation
sound of treading or stepping
an animal in legend, traces or footprints of an animal
(interchangeable 管) a mechanical device for lead ore, (non-classical form of 閌) high; tall and big; lofty (said of the door)
(non-classical form of 跈), (same as 踐) to step upon; to tread upon; to trample, (same as 趁) to take advantage, hard to proceeding
(abbreviated form of ) (ancient form of 監) an official position in former times, a government establishment in former times
(standard form of 辯) to argue; to dispute; to discuss; to explain
(same as 岫) a cavern; a cave, a mountain peak
(same as 濬 浚) to dredge; to dig or wash (a well, etc.), (same as 睿) wise and clever
lame; crippled, to go across; to go beyond, hoofs of the animal
hard of walk forward
(ancient form of 陵) a high mound, tomb of an emperor, to usurp; to abuse
(non-classical of 跋) to walk; to travel, the heel
(same as 歸) the marriage of a woman, to return to; to revert to; to go back, to belong to, to restore, to send back
(interchangeable 亞) the next in order; secondary; second (in excellence), inferior; lower
(same as 遊) to travel; to roam; to saunter, (interchangeable 游) to wander about
(standard form of 送) to send; to deliver; to convey, to give
(Cant.) to press down or push out with the foot; to pedal, kick, tread, step on
(same as 覂) repeatedly; over and over again
to trample; to tread down, (same as 胝) callosities on the hands or feet
swift; walking rapidly, (same as 越) to go beyond; to go across; to transgress; to skip
(non-classical form of 聆) to listen; to hear
(same as 咒 ) to curse; to swear
bracelet; armlet
(same as 鍺) chemical element, Germanium
to provoke or arouse (ill-will, etc.) to cause disputes; to sow discord between two parties, to talk nonsense; to talk inconherently or unintelligibly; lies or wild talks
to wear clothes
a large, very strong pig (five hands in height)
a kind of animal; fur can be used for clothes
(same as ) name of a double-edged sword, (simplified form ) a chemical element () (Es)
urgent; pressed for time
(same as 謐) silent; quiet; serene; still, cautious; careful
(non-classical form of 豉) fermented beans
loquacious, to talk quickly
(interchangeable 誓) to vow; to swear; to teke an oath
encampment, barracks; manage
place name
to eat, drink
chemical compound
to ward off; to parry; to keep out, as wind, rain, or cold
county in Shandong province
place name in Shanxi province
mountain in Henan; surname
a mountain in Shenxi
chirping of insects; pump
county in Shandong province
rule, guideline, standard
place name
to counel, to consult together; to take part in; to intervene
repose, serenity, peace; peaceful
circle; round, circular; complete
the place where the supreme stores his books; library
dry; dried, as opposed to fresh
husband's family
beauty; beautiful
to speak falsely or wrongly; ugly
person's name
wall, fence
elevated bank in field
fuel used for sacrifices
a kind of jade
a fine jade, the stripes (lines) on a jade
a kind of jade
bright; light; brilliant
open eyes, big eyes, to move one's eyes
to look at; to see; to observe; to examine; to consider
a bad; a wounded; an injured melon
long-burning fire
(same as 炒) to cook; to stew or simmer; to fry; to roast; to broil (rice)
embers kept for starting a new fire, or any burning object (covered by ashes) which causes a fire disaster, the farm products getting heated with piling up and closing completely
(non-classical form of 焚) to burn; to set fire to
to have quick glance; look-in; to look hastily
diseases in the eyes
strabismus; squint, to look askance; to ogle, (a dialect) bright; light; brilliant, bright eyes
long illness, ulcer; sore; boil
a chill, a cold, malaria, shiverin with cold, a shudder; a shiver; tremble
(abbreviated form) not to look straight forward, the pupil of the eyes not in the right place
eye disease; strabismus; squint; to look askance (a dialect) bright; light; brilliant, bright eyes
(same as 梗) ailment; bane; distress; (Cant.) a bruise
to look straight forward, to look, eyesight blurred; not clear
itchy; ticklish
(same as 瞬) to blink; wink or twinkle, by eyes (facial expressions) to indicate one's wish or intention
fire; flames
ugly; bad-looking
weak breath of a sick man
(corrupted form) to leak out; to ejaculate, to scatter; to disperse; to vent
illness; disease (interchangeable 庮) stinking smell of the decayed wood
to examine; to observe; to survey; to study
a fever
grieved; distressed; ill with grief and exhausted
red colored jade, even; regular; equal
to till or to plough the fields (same as 埒)an enclosure, an embankment, a dike
(non-classical form of 瞋) angry; anger, complaining; grudging, wide open the eyes, depressed; melancholy, to look at, to confuse, confused vision
to look at each other
many; much, more than; over
(same as ) to have a casual and short glance; to catch a glimpse of, pretty eyes, insight; vision, bright eyes
(same as 甥) the children of a sister, a son-in-law
generally called the animals (cattle, sheep etc.) with mixed color of white and black
untamed and indocility cattle, huge; big; large
(same as ) Erysipelas, sloughing of an ulcer, painful; aching
(same as 猴) the monkey
(same as 狳) (a variant of 貐) a kind of beast
(same as 狗) a dog; canine
big and strong sheep, a ewe or she-goat, kind of dog, a dog barking loudly
connection of the ditches or waterways
dry and decayed, to peel off the skin; to scrape; to pare
to look; to regard; to inspect
squinting eyes; prominent eyes, all blind, eyesight not clear, upper eyelid which has a double fold at the lower edge
ulcer; sore; boil
a kind of beast
a kind of vessel; a container
a water-jar with ears for carrying it
concave channels of tiling, a long-necked jar, utensil; instrument; implement
fragments of a tile haven't t been kiln-dried completely, tiles overlapping
(said of illness) relapse; to relapse (a dialect) relapse of typhoid fever (typhus)
tiles in cylinder shape; used to build a palace; a temple or a shrine
to get through the space enclosed by a constellation; to go out of
(interchangeable ) to have a casual and short glance; to catch a glimpse of, pretty eyes, insight; vision, bright eyes
used in naming a place
to take a hint; a group of Chinese characters the construction of which suggests the meaning, the fate; good luck or bad are in the pot; don掐 expose; or leak out
(same as 斲) to cut to pieces; to hack; to chop or hew, to carve for ornaments
sound of the ringed pheasant, cackling of fowls, (same as 嗝) to gag, to vomit, (a dialect) an auxiliary verb (almost same as 的)
(same as 劓) to cut off the nose; cut off
much; many; numerous, great; big; vast
(same as 塊) a lump of earth; a lump, rugged; uneven
(same as 塊) a lump, a piece of, a fraction
castration, to pare; to scrape; to sharpen to a point
(same as 銳) a sharp-pointed weapon, acute; zealous; valiant, wound, minor injury
(non-classical form of 韓) a fence, name of a star, a small feudal State, old name for Korea
to move, to hang down; to let fall, (same as 垛) a target, a battlement, to add up; to pile up
(same as 宇) the canopy of heaven; space, to cover; to shelter
(same as 野) wild; uncultivated; a wilderness, rustic, savage
caverns; a grotto, a cellar, a cave-dwelling, to make a cave -- for dwelling
(same as 謝) faded and fallen -- as blossoms; withered
womanly; feminine
to interrupt; to put in a word, lacking in courage; cowardly, nervous; socially timid, womanly; feminine
(ancient form of 璈) to walk slowly like a woman, to ridicule; to laugh at
(said of a woman) not clean; impure
(a simplified form) cunning; wicked, spoiled; coddled
used in girl's name
last name (refer to 千家姓)
(ancient form of 純) pure, sincere; honest; faithoful
(non-classical of 會) to meet; to assemble, to co-operate, a society; a guild; an association
(same as 態) manner, bearing, behaviour, policy, attitude
(same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
(standard form of 侵) to usurp, to encroach upon, to raid
not clean; impure
pretty; exquisite; fine
(corrupted form) used in girl's name
(standard form of 蜌 詫) to sacrifice by pouring out a libation of wine
a kind of cap for children
(non-classical form of 愾) anger; passion; rage, to sigh; to groan
(same as 嫂) wife of one's elder brother
(same as 嬔) to soar; to fly; to roam (same as 娩) complaisant; agreeable, a pair; a couple; persons or things that come in pairs
(same as 婚) to marry a wife; a bride-groom
exquisite; fine, used in girl's name
(same as 髮) the hair on the human head, hairbreadth; hair's-breadth
an abnomal unborn baby
(same as 惱) to anger to annoy; to irritate
do not care about appearance and deportment
used in girl's name
to implore; to beseech, to seek after, to beg; to pray
(non-classical form of 謾) to deceive; to insult
(same as 吻) the lip, the tone of one's speech, to kiss; a kiss
(same as 謀) to scheme; to plot; to devise, a device
caves; grottos on the mountain side, collapsed in ruins; destroyed; to clash; to bump against
(corrupted form of 嘖) to call out; to make an uproar
to keep the mouth shut; to be careful how one speak, (non-classical form of 省) to examine; to watch; (Cant.) to scour
greatly; deeply, with great strength; vigorous
(interchangeable 榹) a tray; a kind of dumbwaiter
(same as 噱) to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter, (in Shanghai dialect) a promotional gimmick, tone (of one's speech)
(same as 咢) to beat a drum; to startle, to argue; to debate; to dispute, (interchangeable 愕) to be surprised; to be amazed; to marvel, (interchangeable 鍔) the blade or edge of a sword, beams of a house
(same as 呦 嚘) the bleating of the deer, sound of insects
to blow; to breath; to puff
(same as 雙) a pair; a couple, both, two, double, even
hair ornments used in old time
bird singing, (same as 啼) to cry; to mourn; to howl, to twitter; to crow
(non-classical form of噴) to spurt; to blow out; to puff out, to snort, sound of flowing water
whisper, bad language
(same as 捗) to swallow; to gulp, to be choked with food, (same as 諲) respectful; venerable
(non-classical form) to scold with loud voice, to talk out of control; loquacious
(standard form of 喉) the throat; the gullet; guttural
incisive, (the large seal type 籀) to brand criminals on the face, to rob; to plunder, an edge, a two-edged weapon; a sword
(same as 曼) long; extended, large
(J) flower name; a water-gate, sluice; toponym
kind of rapier
water-chestnuts; caltrop
to run quickly
slippers, sandals; dance shoes
strong and pliable, resilient
strong and pliable, resilient
a hearse; a carriage
cheeks; jaw; chin; rear; nourish
body; group, class, body, unit
mouth; jaw
(Japanese) wind blowing down from the mountains
to take advantage of; to avail oneself of. to follow; to go
to scatter; to expel; to crack, to split; to jump
wander, roam, travel
distant, far away
distant, remote, far; profound
light; easy, simple; gentle
strong and pliable, resilient
an organic compound
black; dark; evil
shave head as punishment; prune
to vomit
a kind of fish; a bonito, (same as ) shark
an organic compound
a plant name
a scallion, small onion
village, hamlet; villa; surname
to curse; to swear an oath incantations
fear; envy; loquacious
gums (of the teeth); to dispute
nipple, pap
an organic compound
sleeve length
mountain mist, mountain haze
a shoe; the sole of a shoe; magpie
spread one's clothes
well-boiled congee or gruel; thick, rich
horn, bugle; lama; final particle
to wrinkle the nose with sorrowful (when sob or weep), (same as 嘔) to vomit; to throw up
damp; wet; moist; humid
(same as 潝) the noise of flowing water, swift flowing water (same as non-classical form of 澀) rough; harsh; not smooth, a slightly bitter taste
(same as 遍) everywhere; all over, a time
(same as 滭) bubbling of fountain; copious of spring (same as 淢) swift currents (interchangeable 洫) a ditch; a moat, to overflow
(a abbreviated form of 歛 斂) to collect; to gather; to hold together, to desire
(same as 滔) fluent, to fill; to prevail
hairy animals
(corrupt form of 氄) fine hair of birds and animals
short hair, growing hair
water current; water flow
to boil away; to boil over, boiling sound, sound of the flowing water, etc., (interchangeable 渫) rolling billows
the pond water is still
( same as 濼) name of a stream in Shandong Province southwest of Jinan, ( same as 泊) lakes, a hot spring; a mineral spring
uneven, to hang down; to let fall
to ooze out; to well out; to spring out, to well up; flood tide; the water is rising
(same as 涉) to wade, to experience, to involve; to implicate
water dripping; a drip-tile (same as 炸 煠 爚) to fry in fat or oil, to scald
(ancient form of 消) to melt; to thaw, to disperse; to dissipate, to cancel; to annul
(same as 泝) to trace up to a source, to go against the srteam, water
the small ditch in the field
(non-classical form of 毯) rugs; carpets
(same as 昔) bygone; of old; formerly; ancient, at night, the end
to beat; to strike; to attack, to control, to charge; to sue, to kill all
to go to the very source; to search into carefully
great current, flood, flowing water
to blow off, to blow; to puff
asses braying, shortwindedness; hiccough, asthmatic breathing, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to exhaust; extreme
(of statement) to grate on the ear; earnest and faithful remonstrance
to suck, to drink, to swallow
(same as 散) to scatter; to disperse; to break up or separate for a time; to dismiss
huge tripod of bronze with two ears; heavy three-legged ealdron or sacrificial vessel regarded as a type of imperial power, the Empire, a kind of cooking utensil used in ancient times
(a simplified form of 殰) an abortion, stillborn
(same as 殮) to prepare a body for the coffin
(same as 斟) to fill a cup with; to pour into a cup
stinking smell, expression of a dead person
(large seal type 歸) the marriage of a woman, to return to; to revert to; to go back, to belong to, to restore, to send back
the evil spirits come out, sick and poor, stupid; rude, inattentive; absent-minded; careless
to push, unceremoniously; impudently
smooth and curved, to strike or beat heavily
light; bright, warm, genial
behind; the back of; afterwards; to come after (same as 期) period; time, to expect; to hope
light; bright
white color, (corrupted form of 腓) the calf of the legs
(interchangeable 捭) to ruin; to destroy; to break down, sound of beating or striking
unstable, dull, rough; coarse
to follow; to attach; connected
to ruin; to destroy; to break down
disaster; calamity, evil; wicked; mean
(same as 散) to scatter; to disperse; to break up or separate for a time; to dismiss
to beat; to pound; to strike; to rush on; to pat; to dash; to smash, to take by force; to wrest from
sound of beating, to strike, sound of an object dropping into water, etc.
the scallops along the lower edge of a flag; the hanging decorations (ribbons, etc.) of a flag used in ancient times, a kind of flag
(abbreviated form of 斂) to draw together; to accumulate, to collect; to gather
to exhaust; extreme; topmost, to die
name of a county in today's Shandong Province, a kind of fabric produced in Donglai
㭿 oblique angle, a post to tie cattle and horses to
gardenia; a plant of which the nuts produces a yellow dye
an appliance used to lift food; something like a narrow, long table, to carry; to transport
farm tool, (same as 桵) a kind of tree
(non-classical form of 榜) publicly posted roll of successful examinees
(standard form of 掭) (same as 栝) a builder's frame for measuring, juniper, a poker (for stirring fire, a cylinder part on the old style of wooden doors
the cherry-apple, a kind of tree
to cut the timber apart; to cut a tree; (Cant.) to blunt
a kind of services or ceremonies of offering sacrifices
a kind of tree
(an ancient form) (same as 瓾) eaves sprouting from the stump of a tree; shoots from an old stump, a large (a species of oak) from the bark of which a yellow dye is produced
(same as 晢) clear, bright; glorious; to be sharp and perspicacious; able to examine the tiniest things
(non-classical form of 奈) but; how; what, a remedy; a resource, to bear, to endure
to discard, to abandon, to die; death
to stay; to stop (at a certain stage); to desist, to detain, to prohibit; to end, to come to; to stop at, still; calm, later
darkness; the sun is dimmed
(non-classical form of 柢) root; foundation; base, eaves of a house; brim
(same as 梌) the branches to spread out in all directions, the catalpa; a kind of hard wood used for making chessboard
a kind of grain; sweet and round rice
(same as 砝) standard weights used in scales; steelyard weights
stalk (stem) of wheat or rice plant
to stand, to erect; to create; to start
curved piece of wood, to bend; to crouch, name of a tree, name of a fruit
to wait, (same as 齪) tidy, prudent; careful; attentive, a person's name
(interchangeable 芒) a sharp-edged grass, the awn or beard of wheat, etc.
different; to distinguish
rice boiled to gruel, congee; porridge
a bundle, to bind; bondage, a smal bundle of, term of measurement; 10 bundle of rice plants
four bundle of grains
to fill an opening with bamboo, (ancient form of 箕) a winnowing basket; a sieve, a dust basket; duspan
rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
to soak rice
polished rice
to wear out; rubbed out; to die out; to wear away; frayed
(a simplified form of ) sound of bumping or striking, arched bridge
a cave; a hole
to penetrate; to pierce through, a hole; an aperture; an opening, a cave
(same as 宸) abode of the emperor, a large mansion
(same as 穿) to pierce throughj; to penetrate or bore through; to wear, to cross
(same as ) (non-classical form of 穿) to pierce throughj; to penetrate or bore through; to wear, to cross
mixing rice with broth, a grain of rice
poor quality of rice; bad rice cakes stick to each other
(same as 籸) leavings; refuse (from foodstuff, petroleum, oil, etc.; siftings, congee; rice gruel (the surface part); a kind of cooked rice
(same as 研) to rub; to grind; to powder, to go the very source; to study; to investigate; to research; to examine; to search into carefully
gravel; macadam (interchangeable 剉) to damage; to destroy, medicines; orpiment (As2S3)
the Crustacea; a sea-anemone
cooked, dry rice flour, (same as 糗) cured dried grain; parched wheat or rice
sacrifice to happiness and good luck
(abbreviated form of 箋) a memoradum tablet, slip of paper, fancy notepaper, a note, a document
(abbreviated form of 網) web; net; network
(abbreviated form of 纓) a throat-band; chin strap for holding the hat, tassel; a fringe
(same as 綮) crucial points; critical points, an embroidered banner, sheath for a lancehead
long, a gown; a long dress
(same as 翼) wings, fins, to help, to protect
reins; bridle
(same as 縋) to hand by a rope; to let down by a rope
(same as ) (same as 堅) strong and durable, solid and firm; tight; pressing
(same as 紝) to lay the warp; to weave
the clustered embroidery patterns (as tiny and fine rice)
(corrupted form) a family name
(same as 笝) a hawser; a cable; a bamboo rope used to tie on a boat, to mend a bamboo fence
a bamboo binded torch, a kind of bamboo with patterns on the bark
(simplified form of 筴) tongs; tweezers; pincers, to use pressure upon; to force, a kind of grass used for divination in ancient times, (same as 策) a whip, a plan
(standard form of 規) regulations; laws; rules; customs or usages, a pair of compasses
straight upward of the wheat and rice plant
a bamboo basket for food containers (such as cup; plate; dish and bowl, etc.) used in ancient times, a basket for chopsticks, bamboo basket used to filter or to strain out the wine, a sail made of a thin and long strip of bamboo
long, a big raft, a kind of equipment made of bamboo used to catch fishes
name of a variety of bamboo
bamboo-splints; laths, to plait, (same as 篦) a comb; especially a fine-toothed one)
thin bamboo laths knitted sail, a thin and long strip of bamboo; books in ancient style, to set sail; to depart
containers made of thin and long strip of bamboo or willow branches
a bamboo mat used in ancient times, (interchangeable with 衽) a sleeping mat
millstone; grindstone, to rub; to grind; to polish; to wear, to sharpen ( a knife), to train; to harden; to temper
to polish; to grind; to rub
(a kind of) rocks; stones
(a kind of) rocks; stones
sound of the falling pieces of rocks
rocks; stones (same as 顆) a drop; a grain; a bead
a coarse bamboo mat
(same as 酶) distiller's grains or yeast
uneven or rugged terrains
dull sound of the tolling bell, sound of rolling, rolling stone, a farm tool made of stone (a stone roller for hulling grains, etc.)
(simplified form 磾) dyestuff (black colored mineral)
ink (usually red) for imprinting of seals
(same as 餔) to feed; to eat, (interchangeable 晡) time for supper, sunset
a bamboo vessel used to catch fishes
a flute with 23 tubes; 4 inches long (of bamboo, etc.); a pipe; a wind instrument, (interchangeable 言) speech; words, to say, a dialect; language
a kind of bamboo, broom; a besom
to smash or to knock to pieces of the stone, broken
to startle; to amaze; to surprise, afraid; scared; fearful, respectful; reverent
a standing short person, unstable in walking
bamboo ware (used to hold food or clothes)
(same as 冥) dark; obscure; dim, far and high, deep; profound, the unseen world
(same as 冥) the sky; the heaven; the void, Nature; God, big; large; great, light; bright
(same as 窩) a cave; a den, living quarters; a house, to hide; to harbor
(a corrupted form) (same as 深) deep; profound, the chimney; stack ( on the top of a cooking stove or furnace), to bury the coffin of a dead person
one of the wind instruments; a bamboo flute with seven holes
a small rafters made of bamboo which project form the eaves and support the tiles, a kind of bamboo
in ancient times; to separated (to rip of; to cut open) the contract or agreement on slips of bamboo and give to both parties as evidence
a bamboo mat, a kind of bamboo, bamboo ware, a seat cushion in a carriage
(same as 豆) beans and peas collectively, a vessel like a platter, made of wood, bronze, or porcelain, used for holding food in sacrifices, etc.
broken; smashed, trivial, irregular, different; varied sizes (of rocks)
(same as 搯 蒞) to arrive, from; by; through, to manage; to undertake, to follow, thin; few, distant, idle
preserved fruit, cucumbers, gourds, etc.
(same as ) four bundle of grains, to accumulate; to store up grains, grains; rice plant
plain white silk, to soften and whiten raw silk by boiling
to twist ropes, a belt or string to hold the bow, to tie; to bind, the cart turning back to the left, to draw or pull (of a cart), to mourn
(same as 紓) (interchangeable 舒) to relax, to free from
(interchangeable 補) to repair; to mend, to add to, to make up
the weight on a steelyard, connected stitches
to pray for preventing or forestalling calamities, muddy
to perform rities in honor of the ancestral temple; the next day's service of the above mentioned rities, (same as 醊) wine poured in a libation
(same as 蜡) year-end sacrifice of the Zhou Dynasty; imperial sacrifice of thanksgiving to the earth for crops, offered at the end of the year, the name varying in different dynastic periods
lines; stripes; veins
ravelled silk
(simplified form of 穇) varieties of millet; panicled millet, ear of grain producing no fruit, short grains
grass; herb; straw; weed, bundle of straw
closely growing of the rice plants
husks of rice; rice bran or chaff
(same as 馣) sweet-smelling, tasty; delicious, to farm; to cultivate the land, luxuriant or exuberant of growing rice, grains;; rice plants producing no fruit, to fertilize, the grains not growing; shriveled rice plants
to store up grains, weeping rice plants, an ear of grain
the stalk of grain; straw
stalks of grain (rice plant)
(same as 祅) bizarre, calamity due to terrestrial disturbances (as distinct from 災 -- disaster which is sent down from above) (interchangeable 妖) weird; supernatural, a ghost, bewitching; seductive (said of a woman)
to worship; to honor by a service or rite; to offer sacrifices, happiess; good fortune; good luck; blessing; bliss
(same as standard form ) (non-classical form) to worship; to honor by a rite or service; to offer sacrifices, an institution, law, to perform rites in honor of gods
well-boiled congee or rice gruel
(same as 妝) to adorn oneself, to disguise, to pretent
decorations put on the mane or horsehair, (standard form of 繁) many, troublesome, a family name
a variety of millet
(same as standard form 稔) ripening of paddy or rice; a harvest, a year
dead (withered) crops; dried grains; (same as 䎩) to till; to plough; to cultivate
luxury; waste; wasteful; prodigal; extravagant
(same as 熆) to blow a fire
obstinate; stubborn; opinionated; obstinacy; stubornness; intransigent, truculent; savage, ferocious; fierce
mountain peak; mountain top; summit
mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad
(corrupted form) wooden post or pile for tethering animals, small and sharp pile
(same as 悱) to be desirous of speaking; inarticulate; unable to give vent to one's emotion, sorrowful
do not care about something; disregard, to be ashamed
to survey; to measure; mensuration
the dresses toss and flying about in the wind, to shake; to toss, to wave, to scull; to row, to agitate
a wart; a pustule; a pimple, a round lump
shape of a mountain
name of a mountain; lofty, steep
(non-classical form of 岡) ridge (of a hill or mountain)
(a variant of 慁) to dishonour; to disgrace; to distress, grief; shame; to disobey, to be anxious; to be apprehensive; to worry, to disturb or to agitate; to harass, confused and disorderly
a spear; a lance; a javelin, a battle-axe; a halberd
to bind, to pack up the bows and the cover of the bows
to equipt a bow with silk and muscular fibre
name of a mountain
lump on the hills, rugged; rough; rough, lofty; steep, the dejection one feels at heart
to rebound, to impeach, to play
fear; dread; fright; scare
unhappy displeased, anger; rage; angry; furious
(simplified form) (same as 攬) to be in full possession of; to monopolize, to grasp; to seize
to touch; to contact, to ram; to butt
(corrupted form of 㢈) a collapsed house; (same as 堆) to heap up; to pile
red paper, a small piece of thin paper, ropes; cords; cables
unable to walk
big foot
to push with hands, to hold; to grasp, (in general) something as a whole; complete; undamaged
(same as 塓) to smear; to daub; to spread, to paint
to feel about; to grope in the dark
the very hard stuff, to sort out of divining stalks; (Cant.) to wedge in
screens; cloth partition; door curtain; door flap, (same as 縑) a kind of fine silk, beathery; featheriness
to help each other, to shoulder; to take upon oneself
curtain for carriage
swift; rapid quick; speedy, (same as 掞) easy; smooth; suave; comfortable
name for a workman who apply color in painting (in ancient times)
to select; to choose; to pick out, to defend; to ward off, to refuse; to reject
to clasp or hold under the arm, to support; to prop up; to aid, to exchange; to alter, to lift up or off; to raise high
to defend, on a level with; even; equal, to help; to assist
to milk a cow or goat
wooden stick or bamboo cane (shaped segment of a circle) used to support the covering of a carriage in ancient times
(non-classical form of 矜) to pity; to feel for, to have compassion on, sympathetic
(a variant of 愜) satisfied; contented; cheerful, appropriatye; fitting; apposite, to have one's heart won; to summit; admire, etc. sincerely and willingly
(abbreviated form) to hold; to grasp, to detain, to uphold, to push, to stand upright
armour, unlined garments
to hit; to strike
(same as ) to wipe; to scrub; to rub, to dust; to clean, (a dialect) to scratch with fingers lightly, (a dialect) to carry on the arm
to rip open flesh; to cut flesh; (Cant.) to join, link, connect
(the large seal; a type of Chinese calligraphy) to draw out; to sprout; to rid; to whip, to build, to thresh; to hull or unhusk, to beat; to pound; (Cant.) to shake down
name of a variety of grass, last name
fine and soft hair, feather
a kind of tool used to get fish
(same as 芹) celery; a kind of watr plant
(simplified form of ) a kind of fine silk fabrics
(ancient form of 肅) respectful; solemn; serious; majestic, neat and quite
melancholy and sad, withered (said of grass and trees)
a kind of insect
boy's reproductive organs, to fleece; to cut down; to scrape; to pare, to enfeeble
feather, flying, neat feather
the lapel or collar of a garment or robe, hat
(same as 裕) wealthy; abundance; plenty, generous
to till; to plough; to cultivate, agricultural implements; farm tools
a boat; a ship; vessel
net; web; network
to hear; to listen; to obey; to understand
(ancient form of 聞) to hear, to learn, to convey, to smell
(same as 臺) a lookout, a tower, a terrace, a platform, a stage
(same as 蜊) a kind of clam with thick white shells
a basket or a cage used to keep wild and domestic fowls
small boat
to cut the; to sever grass
(same as ) to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter; to groan; to moan
to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter, tongue of the cow
(same as 豬) a pig, (same as 肚) the belly; the abdomen
oil and grease; fats, the bursting of a wound
muscle of the calf (of the leg), tendon (of meat animals), stopping and rising of the pulse like a plaited ropes
not fine; coarse, to stickup; to paste up; to attach to; to glue, scar
thin cut of the sliced meat
curved part of the knee, between the thigh and calf
fat; plump
(same as ) excellent food; delicacies, to wrinkle; to contract, beautiful; elegant, dried and seasoned meat
(same as 蛾) moth
(interchangeable 蛘) weevil
a legendary animal in ancient times
ephemera; ephemerid; May fly, poison of the snake
the dung beetle, scarabaeus; the scavenger beetle
fat; greasy
the wild goat or sheep
to glide or to hover up in the air, to soaring
(same as 膈) the diaphragm
good graces; great favors, luster
(simplified form of 薵) name of a variety of grass, (same as ) use grass to wrap things, to cover; to put a cover over something
(same as 蒯) Scirpus cyperinus var, concolor, a rush, from which many things are weaved
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass
polygala (a medical herb)
name of a variety of grass, (as moxa) (Perilla ocimoides)
name of a variety of grass, a kind of vegetable, (same as 椰) coconut; coconut palm; coconut tree
a kind of plant; chicken-head; Euryale ferox
luxuriant; lush of grass and trees, (same as 赫) bright; glowing, brilliant; glorious, (same as 嚇) angry, fear; dread; fright; scare
(simplified form of 藭) Cnidium officinale, a kind of medicinal herb
to loosen; to widen skin
mountain ridge
very few; seldom, rarely
prize, reward; give award to
place name
used for sound
a hut; careful
flat bank, plateau
join forces, unite
dusty, dirt
recommend, advise, urge
precious; rear; valuable treasure; bullion a jewel
repose, serenity, peace; peaceful
character used in translation
to pick up with knife
dark black, black
labor; work
tired, exhausted; surname
upright, honorable, honest
mercury (chemical element)
name of a kind of animal
same as 冀 to hope for; to wish
cemetery; tomb
road, path, street; journey
rough, uneven, rocky; mediocre
smelt, refine; distill, condense
cooked rice; food; meal
zero; fragment, fraction
stop up, block. seal, cork
blessing, happiness, prosperity
bribe; give present
corner, edge, angle; square block
pacify; appease; calm
drown; submerge in water; indulge
slide, glide, slip; slippery
inside, interior, within
inside, interior, within
halo in sky; fog; dizzy, faint
shiver, shudder, tremble; tremble
upright, honorable, honest
a silk gauze
continue, maintain, carry on
collect, compile, assemble; hedgehog
gamble, play games; wide, broad
take in, absorb; act as deputy
delineate, painting, picture, drawing; draw
boundary, border
year; age; harvest
half-sitting, half-reclining
same as 款 , an item, article; clause, fund
color of the moon
sun beginning decline; reflect
to handle; to play with
issue, dispatch, send out, emit
a swelled belly; dropsical; to swell; inflated
variant of 暑 , summer heat; hot
a white opaque quartz used for ornaments
a river name; a long rain
overflowing, billowing; wavy
a sword; potter's clay; to gather
sluice; flood gate, canal lock
place name in Hunan province
absent-minded, confused
thick-lipped; a grindstone
place name
ancient musical instrument
a flash
round; stare
be burned, to char (in cooking)
bright, splendid, glorious
remove, get rid of; scatter
a kind of farm tool
to defy, dare; strong; to suffocate
reed of a loom
carpenter's square, ruler, rule
onomatopoeic for the sound of falling rain; an ancient name for Wu Shui; a place in Guangdong
to be grieved, sad
pillar, cryptomeria
happy, glad; enjoyable; music
plums; prunes; surname
elm tree
oval-shaped, elliptical, tubular
sackcloth worn on breast during
beam of a house
wooden ladder
the rear platform of a light carriage, a subordinate cart
rim of a wheel; felly; felloe, (or a wheel) to run over, to oppress, the shafts of a cart or carriage
(same as 傍) beside; by the side of; near; close, sound of vehicles; wheels
(non-classical form of 骸) shinbone, skeleton
(same as 巷) (interchangeable 衖) a lane; an alley
(interchangeable 晨) daybreak
(same as 迹) traces, footsteps, to follow up; to search out
to tread on, to kick
(same as 匐) to crawl on hands and knees, to fall in ruins; to slip down
hard to walk, lame; crippled
(same as 跬) half a pace
walking rapidly
shake of a cart, awning in front of a cart, covering the horse or mule in the shafts, (same as 軒) high front of a chariot or carriage
to lie flat, to be inactive; stiff; rigid, dead-locked
a peg; a stake; a door stopper, the bolt of a door; door latch
to brew 10 percent of the wine
to increase; to profit; to augment, artful; clever; skillful, chips (in gambling, etc.), a number (for identification), abundant; rich; exuberant; flourishing; prosperous
red color
(same as 塘) an embankment; a bund; a bank; a dike, to generally the roads, (interchangeable 唐) the Tand Dynasty, abrupt; rude
to hold in hand; to grasp; to take, to arrest; to use, ( non-classical form of 誽) to spy; to find out secretly
(non-classical form of 諛) to flatter, flattery
(same as 詍) loquacious
to think of; to remember (someone), to read out aloud, loquacious, guttural sound, noise; uproar; turmoil
to smell the fragrance
a small kidney bean; cowpea
(simplified form of 鏺) farm tool; blade in both side with a long handle used to cut weeds, to exterminate; to settle disorders
(simplified form of 䥱) to melt or cast (metal) by using a mold; (non-classical form of 寫) to write; to draw
(same as ancient form of 訊) to ask; to inquire; to question, information; news
(ancient form of 嗟) to sigh in lamentation; to lament; an exclamation expressing grief or regret; to exclaim, name of a hill
the door is closed, to knock at the door; to beat or to strike lightly
to wait for something to happen immediately; (same as 覘) to spy on; to peep; to watch or see in secret
to pour (wine), unstrained wine
unstrained wine, to offer plenty of food, to treat kindly and generously; to (same as 甜) pleasant to the taste -- as wine, sweet
to brew the wine a second time, to get over a drinking bout
(same as 鷹) hawk; eagle; falcon
(same as 雄) the male of birds
name of a place, name of a mountain
(non-classical form) to see stealthily; to peek
name of a county in ancient times
name of a pavilion in today's Henan Province
to lose in trade; to lose in weight or measure
(same as 霐) deep and dark
(corrupted from of 鋝) a metal ring, an ancient weight of over six taels
(same as 鴣) a kind of pigeon; partridge; francolin
(non classical form of 酗) to lose temper when drunk
(same as 鄗) the name of a place in the south-west of Hebei Province
(same as 酗) drunk; to lose temper when drunk
(abbreviated form 贐) farewell presents
(simplified form of 靦) to face to face, to blush, ashamed; embarrassed
breeze; light wind, sound of the wind
(ancient form of 敲) to rap; to tap; to beat, big; great; large; tall; high
breeze; light wind
a typhoon; great gale of wind
(same as 鳩) the pigeon; the turtle dove
(same as 靪) to mend the soles of shoes, patchings; (same as 鞮) leather shoes
(same as 霸) to rule by might rather than right; a feudal lord
shoes; boots
clogs; pattens, (same as 硬) hard; strong; sturdy; firm
the hem; margin of the heel of a shoe, weeping sash or cord on a saddle, a leather rope, fringes of pearls on crowns, a pennant, (same as 鞶) a large belt
(a non-classical form) boots, the leather belts that connect a cart with the horse, etc., the leather decorations on the ends of the hub (of a wheel)
a typhoon; great gale of wind
(same as 吟) to chant; to intone; to sing; to recite; to moan; to sigh
(same as 餺) a kind of cooked noodle
(same as 齋) to abstain from meat, wine, etc., to fast; penance
to eat to the full; surfeited
round shaped cakes
food items merely arranged for display purpose only; not to ber eaten; to set out fruit, etc., in plates arranged only for show
slanted face causing by the paralyzed of the facial nerve
(same as standard form 颿) a swift horse
(ancient form of 騏) dark-blue horse; a piebald horse; fine horse, dark blue, spotted
to plough the fields
big eyes
a small plot of land
(corrupted form) carved window frame on a door, the windows with scattered or dispersed frames, a wine filterer
the profundity of the harem, the mysterious and profound of the forbidden palace, the flourishing and exuberant of the flame
an earthenware jar with a small mouth and two or four ears; used to store water for fire prevention in ancient times
earthenware or pottery with big opening, wine utensil (containers) with big opening
(same as ) to examine; to survey; to inspect; to visit, to watch or see in secret; to spy; to peep
earthenware (jar with a small mouth)
to rub out the filth with broken tiles, brickwork of a well, to repair a well, to lay bricks
(interchangeable 墊) to steady by putting something underneath, to shore up; to prop
earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock etc.)
(same as ) strabismus; squint, to look askance; to ogle, (a dialect) bright; light; brilliant, bright eyes
to look attentively; to focus one's look at; to gaze at
to close the eyes, to die without regreat or in peace
eyes, closed eyes
to look for a short time, attentive vision
to manage or regulate the leather material, soft, hunting clothes (leather trousers)
to examine; to survey; to inspect; to visit, to watch or see in secret; to spy; to peep
field, block up the water to irrigate the fields
(same as 暍) sunstroke, hot; feverish
(same as 耀) to shine; to dazzle, to show off
to shiver; to shudder; to tremble because of a malaria and a very bad cold
disease of the throat
scab over a sore, scar of an ulcer, weak; feeble
favus, swelling of the glands, a lump; scrofulous swellings
weak; feeble, to mourn, ulcer; cancer; carbuncle, short
malignant boils
pig; hog
(simplified form of ) a kind of otter
endless barking, two dogs are fighting
a fierce animal of the dog tribe; with dog's head and horse tail; with yellow and black colors
to go hunting; to go on a hunting expedition
a warden; (in ancient China) minister of public works, to observe; to watch
the coulter of a plough; head of a brindled cow, a kind of cattle
(same as standard form 犍) a kind of cattle, castrated bull; ox
(same as 欹) a fierce dog, an interjection of pleasure -- Bravo! Good! (interchangeable 騎) to sit astride on
a malignant disease, a chronic disease
vessel; container
(same as 煎) to fry in fat or oil, to cook
to cook meals; to cook food; to prepare a dinner
hearing sound
coal; charcoal
(a corrupted form) used in person's name
(same as 照) to shine upon; to light or illumine
(same as 燬) fire; blaze, to destroy by fire; to burn down
(same as non-classical form of 焰) flame; blaze; glowing; brilliant
(same as 煙 捈) smoke; fumes, tabacco; opium; cigarette, mist; vapor
used in person's name
a kind of jade
(same as 總) all; general
a kind of jade
jade hanging on the sides of the cap in ancient times; used to plug the ears, to take; to receive
a beast (looks like lion)
(dialect) father, husband of a wet nurse (addressed in ancient times)
to separate; to part, to split; to crack, to rend; to rip open
to give suck to, infant; baby, igorant; stupid, prudent; cautious
do not fear to
(same as 俁) of great stature; stalwart, to injure, to grieve
long, of space or time, profitable, excelling
name of a god
strong, robust, vigorous
bitterly cold, cold wind; the north wind
used in girl's name
full grown; fat; plump, fertile; rich, big and clumsy
vexingly verbose or wordy; prosy; complicated; annoying
(same as 嗅) to smell, to scent
(same as 雊) the crowing of a pheasant, loud and noise
(a dialect) joy; happiness
to bite the hard and solid food
to fawn on; to flatter, to love, attractive, jealous; envy; jealousy
commonly known as mother in Wu
unhappy, girlish
womanly, used in girl's name
a different name for breasts, to breast-feed; to feed a baby with milk, stingy; niggardly; miserly
(the large seal type 妘) last name, used in girl's name
used in girl's name
(same as 婆) an older woman, mother of one's husband, one's grandmother
maternal grandmother, a midwife, an old woman
slave girls, lacking in courage; nervous, a jealous woman
a kind of wrapper used to cover over the face and head
to shout or bawl, talking manner of a mean person, (same as 謅) to jest; to joke; to quip
to crawl; to crawl on hands and knees
red colored hard and solid mud (soil; clay; earth)
a small mountain; a hill
(same as 襄) to help; to assist, to achieve, to rise; to raise
a person's name in old times
a kind of farm tool; iron spade; spade
agricultural implement; farm tools, a big sacrificial vessel; a tripod of bronze with two ears; a caldron
(corrupted form of 廚) a kitchen, a sideboard with cupboard and drawers
a dike; a barrier; an embankment
(non-classical form of 榫) to fit into, a tenon, connected
to smear; to daub, to erase; to blot out, mud, mire, to plaster a wall with mud
have a nighmare, sound sleep
(ancient form of 簋) a square basket of bamboo for holding grain used at sacrifices, feasts, etc.
(ancient and corrupted form of 臺) a lookout, a tower, a terrace, a platform, a stage
(non-classical form of 穩) stable; steady; firm, sure; secure
to accumulate; to amass; to store up, superior, handsome, refined, eminent
night, the dark part of a room
(same as 棉) cotton; (Cant.) a kind of fruit
(non-classical form of 栯) a kind of tree, a fruit tree
(non-classical form of 杯) cup; a tumbler; a glass
(same as 柰)a fruit tree; a crab-apple, for which the second from is strictly used, leaves sprouting from the stump of a tree; shoots from an old stump
a rack or a stand with three sticks to cross each other, a chopping board
sound of broken sticks; crack of a wooden stick, a forest; wooded land
angle steel, legs of a table
wood, (same as 禋) to worship with sincerity and reverence, to offer sacrifices to the Heaven
name of a state in ancient China, sharp, bright-colored; brightness; bright; radiance; light
fruit, plant, (same as 檽) a fruit tree; black date
(same as 矜) the handle of a spear
a tree; winter peach
(an ancient form of 栗) the chestnut tree, a kind of metalwork in ancient times
(same as 湣) posthumous title conferred upon emperors and eminent officials
the sun was shining and it's warm
(same as 亙 堥) an extreme limit, to fill, universal, connected, revolve
vegetable, (non-classical, abbreviated from, same as 橦) a tree which grows in Yunnan, from the flowers ofwhich a cloth is made
to be held by the hand, to resist; to oppose
to beat, (same as 柬 揀)to select; to choose
(simplified form of ) to open, as an ulcer or sore; bursting of an abscess; inflamed; inflammation
(same as 毈) an infertile egg
cannot recognize people
destroyed or ruined; to rot or decay; to disintegrate or decompose
(standard form of 殙) stupid and confused; muddled and delirious; unconcious; in a state of coma, to breathe one's last
warm and damp (moist; humid), a little warm
used in person's name
elegant; coloured
(same as 敦) to regard as important, to esteerm, honest; sincere; generous
(same as 揣) to measure; to estimate; to suppose; to gauge what's pon another's mind; to presume; to test; to sound out, (same as 捶) to weigh in the hand
(non-classical form of 曼) long, extended, large
a blocks engraved for holding things
(same as ) to laugh; to smile, greed; avarice, to cry, to shout, overbear; arrogant
to drink; to swallow, disease of the throat; disease of the larynx
to pound rocks to pieces, (same as 抌) to strike; to strike with the fist
greed; avarice, to blow off
to exert oneself to yell; to yell loudly; to shout, overbearing; arrogant, vigorous
songs of the people of 楚, a kind of music instrument in ancient times
the sun is shining on the water
a river in ancient times
(corrupted form) to smear; to spread, to paint, to blot out, mud; mire, ignorant (said of a child) innocent
(ancient form of 湛) (interchangeable 沈 沉) sink, deep; profound, joy; delight, happy; peaceful (interchangeable 潭) deep water; deep pool, leisurely; relaxed, dewy, full; filled, wet; damp; moist, clear (interchangeable 浸) to dip; to immerse; to s
water current; water flow
(same as 匙) a spoon, (same as 椸) (a dialect) a small table in front of the bed, a rack for clothes; a clothes-horse
name of a river
swift currents; swift flow of water
wet; moist; damp, incessanty rains, flood; great current
woolen blanket with decorative design or pattern
(ancient form of 深) deep, profound, far, very; extremely
great billows; heavy seas rollling in
water current; water flow, name of a stream
water current; water flow
immeasurable depth or profundity; extremely abstruse; unfathomable
a river in ancient times; head of source from today's Henan Province Xinanxian; and flowing south to Luoshui
great flowing; big flood, name of a county in ancient times
(same as 灉) name of a stream in Shandong Province, the flowing back of flooding waters, a sluice
water current; water flow
(corrupted form of 涫) (interchangeable 盥) to wash hands, to wash, to boil
hair knots in a mess
thick coat of hair ( of the animals), hairy
(ancient form of 牋 箋) amemorandum tablet, slip of paper, fancy note-paper, a note, a document, comments
sunshine; sunlight
asses braying, to be happy suddenly, cruel; malignant; coarse, rude
unburnt bricks or tiles
name of a star
to water; to pour water; to irrigate, to wet; to moisten; to soak in, to wash
light; bright, clear, intelligent; clever
(a variant of 暖) warm, genial, of weather, soft and tender, pleasant and genial
(a variant of 概) a piece of wood used to strike off grain in a measure, thus:--all, to level, to adjust, generally, for the most part, (interchangeable 慨) emotional excitement, (interchangeable 溉) to wash; to cleanse; to rinse
(non-classical, abbreviated form of 氂) horse tail, long hair; thick hair, (variant of 膧) a wild yak
the square peck-shaped box half-way up a Chinese flagstaff
a whetstone, (a dialect) a corner; a nook; a crack; an opening; a cleft
mine; mineral, ore
promethium bronze
fish name
sheatfish, parasilurus asotus
crooked bones
wild goose
confusion, state of chaos; create chaos, revolt
entrenchment, bank, low wall
late, tardy; slow; delay
slip, slide; slippery, polished
surname; merchant; buy, trade
rough, thick, course; rude
to peck, as birds
a bird resembling the crane
male phoenix; symbol of joy
chickens; domestic fowl
a bud
wild duck, teal; swim
cream, cheese; koumiss
difficulty in speaking; wrangling
to give alms
fish trap
noisily; uproarious; troublesome
mermaid; manatee
to bend iron
to farm; a farmer; agriculture
kind of cicada, cosmopsaltria
aromatic, perfumed
the color of the a mineral
pig of 3 years
evening meal
a short skirt
corridor, porch, veranda
stamp feet
a border or band on the edge of a dress
mat, matting
deep red
intercalary; extra, surplus
a sampan, lighter, barge
drink; swallow; kind of drink
a skirt
spring; wanton
to become emaciated
to hide, conceal, cover; to disappear, lurk; an open secret
crowd; transliteration of Sanskrit 'kso', e.g. 'aksobhya'
money, currency, coins
a thicket
to caulk
hoe; mattock
cup, glass, goblet; surname
water-chestnuts; caltrop
bud, sprout
name of fish
an archer's arm-protector
fragrance, fragrant
light; light carriage
good and beautiful
neck, throat
the sleeve
the foot or feet cast of a play
beard; mustache
neglect; careless, lax
surname; look of a flowing gown
a seam in a garment
馿 an ass; a donkey
recrimination; wrangling
huge; to admonish
bare, nude; undress, strip
mixed, blended; mix, mingle
to quarrel; to wrangle
late, tardy; slow; delay
read, study; pronounce
far away, distant, remote
a horse load; a pack-horse
spur a horse on; expel, drive away
relay station
tools used on a boat
(same as 綮) crucial points; critical points, an embroidered banner, sheath for a lancehead
to bind or restrain; restraint; restriction, timid and awkward, to wind around; to tangle, to connect; to join, together with
(same as 斄) a wild yak, hard and curved hair, name of a county in ancient times
(non-classical form of 繩) a rope; a cord, to restrain, to rectify; to correct
powder; flour, to roll round with the hand, thick congee or porridge
to worship, a rite; a service
(same as 箑) a fan, (same as 翣) feathers adorning a coffin, bamboo ware
name of a variety of bamboo, submerged; fertilized by water
a family name
name of a variety of bamboo
(ancient form of 社) god of the land, an association; an organization; society; community
name of a variety of bamboo, a cover made of bamboo
to weave silk fabrics with green color for longitude and white for latitude, silk fabrics from Yuyang
weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
a kind of bamboo
a kind of bamboo, hem; margin; edge of bamboo
(same as ) a kind of solid bamboo
(same as ) tools to unreel silk
a shallow and long shaped bamboo basket
(same as 絇) ornamennts for the frontal part of shoes
to set in order the old, raw, coarse, waste silk or cotton
pretty and fine silk fabrics
(interchangeable ) fine and delicate silk, plain white sackcloth for mourning
(same as 罩) a cover, a shade, a basket used to catch fish
a kind of bamboo, exuberant and flourishing of bamboo, (same as 笆) a barrier made of bamboo or willow branch; bamboo fence, a mat
to wind round the ropes, crooked; winding; bends; turns; curves; turns and twists, to play a sound of hasty (fast) string (of a musical instrument)
name of a variety of bamboo; (Cant.) 䈊仔, a useless fellow
(the large seal; a type of Chinese calligraphy) (same as 紟) a sash, to tie, a kind of cloth or textiles, lapel of a Chinese dress, a single coverlet
(a simplified form) disease of the private part, hernia, colic
rocky mountain, used in naming a place
(ancient form of 墜) to fall down; to sink
name of a place (usually to be used in naming a place) (interchangeable 砟) small piece of coal
a kind of rock
(same as 蕛) a kind of grass, (interchangeable 稊) darnels, tender shoot of thatch (straw; couch grass)
a kind of grass, grass growing in between of (among) the grains
mature or ripen of the grains (rice; corns; cereals)
a variety of panicled millet, a small coarse grain resembling sorghum
(same as 窗) window
color of the light; brilliance or gleaming
ripening crops, long grains, husks; chaff; bran (of grain)
feeble; weak of the rice plant
(same as 香) fragrant; sweet-smelling
crooked and winding of the grass ( trees (vegetation; flora), crooked branches of a tree adjoin each other (same as 歧) forked; divergent, anything that goes astray; wayward
to plant; to sow; to cultivate
to rub; to grind; to polish; to wear
(non-classical form of 糝) mixing rice with broth, a grain of rice
a fine stone resembling jade
rug; carpet; blanket, woolen textiles; woolen goods; woolen stuff; woolen fabrics
thick congee or porridge; well-boiled congee or gruel, (same as 黎) many; numerous
(same as 餛) fluffy stuffed dumplings; stuffed dumpling with delicate flour wrapping; ravioli
(same as 餉 饟) pay, provisions, etc. for military or police, to entertain with food; to feast
(same as 精) refined; polished (rice); unmixed, the essence, fine and delicate, keen; sharp
(same as 賨) a stone resembling jade
the water plantain, the lotus floating on the water
(simplified form of 綵) varicolored silk; motley
a tiger
bottle; pitcher; jug; vase; an earthen jar with narrow opening
(same as 瓿) a jar; a pot
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass
(same as 蜊) a kind of clam with thick white shells
Diemyctylus pyrrhogaster, a kind of amphibious reptile, a kind of spider; a fly-eating spider
the millipede, a kind of cicada; big and with black color
a kind of insect; golden beetle
(same as 典) a rule; a law, a tale or story, pawn; to mortgage, to take charge of
(same as 亟) urgent; pressing
(same as 棣 蔥) scallions; leeks; onions
a kind of plant, name of a variety of grass
slanting; inclined; sloping
a kind of vegetable, a water-plant; the bulbs of which art used as food -- Sagittaria sagittifolia
molecular formula (C18H12), to brush
weed or grass with narrow thick glades (as bamboo); water-pepper group
a kind of plant, can be used as dyestuff, material for making paper and coir raincoat, edible, Chinese pennisetum)Pennisetum alopecuroides)
name of a mountain, in Taiwan Province
(simplified form of 罃) long-necked bottle; an earthenware jar with a small mouth and two or four ears
a medical herb ( 知母)
(simplified form of 薳) polygala (a medical herb)
millipede, (of a road) winding; zigzag
a kind of insect, ant
young goat, antelope
dried and seasoned meat, sound of the abdomen
(same as 犒) to reward or cheer troops with food, money, gifts, etc., (same as 臛) meat broth
back of the foot, the back feet of the animal, covering; shell, to strike; heat from the top
clothing and ornaments; an ornamental item; a decorative artical of a garment
(corrupted form of 睔) big and round eyes
(ancient form of 聞) to hear, to learn, to convey, to smell, to hear of
a kind of insect
to hear, clear, bright, ears
stockings; socks, the sleeve
thick blood of cattle and goat
a kind of fish net with fine meshes
the stalk of grain; straw, a hammer used to pound gr