Cantonese Search: bei1

bei1 blame
bei1 humble, low, inferior; despise
bei1 the vagina
bei1 pei4 po1 dam, embankment; reservoir
bei1 pei5 a low-built house
bei1 sorrow, grief; sorry, sad
bei1 pei4 oval
bei1 bei3 argue; biased; one-sided
bei1 bird
bei1 stone tablet; gravestone
bei1 the castor-oil plant also used for other plants
bei1 pei4 aid, benefit, help; supplement
bei1 brown bear, ursus arctos
bei1 bei4 bei6 castor-oil plant, Ricinus commumis
bei1 bei6 fine-toothed comb; comb hair
bei1 brown bear, ursus arctos
bei1 Pycnonotus species (various)