Cantonese Search: bing2

bing2 third; 3rd heavenly stem
bing2 name of a city in the ancient state of Song, in what is now Shandong; pleased
bing2 grasp, hold; bundle; authority
bing2 be anxious, be grieved, be sad
bing2 (Cant.) to beat
bing2 bright, luminous; glorious
bing2 bright, glorious; brilliant
bing2 ping4 folding screen, shield
bing2 rice-cakes, biscuits
bing2 folding screen
bing2 bing3 drowsy
bing2 bing3 expel, cast off; arrange
bang1 beng2 bing2 bing4 plate; (Cant.) a penny
bei2 bing2 pei4 sheath
beng2 bing2 rice-cakes, biscuits