Cantonese Search: but6

but6 legs; KangXi radical 105
bui6 but6 comet
but6 move; dispel; distribute
but6 suddenly, sudden, quick
but6 burst forth; rise; vigorous
but6 ferrule
but6 pui3 dark; dull
but6 a cow; female of an animal
㶿 but6 the smoke went up; giving forth smoke; smoking; misty
but6 neck
bat6 but6 sacrifice
bat6 but6 go by foot; epilogue, colophon
but6 species of pigeon
but6 swelling; the Gulf of Hopei (Hebei)
bat6 but6 cymbals
but6 water chestnut
but6 fat1 rope
but6 (same as 馞) strong sweet smell; strong fragrance
but6 put3 move; dispel; distribute; plectrum, play stringed instrument
but6 ferrule; cakes, biscuits
but6 raincoat
but6 species of pigeon