Cantonese Search: caa1

caa1 crotch; fork, prong
caa1 caa3 a branching stream
caa1 pick up with fork or pincers
caa1 caa3 fork of a tree; a pitchfork
caa1 caa3 diverge, branch off; fork in road
caa1 caai1 ornamental hairpin
caa1 caai1 ci1 to differ; different, wrong; nearly, almost; an officer
caa1 caai1 ornamental hairpin
caa1 fat1 sudden, abrupt, quick
caa1 caa4 zaa1 whispering
caa1 caa2 (Cant.) imperative final particle
caa1 caa4 co1 raft; boat; skiff
caa1 zaa1 to tread on, walk through