Cantonese Search: ceoi3

ceoi1 ceoi3 blow; puff; brag, boast
ceoi3 zeot1 deputy, vice-
ceoi3 crisp; fragile, frail; brittle
ceoi3 gland
ceoi2 ceoi3 marry, take wife
ceoi3 seoi6 temper; dye; soak; change, alter
ceoi3 seoi6 to taste, to sip; to spit; the sound of sipping; to surprise
ceoi3 seoi6 temper; burn
ceoi3 fine hair or fur on animals
ceoi3 color green; kingfisher
ceoi3 peep at; watch, spy on
ceoi3 cuk1 what attracts one's attention
ceoi3 hiu1 a sledge for transportation
ceoi3 bore
ceoi3 to spy; to watch for
ceoi3 peep at; watch, spy on