Cantonese Search: ci1

ci1 dou1 hei1 used in girl's name
ci1 ci4 flaw, fault, defect; disease
caa1 caai1 ci1 to differ; different, wrong; nearly, almost; an officer
ci1 ci3 ci4 (Cant.) 芙胵, the gizzard and liver of domestic fowl
ci1 worm; ignorant, rustic; laugh
ci1 city under the Chou Dyn. a surname
ci1 kite, horned owl; wine cups
ci1 (Cant.) blurred sight
ci1 zi3 rotten meat; bones of dead animals
ci1 bamboo rod used for beatings
ci1 eyes diseased and dim
ci1 zi1 uneven
ci1 jar
ci1 laugh at, ridicule, sneer; snort
ci1 foolish, stupid, dumb, silly
ci1 fine linen; fine hemp fiber
ci1 female; feminine; gentle, soft
ci1 an ugly woman
ci1 cik1 to be grieved; ashamed; used to imitate sounds
ci1 lei4 to spread (name, news); to be known
ci1 ci3 a putrid carcase
ci1 kite, horned owl; wine cups
ci1 a dragon whose horns have not grown; cruel
ci1 silly, foolish, idiotic
ci1 to chew the cud
ci1 lei4 a mountain demon resembling a tiger
ci1 to stick; sticky