Cantonese Search: cik1

𤷫 cek3 cik1 (Cant.) a prickling pain, ache
cik1 step with left foot; rad. no 60
cik1 to scold, upbraid, accuse, reproach
cik1 scold, shout at, bawl out
cik1 order; command; give command
cik1 maat3 mut3 beat
cik1 sik1 split wood; break apart; divide
cik1 imperial degree; daoist magic
cik1 loi4 reward; sincere
cik1 sik1 tree
cik1 relative; be related to; sad
cik1 an imperial order or decree
cik1 sik1 order; command; give command
cik1 saak3 (Cant.) to pull, lift up
cik1 sorrowful, mournful; sorrow
ci1 cik1 to be grieved; ashamed; used to imitate sounds
cik1 zik1 maple
cik1 sorrowful, mournful; sorrow
cik1 sik1 poison; sting; poisonous insect
cik1 toad (especially in reference to the one supposed to live on the moon), molluscs; mollusks generally
cik1 axe