Cantonese Search: cou3

cou3 cut or engrave; a grave or tombstone
cou3 zaak3 place; collect, arrange; employ
cou3 cou5 zou6 construct, build, make, begin; prepare
cou3 zaa3 zok6 toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
co3 cou3 chirping of birds
cou3 zou6 sincere, earnest
cou3 vinegar; jealousy, envy
co3 cok3 cou3 error, blunder, mistake, wrong
cou3 zou2 wash, bathe
cou1 cou3 conduct, run, control, manage
cou3 be noisy; chirp loudly
cou3 coarse, harsh, rough, unpolished rice
cou3 so3 restless, melancholy
cou3 dry, parched, arid; quick-tempered
cou3 clamor, noise, din; slander
cou3 easily provoked, hasty; fierce, cruel
cou3 tense, excited, irritable