Cantonese Search: cuk1

cuk1 to take small steps; Korean place name
cuk1 bind, control, restrain; bale
cuk1 urge, press, hurry; close
cuk1 suk6 tik1 start, begin; beginning; arrange
cuk1 livestock, domestic animals
cuk1 river in Shansi province
cuk1 quick, prompt, speedy
cuk1 the cattle and horses trampled on the field
cuk1 town in Henan province
cuk1 zuk1 butt, ram, gore; touch
cuk1 cramp, spasm, convulsion; twitch
cuk1 zuk6 to bring up; to raise
cuk1 to start, tremble with fear
ceoi3 cuk1 what attracts one's attention
cuk1 dik6 uneasiness, nervousness; level
cuk1 speed
cuk1 narrow, small; dirty
cuk1 sok3 shrub
cuk1 store, save, hoard, gather
cuk1 food in tripod; rice porridge
cuk1 itch
cuk1 vegetables
cuk1 furious; wrathful
cuk1 cuk6 frame on which silkworms spin
cuk1 (of flower petals) falling
ceoi1 cuk1 hasten, hurry; be attracted to
cuk1 swarm, crowd together, cluster
cuk1 urgent, suddenly; grieve, lament
cuk1 kick; tread on; leap; solemn
cuk1 to tread on; to kick
cuk1 frown
cuk1 zuk1 touch; butt, ram, gore
cuk1 narrow, small; dirty
cuk1 straight, upright, erect, lofty