Cantonese Search: ding1

ding1 zaang1 zang1 male adult; robust, vigorous; 4th heavenly stem
ding1 lonely, solitary
ding1 ting1 sandbar, beach, bank, shore
ding1 exhort or enjoin repeatedly
ding1 ting5 paths between fields
ding1 jingling, tinkling
deng1 ding1 nail, spike; pursue closely
deng1 ding1 carbuncle, boil, ulcer
ding1 rivet gaze upon, keep eyes on
ding1 ding2 drunk, intoxicated
deng1 ding1 nail, spike; pursue closely
ding1 to cobble, to patch
cim3 ding1 zam2 (same as 塹) the moat around a city, a pit; a hole or cavity in the ground (same as 嶄) (of a mountain) high and pointed, novel; new