Cantonese Search: fei2

fei2 light of crescent moon
fei2 slander, vilify, condemn
fai2 fai3 fei2 prickly heat, rash
fei2 bandits, robbers, gangsters
fei2 to be desirous of speaking
fei2 fei6 straw shoes; straw door
fe3 fei2 he3 two brindled cows to plough face to each other, to cultivate; to plant after the second time of ploughing; (Cant.) to push lightly, flick off
fei2 species of yew
fei2 graceful, elegant, beautiful
fai2 fai6 fei2 heat rash, prickly heat; ulcers
fei2 type of yew
fei2 fei6 kingfisher; emerald, jade
fei1 fei2 fragrant, luxuriant; the Philippines
fei1 fei2 cockroach
fei2 slander, vilify, condemn
fei2 round or oval covered-baskets with short legs