Cantonese Search: gou1

𦤎 gou1 a marsh, pool; high; the fifth month
gau3 gou1 fault, defect; error, mistake
gou1 high, tall; lofty, elevated
gou1 the high land along a river
gou1 lamb, kid
gou1 to praise; to bless high; eminent; (Cant.) a marsh, pool
gou1 (non-classical form) name of pavilion (garden) in ancient China, name of a mountain
gou1 testicle
gou1 gou3 grease, fat; paste, ointment
gou1 spar; well-sweep
gou1 pole used punt boat
gou1 cakes, pastry
gou1 quiver (case for arrows)
gou1 cakes, pastry
gou1 drum