Cantonese Search: hei1

hei1 rare; hope, expect, strive for
hei1 si2 excrement, dung
hei1 to pretend, appear as if
hei1 sacrifice, give up; sacrificial
ci1 dou1 hei1 used in girl's name
hei1 weep or sob; grieve
hei1 min5 (same as 娩) to bear a son; to give birth
hei1 dry, expose sun; dawn
hei1 sob; sigh
hei1 ugly
hei1 alkene
hei1 cheat, double-cross, deceive
hei1 to long for; to gaze at
hei1 rare, unusual, scarce; sparse
hei1 hoi1 hi
hei1 bright, splendid, glorious
hei1 pig, hog
hei1 joy, gladness, delight; surname
榿 hei1 kei1 alder
hei1 to cheat
hei1 enjoy; play, amuse oneself
hei1 be silent, be quiet
hei1 mirthful, happy; interjection
hei1 ancient emperor; breath, vapor
hei1 dim light, glimmer; warm, bright
hei1 a running horse
fui1 hei1 sunshine; sunlight; the light of day
hei1 zi1 good; nice; fine; (same as 䫏; standard form of 魌) ugly, physical or moral deformity, the mask wearing by one who is driven away spirits
hei1 hei2 happiness; congratulations
hei1 lei4 manage, control; 1/1000 of a foot
hei1 scream
hei1 vinegar; pickle; acid
hei1 sacrifice, give up; sacrificial
hei1 a crack; hazardous
hei1 sunlight, sunshine, early dawn
hei1 a ladle (often made of dried calabash or gourd)