Cantonese Search: hon6

hon6 village
hon6 ward off, withstand, resist
hon4 hon6 ngon6 a wild dog, a not very large lock-up
hon4 hon6 hong6 perspiration, sweat
gon3 hon6 sunset, dusk; evening
hon5 hon6 courageous, brave; violent
hon2 hon5 hon6 ward off, guard against, defend
hon6 ngon6 prison; a kind of wild dog
hon6 weld, solder
hon6 village
hon6 solder
hon6 big-eyed
hon6 solder, weld; leg armor, greaves
hon6 writing brush, pen, pencil
hon5 hon6 to rage, run wild
hon4 hon6 snore loudly
hon6 vast, wide, extensive