Cantonese Search: jim2

𥀬 jim2 (Cant.) a scar
广 jim2 wide, extensive, broad; rad. 53
jim1 jim2 ere long; remain, tarry; feeble
jim2 cover over, hide; narrow-necked
am2 jim2 cover with earth; a pit; a hole
am2 jim2 to cover (with the hand); shut, conceal; ambush
jim2 cover up; take by force, shut
jim1 jim2 (of cloud) forming or rising
jim2 the appearance of a mountain, as if two pots were standing one upon the other; the steep bank of a stream a rough mountain path
jim2 medical compress; fish net
jim2 (Cant.) 小膁, loins, side of body
jim1 jim2 the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
jim2 nightmare, bad dreams
檿 jim2 mulberry
jim2 mole, scar, blemish
jim2 jim3 shell
jim2 blue-black
jim2 jim5 high and bright
jim2 nightmare, bad dreams
jim2 mole, scar, blemish