Cantonese Search: jung2

jung2 excessive; superfluous
jung2 scattered, mixed affairs; duties; occupation business
jung2 path; river in Ningbo; Ningbo
jung2 embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
jung2 wooden figure buried with dead
cung1 jung2 surge up, bubble up, gush forth
cung1 jung2 tung2 name of bridge
jung2 instigate, incite; to alarm
jung2 well up; gush forth; rise
jung1 jung2 a gust of wind
jung2 swelling, rising, dispersing
jung2 chrysalis, larva
jung2 leap, jump
jung2 ung2 embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
jung2 luxuriant vegetation; lush
jung2 leap, jump
jung1 jung2 to obstruct
jung2 swell up; swelling; fat