Cantonese Search: keoi4

keoi4 be diligent, toil, endeavor
keoi4 yoke
keoi4 warm
keoi4 mynah; Erithacus species (various)
keoi4 ditch, canal, channel, gutter
keoi4 yoke
geoi1 keoi4 game
geoi6 keoi4 a wild boar; to fight
keoi4 bashful; ashamed
keoi4 mynah; Erithacus species (various)
keoi4 jade ring; earrings; surname
geoi3 geoi6 keoi4 surname
keoi2 keoi4 (Cant.) 蠄蟝, a dragonfly
geoi6 keoi4 drumstick
keoi4 fine woollen cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping god
keoi4 crude bamboo mat
keoi4 thin, emaciated; worn, tired
keoi4 a plant which resembles wheat but has no edible grain
keoi4 highway; thoroughfare, intersection