Cantonese Search: king4

king4 strong, powerful, mighty; violent
ging6 king4 swoon
king4 alone; without friends or relativ
king4 orphan; alone, desolate
king4 jade; rare, precious; elegant; (Cant.) to coagulate
king4 troubled, worried, distressed
king4 alone; no friends or relatives
king4 (Cant.) halfway
king4 round
geng6 king4 (Cant.) to guard against, take precautions
king4 whale
hyun1 king4 apt, clever; sycophant, flatterer
jing4 king4 coagulate; congeal; freeze
ging4 king4 splendid
king4 (same as 檠) a kind of tool to adjust bow; lamp holder, a tray with base
king4 stand for lamp; frame for bow
king4 lift up, hold up, support
king4 jade; rare, precious; elegant
king4 whale
king4 to tattoo; to brand the face of criminals