Cantonese Search: kut3

kut3 wut6 meet
kut3 include, embrace, enclose
kut3 a builder's frame for measuring
kut3 sik1 go, reach; appropriate, suitable
kut3 the crow
fut3 kut3 snail; slug, mole cricket
kut3 clamor, din, hubbub
kut3 arrow end
kut3 a kind of plant, a kind of herb; Chinese trichosanthes (Trichosanthes kirilowii); bryonia
kut3 wai3 vast, expansive, deep; dirty
kut3 the hair dishevelled, as in mourning
kut3 open up, clear; exempt
kut3 the crow
kut3 zang3 to make a top knot; (Cant.) 鬅鬠, to be slovenly dressed