Cantonese Search: mei4

mei4 far
mei4 nei4 extensive, full; fill; complete
mei4 eyebrows; upper margin of book
lei4 mei4 macacus monkey
mei4 water's edge, shore, bank
mei4 Omei mountain in Sichuan
mei4 mei6 charming, attractive; flatter
mei4 mui4 land allotment feudal noble; alta
mei4 county in Shaanxi province
mei4 small, prefix micro-, trifling
mei4 crossbeam above or under gate
mei4 drizzle; (variant) valley; (variant) mold
mei4 (non-classical form of 溦)light rain; drizzle
mei4 elk; surname
mei4 halter for ox; tie up, harness
mei4 rice gruel, congee; mashed
mei4 nei4 extensive, full; fill; complete
mei4 Osmunda regalis, a species of fern
mei4 name of a variety of bamboo; leaves to make covering and the stems make arrows
lei4 mei4 nei4 macacus monkey
mei4 nei4 overflow
mei4 a kind of plant; putchuck, the root of a species of thistle found in Cashmere; roseleaf raspberry (Rubus rosaefolius var. Coronarius)
mei4 mold, mildew; bacteria, fungi