Cantonese Search: mong4

mong4 mou4 death, destroyed; lose, perish
mong4 destruction
mong4 forget; neglect; miss, omit
mong4 mountain in Henan province
mong4 mung4 pong4 shaggy haired dog; variegated
mong4 busy, pressed for time; hustling
mong4 beam
mong4 mango (Mangifera indica)
maang4 man4 mong4 people; subjects; vassals
man4 mong4 farming population
mong4 horsefly, gadfly
mong4 pong4 bulky; thick and large; confused
mong4 Miscanthus sinensis
mong4 blend; variegated; striped
mong4 pong4 abundant; mixed
mong4 jargon
mong4 point of sword; sharp point
mong4 a crude saltpetre
mong4 vast, boundless, widespread
mong4 horsefly, gadfly
mong4 point of sword; sharp point
mong4 black horse with a white face