Cantonese Search: pei4

𨈚 pei4 weak
bei2 bei6 pei4 to compare, liken; comparison; than
pei4 skin, hide, fur, feather; outer
pei4 loquat
pei4 a department in the State of Lu; in what is now Shantung or N. China
bei1 pei4 po1 dam, embankment; reservoir
pei3 pei4 help, assist; connect, adjoin
pei4 help, assist; connect, adjoin
pei1 pei4 spoiled silk; hem of dress
pei4 empty husks of grain
bei6 pai4 pei4 to comb; a fine-toothed comb
pei4 feel tired, be exhausted; weak
pei4 mussels; various shellfish
pei4 a parapet on a city wall
pei4 add, increase, attach; low fence
pei4 spleen, pancreas; disposition
bei1 pei4 oval
pei4 guitar-like instrument
pei1 pei4 a needle used in Chinese medicine; a sword, large knife; beryllium
bei1 pei4 aid, benefit, help; supplement
pei4 a tick, mite
fu4 pei4 (Cant.) 膍胵, gizzard and liver of domestic animals
baa6 pei4 cease, finish, stop; give up
pei4 fox, leopard, panther
bei2 bing2 pei4 sheath
pei4 drum carried on horseback