Cantonese Search: ping1

bing1 ping1 used with pong for ping pong
ping1 ping4 messenger, emissary; send emissary
paang1 ping1 noise of waters
ping1 quick; urgent; anxious, loyal sincere and respectful
paang1 ping1 ping4 impeach, censure; attack
ping1 eager, ardent, impulsive; anxious
ping1 pun2 pun3 risk, disregard; go all out for
ping1 ping3 join together, link, incorporate
ping1 to trust to; send a message
ping1 illicit sexual relations
ping1 beautiful, attractive, charming, graceful
ping1 ping4 sound of crashing stones, bang!
paang4 pang4 ping1 roar of dashing waves