Cantonese Search: ping4

peng4 ping4 flat, level, even; peaceful
ping4 appraise, criticize, evaluate
ping1 ping4 messenger, emissary; send emissary
paang1 ping4 roar
ping4 level ground; Japanese measure
paang1 ping1 ping4 impeach, censure; attack
ping4 smooth board; chessboard; chess
ping4 shelter, screen, awning
bing2 ping4 folding screen, shield
ping4 sound
ping1 ping4 sound of crashing stones, bang!
ping4 a kind of jade
ping4 a kind of jade, (non-classical form of 玭) pearls
peng4 ping4 jug, pitcher, vase, jar, bottle
ping4 shelter
ping4 artemisia; duckweed; apple
ping4 jar, bottle
ping4 appraise, criticize, evaluate
軿 ping4 curtained carriage used by women
ping4 duckweed; wandering, traveling
pin4 ping4 team of horses; associate, join
ping4 team of horses; associate
pan4 ping4 apple