Cantonese Search: seon1

seon1 seon6 fast
seon1 inquire into, ask about; consult
seon1 an ancient feudal State in Shaanxi
seon1 follow
seon1 true, real, truly, really
seon1 ranges of hills stretching on beyond another irregular peaks
seon1 careful, sincere, honest; trust
seon1 seon6 comply with, follow; display
seon1 seon6 die for cause, be martyr for
seon1 name of a kind of jade
ceon4 seon1 seon2 cross bar
hyun3 jyun6 seon1 dazzled
seon1 retreat, withdraw, fall back
seon1 chapped, cracked
seon1 surname; ancient state; plant
hyun3 seon1 variegated, adorned; brilliant
seon1 inquire into, ask about; consult
cyun1 seon1 zeon3 squat
seon1 seon3 to blow out; to puff out