Cantonese Search: sik1

sik1 style, system, formula, rule
sik1 color, tint, hue, shade; form, body; beauty, desire for beauty
sik1 recognize, understand, know
sik1 decorate, ornament, adorn
cik1 sik1 split wood; break apart; divide
sik1 formerly; ancient; in beginning
sik1 wipe away stains with cloth
kut3 sik1 go, reach; appropriate, suitable
sik1 horizontal wooden bar in front
sik1 rest, put stop to, end, cease
cik1 sik1 tree
sik1 zai3 light of stars; shine
sik1 miserly, thrifty; stingy
sik1 water used wash rice; to wash ric
sik1 cesium
sik1 know, learn about, comprehend
sik1 pity, regret, rue, begrudge
sik1 clear, evident; clearly
sik1 a shoe; the sole of a shoe; magpie
sik1 interprete, elucidate; release
laap6 sik1 year end sacrifice; dried meat
sik1 white; kind of date
sik1 horizontal wooden bar in front of a sedan chair
sik1 miserly, thrifty, stingy; stopped up, constipated
cik1 sik1 order; command; give command
sik1 daughter-in-law
sik1 a place in Henan province
sik1 decorate, ornament, adorn; to deceive
sik1 cesium
sik1 tau4 die, dice
sik1 lizard
sik1 put out, extinguish, quash
dik1 sik1 match, comfortable; just
sik1 red; anger; ire; surname
sik1 a polypus
coek3 sik1 land impregnated with salt from the tide
sik1 to ornament; to decorate, to push
sik1 farm, harvest grain; stingy
sik1 faint sound, whisper
sek3 sik1 sik3 tin, stannum; bestow, confer
sik1 to adorn; ornaments; to deceive
saap3 sap1 sik1 astringent; harsh, rough; uneven
cik1 sik1 poison; sting; poisonous insect
sik1 cricket
sik1 farm, harvest grain; stingy
sik1 zi3 recognize, understand, know
sik1 interprete, elucidate; release
sik1 framework of lattice on cart
sik1 raincoat