Cantonese Search: sin3

𨃩 sin3 (Cant.) to slip, slide
𠜎 sin3 to castrate a fowl, a capon
sin1 sin3 first, former, previous
线 sin3 line, thread, wire; clue
sin3 fan; door panel
sin3 sin6 beautiful, lovely; son-in-law
saam1 sin3 samarium
sin3 (Cant.) to slip; to work and polish gems
sai1 sin3 sin6 madder, rubia cordifolia; reeds
sin3 gland
sin3 geld, castrate
sin3 fan; strike on face; stir up
sin3 line, thread, wire; clue
sin3 sin6 zang1 dark red
sin3 stir up, incite, agitate, provoke
sin3 thread, line, wire; clue
sin3 a pall to cover the hearse
sin3 lush vegetation, luxuriant growth
sin3 metal wire
sin3 beguile, cajole
sin3 hail, sleet
sin3 geld, castrate
sin3 the trigger of a crossbow; crossbow