Cantonese Search: siu6

siu6 ziu6 imperial decree; summon
siu6 ziu6 omen; million; mega; also trillion. China = million; Japan and Taiwan = trillion
siu6 encourage; to excel; excellent
siu6 eminent, lofty; beautiful; surname
siu6 continue, carry on; join
siu6 surname; various place names
siu6 continue, carry on; hand down; to join
siu6 young goat (sheep) under one year old, castrated ram of hundred catties (Chinese pound)
siu6 ziu6 an embroidered pennant
siu2 siu6 dwarf bamboo; diminutive in person's name
siu6 to commence; to found; to devise. at first. to originate. to strike
siu6 begin, commence, originate
diu6 jiu4 siu6 large hoe; surname; a spear brevium
siu6 sok3 musical instrument like pan-pipes, bamboo flute