Cantonese Search: suk6

suk6 zuk6 wives of one's brothers; sister-i
cuk1 suk6 tik1 start, begin; beginning; arrange
suk1 suk6 good, pure, virtuous, charming
suk6 who? which? what? which one?
suk6 buy, redeem; ransome; atone for
suk6 zuk1 class, category, type; belong to
suk6 name of an ancient state
suk6 village school; private tutorage
suk6 beans and peas, collectively
suk6 well-cooked; ripe; familiar with
㻿 suk6 a kind of jade
duk6 suk6 short coat
suk6 zuk1 class, category, type; to belong to
suk6 buy, redeem; ransom; atone for