Cantonese Search: taap3

taap3 tok3 zek3 expand; open up; support or push
taap3 to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk; refine; polished (rice), to tread upon; to step upon a pestle (for husking grain)
taap3 fall in ruins, collapse
taap3 tower, spire, tall building
taap3 rub, make rubbings of inscription
taap3 upper-story door or window
leoi5 lok3 taap3 river in northern Shandong
taap3 a coarse, woollen serge
taap3 cot, couch, bed
taap3 taat3 careless, negligent, slipshod
daap6 taap3 cap
taap3 zip3 inner shirt or singlet
taap3 thallium
taap3 upper-story door or window
taap3 sole
kaap1 taap3 peacefully; quietly
taap3 taat3 sole