Cantonese Search: taat3

taat3 flog, whip; chastise
taat3 door; gate
趿 saap3 taat3 to tread on; slipshod
daat6 taat3 arrive at, reach; intelligent
taat3 stumble, slip
taap3 taat3 careless, negligent, slipshod
taat3 tatars
taat3 to escape; to abscond; to flee, (interchangeable 達)
daat3 taat3 flog, whip; chastise; (Cant.) classifier for places; a tart (from the English 'tart')
taat3 jutting on the epidermis or the cuticle (of plants); (Cant.) skin peeling off
daat3 taat3 stumble, slip
taat3 door; gate
taap3 taat3 sole
taat3 tatars