Cantonese Search: wui4

wui4 return, turn around; a time
wui2 wui4 wui6 assemble, meet together; meeting
wui4 return, turn around; a time
wui4 to return to or from
wui4 hesitate
wui4 a back-water; an eddy a whirlpool
wui4 disordered; indistinct doubtful; blurred
wui4 linger, walk to and fro, hesitain
wui4 wui6 circle around; return; curving
wui4 tapeworm
wui4 revolve, rotate; curving, zigzag
wui4 whirlwind, cyclone, storm
wui4 fennel, aniseed
wui4 tapeworm
kui2 wui2 wui4 wui5 wui6 to assemble, meet together; a meeting; an organization