Cantonese Search: zeoi1

ce2 zeoi1 zoeng1 moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
zeoi1 an ape, monkey; to spy, watch for; to lie
zeoi1 zeoi2 zo2 uneven
zeoi1 bird; KangXi radical 172
zeoi1 zeoi2 zeoi3 stop, prevent; defeated, dejected
zeoi1 pursue, chase after; expel
zeoi1 zo2 rocky, hilly, uneven
zeoi1 ulcer, carbuncle, abscess
ze1 zeoi1 net for catching rabbits
syun1 zeoi1 zeon1 wane, reduce, contract; exploit
zau1 zeoi1 star
deoi1 zeoi1 heap, pile, crowd; pile up
zeoi1 piebald horse
zeoi1 sackcloth; female hemp plant
ceoi1 zeoi1 maggots
zeoi1 zeoi2 weak, lame
zeoi1 weak, lame
seoi4 zeoi1 (Cant.) a child's penis
ceoi4 zeoi1 hammer, mallet; vertebra
zeoi1 gimlet, awl, drill, auger; bore
zeoi1 osprey, fishhawk; hold back
zeoi1 salted or pickled vegetables
ceoi4 seoi4 zeoi1 horse whip; flog
zeoi1 gimlet, awl, drill, auger; bore
zeoi1 piebald horse
zeoi1 (same as 鵻) a kind of bird in ancient books; a wood-pigeon; a hawk
zeoi1 zeon2 pigeon; turtle-dove; a hawk