Cantonese Search: zi2

zi2 offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch
zi2 stop, halt, desist; detain
zek3 zi2 only, just, simply
zai2 zi2 small thing, child; young animal
zi2 purpose, aim; excellent
zi2 islet in stream; small sandbar
zi2 site, location, land for house
zi2 paper
gei2 zi2 a kind of jade
zi2 settle
zi2 foundation; site; address
zi2 to slander, revile
zai3 zi2 kind of white wine; rivers in Hebei and Shandong
ze2 zi2 elder sister
zi2 to hoe
zi2 elder sister
zi2 seed, pip, pit, stone
kei4 zi2 the spirit of the earth; (used for 只) only, merely, but
zi2 to hoe up the earth around plants
zi2 happiness, blessings, good luck
zi2 meat
zi2 foot measure of Zhou dynasty
zat1 zi2 trifoliate orange; hedge thorn; (Cant.) a plug
zi2 finger, toe; point, indicate
zi2 meaning, purport, drift
zi2 end of axle; divergent
zi2 zi3 name of a variety of bamboo
zi2 angelica, type of iris
zi2 paper
dai1 dai2 zi2 a whetstone; to polish
zi2 one thousand millions, sometimes used for one hundred millions
zi2 only, merely, but
zi2 toe; tracks, footprints
caai4 ci2 ci4 zi2 a plant yielding a red dye
zi2 purple, violet; amethyst; surname
dai6 zi2 bed boards, sleeping mat
zi2 catalpa ovata
zi2 end of axle; divergent
zi2 embroidery, needlework; radical
zi2 bad-mouth; criticize; defects
coi2 zi2 fragrant plant; angelica
zi2 sediment, lees, dregs
ci2 zi2 part
zi2 zing1 summon, recruit; musical note
zi2 sweet-smelling; fragrant, tasty; delicious