Cantonese Search: zit3

zit3 seal; KangXi radical 26
zit3 (same as 筄) last name; KangXi radical 26; a joint, a seal, (ancient form of 節)
ham2 ham6 zit3 to strike; to run against to throw, as a stone
zit3 foothill
zit3 break off, snap; bend
zit3 knot, node, joint; section
zit3 wise, sagacious; wise man, sage
zit3 Zhejiang province; river
zip3 zit3 beautiful, handsome; woman
zit3 zit6 win, victory, triumph
zit3 visit, pay respects
zit3 wise. to know intuitively
zit3 zit6 handsome
zit3 a sage; wise; sagacious
zit3 jellyfish
zit3 knot, node, joint; section
zip3 zit3 sides of chariot where weapons
zat6 zik6 zit3 to hibernate
zit1 zit3 (Cant.) to squeeze; to eject; to spray
zit3 to make sound; to speak; (Cant.) to tickle, squeeze
zit1 zit3 comb out; weed out, eliminate
zit3 pimple, sore, boil