Cantonese Search: zok6

zok6 to be ashamed
zok3 zok6 yesterday; in former times, past
zaa6 zaak3 zok6 oak; spinous evergreen tree; to clear away trees
zaa1 zaa2 zok3 zok6 stone tablet; monument
zok6 zuk1 to soak, to steep in water
zaak3 zaak6 zok6 boards which support tiles on roof
cou3 zaa3 zok6 toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
zok6 chisel; bore, pierce
zok6 cable
zok6 wash out, rinse; cleanse
zaak6 zok6 pull up, draw up; select
zok6 nobelium
zok3 zok6 phoenix
zok6 chisel; bore, pierce