Cantonese Search: zung1

zung1 zung3 central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain
zung1 excited
zung1 pekinese dog, lap dog, pug; pup
zung1 restless, agitated
zung1 loyalty, devotion, fidelity
sung1 zung1 quiet, calm, tranquil, peaceful
zung1 end; finally, in the end
zung1 lineage, ancestry; ancestor, clan
zung1 clock; bell
zung1 small cup or bowl
cung1 zung1 heart, from bottom of one's heart
cung1 zung1 fly upward
zung1 grind in mortar
zung1 end; finally, in the end
cung4 zung1 gurgling sound of water
cung4 zung1 enjoy, amuse, please; joy
zung1 hemp palm; palm tree
zung1 zung2 swell, swelling of the legs
zung1 palm tree
gai3 zung1 to look at; to see, to peep; to look something stealthily, angry
zung1 zung3 arrange threads for weaving
cung4 zung1 gather; flow into (water); sound of waters flowing together
zung1 flutter
cung1 zung1 foolish, stupid, dull, silly
zung1 footprints, traces, tracks
zung1 zung3 indulge in, give free reign to
zung1 a headstall, ornament on a bride
zung1 cup, glass, goblet; surname
zung1 katydid
zung1 mane; neck bristles
zung1 footprints, traces, tracks
zung1 young pig
zung1 mane
zung1 pot
zung1 clock; bell