Japanese On Search: a

a forked; bifurcation
a atsu ou Asia; second
a atsu ou Asia; second; used as a prefix to names
a prefix for people's names; used in transliteration
aku yaku ai a distress; difficulty
a person
a ai baby; doll; pretty girl
a illness, sickness, disease; pain
a dumb, mute; become hoarse
a e soft steel; ammonium
a exclamatory particle
a dumb, mute; become hoarse
a aku o white earth; to daub with white mud
a to ease nature
a mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law
a be beautiful, be graceful
ga a elegant, graceful, refined
a wa frog
a the forking branch of a tree
a argonium
a ka a small cauldron; columbium (an older name for niobium)
a aku dumb
a chronic illness; dysentery
wa a hollow; pit; depression; swamp
a crow, raven; Corvus species (various)
a e soft steel; ammonium
a yo en block, obstruct, stop up, conceal
a soft steel; ammonium