Japanese On Search: an

kou gyou an go; walk; move, travel; circulate
an peaceful, tranquil, quiet
an put hand on, press down with hand
atsu achi an (Cant.) sound of an automobile horn
an ammonia; hydrogen nitride
in an many, great; abundant, flourishing
an table, bench; legal case
an peaceful, quiet; clear; late in the day
an on used in Buddhist texts to transliterate non-Chinese sounds; to eat with the hand
in on an 'female' principle; dark; secret
an Buddhist monastery or nunnery
den dan nen an on fish; still; (Cant.) thoroughly soaked; a deep sleep
en an on cover with earth; a pit; a hole
en an on cover up; take by force, shut
in an on comfortable, contented, peaceful
in on an to be dumb; the sobbing of infants
en an on au ou undecided
an en medical compress; fish net
an dark; obscure; in secret, covert
an small Buddhist monastery
an ammonium
an saddle; any saddle-shaped object
atsu achi an (nose) bridge
en an on marinate, pickle; salt
an cottage
an on versed in, fully acquainted with
ou an on lid of a caldron; Buddhist cloister
an on close, shut; dark, dismal
kan an pastry filling, stuffing
an anglerfish
an en quail
en an mole, scar, blemish
an on quail; Coturnix coturnix
en an on blue-black
an en quail
kan ken an en blackhead
an dark, black; sullen, dreary
shin an en young girl's hair style
en an mole, scar, blemish