Japanese On Search: byou

myou byou mysterious, subtle; exquisite
hou byou carpenter's plane; plane, level
byou myou sou syou argue, dispute; disturb, annoy
hou hei byou roar
byou shou tip of twig, top of tree; twig
hou hyou byou impeach, censure; attack
hei byou (Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of a gong
hei byou folding screen, shield
hou byou huu hu roast, broil; bake
hei byou smooth board; chessboard; chess
byou myou blind in one eye; minute, minuscule
byou beard of grain or corn; a second
hei hiyou byou shelter, screen, awning
hei byou to trust to; send a message
byou hei illness, sickness, disease
haku baku hou byou the bottle-gourd
hei hiyou byou shelter
hei byou folding screen
byou myou sprouts; Miao nationality
shou byou paper money, bank notes; copy
hou byou haku run, flee, leave in hurry
byou myou a wide expanse of water
byou bou myou cat
byou endlessly long, boundless, vast
byou copy, trace, sketch; depict
hou hyou byou pole; beat
軿 byou hei curtained carriage used by women
byou take aim at; look at
hyou byou hou throw out; push out; strike
hi bi hyou byou a tick, mite
byou temple, shrine; imperial court
hou byou syllable; (Cant.) to chase, drive away
byou hei curtained carriage used by women
haku gou gyou hou byou (Cant.) to push with the body
hou byou till, plow
byou myou indistinct, dim; minute; distant
hou bou byou burdock, herb
byou cat
hyou byou glare at; look askance at; squint
hou byou a small spotted deer found in north China
byou anchor
hyou byou a chrysalis
byou byuu myuu error, exaggeration; erroneous
hou byou a small land crab
baku byou bou myaku disregard, slight, disdain
hyou byou duckweed