Japanese On Search: gin

gin gon stand side by side
gin gon multitude, crowd; masses, public
shin gin steep, precipitous; peak
ki gin border, boundary
gen gon gin words, speech; speak, say
kin gin hear; understand; obey, comply
gin kin sing, hum; recite; type of poetry
kou gou gin kon gon to act contrary to
gin gon boundary, bank of stream or river
gin gon (Cant.) sediment, precipitate
kin gon ken gen gin salt marsh plant
gin precious stone
gin gon kin to hum, to intone, etc. to close, to shut
gin cliffs
un kin gin devise, plan, deliberate; consult
kin gin kun un species of water plant
gin gon county in Zhejiang province
gin gon silver; cash, money, wealth
kin kon gin gon kan ken to prepare horses and chariots for battle
kin gin die; death; to starve to death
gin gon speak gently; respectful
in kin gin (Cant.) 大頭頵, a big head
gin kin cautious; willing; but, moreover
gin kin cautious; willing; but
gin gon gan gen argumentative, talkative
kin gin gums (of the teeth); to dispute
gin kon gums