Japanese On Search: go

go ko mutually, reciprocally
go five; surname
go noon; 7th terrestrial branch
kou go queen, empress, sovereign
go freezing; stopped up, closed off
go freezing; stopped up, closed off
go five, company of five; troops
ko go similar
go freezing; stopped up, closed off
o u ko go loquat
go insubordinate, stubborn; wrong
go one of warring states; surname
go i, my, our; resist, impede
go name of warring state; surname
go one of warring states; surname
ko go hill
go obstinate, perverse
ga ge gyo go to go to meet, to receive, as a guest
ko go ku to bale out water
ka ke ko go ku beautiful, handsome, elegant
洿 o u ko go stagnant water; impure, filthy
go kou behind, rear, after; descendents
ko ku go kei kyou to cry; to shout; to howl
ko go recklessly, foolishly; wildly
ko go blessing, happiness, prosperity
go to apprehend, realize, become aware
go impede; neglect, delay
go hold in mouth; bite
gyo go prison, jail
go ku pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
go ku pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
go resist
go Chinese parasoltree, Sterculia platanifolia
gyo go drive, ride; chariot; manage
kyo go kind of lettuce
go obstinate, disobedient, intractable
gyo go gavel
gyo go stable, corral, enclosure; frontier, border
go have interview with; meet
go to oppose; to gore
kyo go interjection used to express surprise
kyo go support structure for bell
gyo go drive, ride; manage, control
ko ku go to deal in spirits
kou go monkey, ape; monkey-like
ki go period of time; date; time limit
ko go a kind of monkey found in W.China
gyo go ga public office; official residence
go centipede
go mat, matting
go ki chess; any game similar to chess
ko go coral; person of virtue
kyo go a wild boar; to fight
yu gyo go tree
ko go coarse, crude; plant
ko ku go cobalt; household iron cobaltum
ko go county in Shanxi province
go gyo language, words; saying, expression
go few, scarce; empty, deserted
go err, make mistake; interfere
kou go ancient music instrument; harp
ko go lane, alley, side street
gyo go misfit; disordant; music instrument; hoe
ko go paste, stick on with paste
ka ge ko go sword
ko go purest cream
gyo go defend, resist, hold out against
go kin small red apple
kyo go jade ring; earrings; surname
gu go stag; herd
waku ko go dye made from red soil; ochre
go flying squirrel
ko go pelican
go ko protect, guard, defend, shelter
kyo go ko drumstick
ku gu kyo go fine woollen cloth; a mat used by the emperor in worshipping god
gyo go a fence
gyo go uneven teeth; to disagree
kyo go crude bamboo mat