Japanese On Search: hei

hei hyou third; 3rd heavenly stem
hi hei hai to prepare; to regulate to hand up
hei hyou ben flat, level, even; peaceful
hei used with pong for ping pong
hi hei comment, criticize; wholesale
hei hyou soldier, troops
hei hyou combine, annex; also, what's more
hei hyou combine
hou hei byou roar
hou hei sandalwood; tree used as timber
hei hyou level ground; Japanese measure
hei byou (Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of a gong
hei grasp, hold; bundle; authority
hei hyou name of a city in the ancient state of Song, in what is now Shandong; pleased
hei hyou (Cant.) to beat
hei equal to; side by side; also, what is more; both
hei combine, annex
hei byou smooth board; chessboard; chess
hou hei hyou join together, link, incorporate
hei hyou hou bright, luminous; glorious
hei hyou handle, lever, knob; authority
hei hiyou byou shelter, screen, awning
hei byou folding screen, shield
hei bright, luminous; glorious
hei byou to trust to; send a message
hi hei arsenic
hin hau hei illicit sexual relations
hei hyuu hin hemp palm
hei steps leading throne; throne
byou hei illness, sickness, disease
hei hai bai a kind of tapir; a fierce beast depicted on the door of prisons
hei hou to combine, annex; also, what's more
hei combine
hei hou beautiful, attractive, charming, graceful
hi hei so that, in order that; cause
hei hou hen artemisia; duckweed; apple
hei byou folding screen
hei hyou bright; shining, splendid
hei hiyou byou shelter
hei bin jug, pitcher, vase, jar, bottle
hi bi hei add, increase, attach; low fence
hei shut, close; obstruct, block up
hei hetsu shut, close; obstruct, block up
hai ha hei to open; to spread out
hi hai hei spleen, pancreas; disposition
hyou hei appraise, criticize, evaluate
hei jar, bottle
hou hyou hei gush out; burst forth; split
hou hyou hei to scatter; to expel; to crack, to split; to jump
hei break, destroy; broken, tattered
hei hyou handle, lever, knob; authority
hei kei drowsy
hei bai oval
kou kyou hei hyoi han well rope
軿 byou hei curtained carriage used by women
hei engage, employ; betroth
hei look askance at, glare at
hei to look around, look askance
hei hi bi marry off, pair, match; compare
hei bin jug
hei duckweed; wandering, traveling
hei fine-toothed comb; comb hair
hei hyou expel, cast off; arrange
hi hei hatsu bachi the castor-oil plant also used for other plants
byou hei curtained carriage used by women
hei hi arsenic
hei hetsu evil, wrong, bad; criminal
hei currency, coins, legal tender
hetsu hechi hei discard, abandon, throw away
heki hi hei out-of-the-way, remote; unorthodox
hai hei tired, weary, fatigued
hei plate; (Cant.) a penny
hei favorite; a minion
hei bei hetsu bechi collapse
hei fine-toothed comb; comb hair
hei hi bi a tick, mite
hyou hei a flatfish, flounder
hi hei castor-oil plant, Ricinus commumis
hei hyou rice-cakes, biscuits
hei hyou rice-cakes, biscuits
hei hyou hi bi bai sheath
hi hei buttocks; thigh, thigh bone
hei kill; die violent death
hei hai hi bi plowshare; barb, lancet
hei cover, hide, conceal; shelter
heki hei haku evergreen shrubs, ligusticum
hitsu hichi hei hyou leather arm guard
hei bai drum carried on horseback
hetsu hechi hei hi pheasant