Japanese On Search: hin

hin hun portion, part; duty
hin female of species; deep gorge
hin county in Shaanxi province
hin hon article, product, commodity
hin hau hei illicit sexual relations
hin creek, stream; beach, sea coast
hei hyuu hin hemp palm
hin cultivated, well-bred
hin refined, having both appearance
bin hin the areca-nut; the betel-nut
hin bin poor, impoverished, needy
rin hin report to, petition
rin hin report to, petition
hin guest, visitor; surname; submit
hin guest, visitor; surname; submit
hin bin frequently, again and again
hin entertain guests
hin han hen a Zhou-dynasty state
bin hin the hair on the temples
hin bin hen a kind of otter
hin court lady; palace maid
hin exclude, expel, reject; usher
hin a bank, a brink. a shore, a beach
hin hou beach, sea coast; river bank
hin encoffin; embalm; funeral
hin bin the kneecap
bin hin betel-nut, areca nut
hin bin frown
hin bin an angry glare; to open the eyes with anger
hin approach, be on verge of; near
hen ben hin bin oyster
hin flourishing, thriving, abundant
hin bin apple
hin high quality iron
hin bin frown, knit brows; with knitted
hin bin kneecap
hin bin hair on temples