Japanese On Search: hyou

𢫦 haku hyou variant of 拍, to clap, tap, beat; a beat or rhythm
hyou ice; KangXi radical 15
bun mon hou bou hyou to incubate; to brood; to hatch
hyou ka fire; radical number 86
hei hyou ben flat, level, even; peaceful
hei hyou third; 3rd heavenly stem
hyou ice, frost, icicles; cold
hyou ice; ice-cold
hyou noise of waters
hyou teki shaku handle of cup, ladle, spoon; name of a constellation
hei hyou soldier, troops
hou hyou messenger, emissary; send emissary
kou hou hyou ardent; generous, magnanimous
haku hyou clap, tap, beat; beat or rhythm
hei hyou name of a city in the ancient state of Song, in what is now Shandong; pleased
hou hyou byou impeach, censure; attack
hei hyou (Cant.) to beat
hou hyou eager, ardent, impulsive; anxious
hei hyou combine
hei hyou level ground; Japanese measure
hei hyou combine, annex; also, what's more
hyou lean on, depend on, rely on
hyou show, express, manifest, display
hei hyou handle, lever, knob; authority
hou hei hyou join together, link, incorporate
hei hyou hou bright, luminous; glorious
hyuu shuu hyou running; herd of horses
hou hyou river in Shandong; space inside
hou hyou leopard, panther; surname
hyou hyuu hair; KangXi radical 190
hou hyou sound of crashing stones, bang!
haku hou hyou saku shaku noise of tramping feet
hyou divide, distribute
hou hyou a variety of rush; firm, enduring; to burst forth
hyou slip of paper or bamboo; ticket
hyou whore, prostitute
hyou fu to starve to death
hou hyou a bow stretched to the full; tensely drawn
hei hyou bright; shining, splendid
hyou quiver; (Cant.) to pull on something
hou hyou collide; meet unexpectedly
hyou hyuu tiger; tiger stripes; tiger-like
hou hyou a bladder
hou hyou hei to scatter; to expel; to crack, to split; to jump
hyou fuu surname; gallop; by dint of
hyou hei appraise, criticize, evaluate
hou hyou hei gush out; burst forth; split
hei hyou handle, lever, knob; authority
dou hyou da na do nu gibberish; to wrangle
hyou wind; storm; gale; dog moving; (Cant.) running quickly
hou hyou byou pole; beat
hyou rob, plunder; slice off; fast
hyou to rely on, depend on; evidence, proof
hyou to mount maps or scrolls to paste
hyou byou hou throw out; push out; strike
hi bi hyou byou a tick, mite
hei hyou expel, cast off; arrange
hyou patronize prostitutes, frequent
hyou storm whirlwind
hou hyou a cloth to carry an infant on the back; to tie; to bind
hyou float, drift; tossed about
hou hyou roar
hyou shou fat; rump
hyou blaze
hyou a mark, symbol, label, sign; standard
hyou a whitlow
hyou a watch, clock
hyou ladle made from dried gourd
hyou lean on, depend on, rely on
hou bou hyou crab
hyou hei a flatfish, flounder
hyou byou glare at; look askance at; squint
hei hyou rice-cakes, biscuits
hyou whirlwind
hei hyou rice-cakes, biscuits
hei hyou hi bi bai sheath
hyou heu milling
hyou light blue silk; dim; misty
hou hyou bind, draw firmly, strap
hou hyou on duty
hyou byou a chrysalis
hyou dart, spear, harpoon; escort
hyou fat; gross, sleek
hitsu hichi hei hyou leather arm guard
hyou byou duckweed
hyou whirlwind, cyclone; floating
hyou whirlwind, cyclone; floating
hyou whirlwind
hyou whirlwind, stormy gale
hyou charger, steed; swift, valiant
hyou whirlwind, stormy gale
hyou swimming bladder of fish
hyou bit, bridle; ride
hyuu shuu hyou horses