Japanese On Search: i

i koku erect, proud; upright; bald
i already; finished; stop
i by means of; thereby, therefore; consider as; in order to
dai tai i platform; unit; term of address
i ta da basin; container for wine
i different, unusual, strange
chi ji sha ta i she, her
i e clothes, clothing; cover, skin
shi ji i a stream which leaves the main branch then later returns
i shi bridge, bank
u o i kyo dike, embankment
i ancient barbarian tribes
i third person pronoun; he, she, this, that
en i flowing and engulfing; brimming
i tou surround, encircle, corral; whip
chi ji shi i tree
i ta da wind; walk out of straight path
i ki used to represent sound
i cure, heal; doctor, medical
i throne; position, post; rank, status; seat
i particle of completed action
ta da i drag, tow, haul; delay, prolong
eki i change; easy
tai dai i subservient; servant; KangXi radical 171
i a class, a category a corpse
i appoint, send, commission
shi i luxurious, extravagant
i e rely on, be set in; consent, obey a wish
i harmony; pleasure, joy; be glad
ta da i to drag after, to drag out, from which comes:to involve, to delay, to implicate
ta da chi ji i a steep bank, a declivity
i ta da wind; walk out of straight path
shi i se grant, bestow; give; act; name
i do, handle, govern, act; be
i ri ta da helm
i pomp, power; powerful; dominate
i mother/wife's sister; concubine
i fear, dread, awe, reverence
i ki tai dai expression of surprise
i descriptive of creaking; laugh
i stomach; gizzard of fowl
i tei snivel, mucus from nose
i name of a river in honan
i shi ji a table, desk
i tanned leather; surname; KangXi radical number 178
i pancreas; soap
chi chou i to gaze at
i gate bar, bolt
i e screen
i shi ji steps, grade, strata; series
shi i ta tan dan deceive, cheat; arrogant
i to shift; to transfer; to transform
i ki rely on, depend on; lean heavily
i anger, rage
kai ki ai i alas, exclamation of surprise or pain
i millet wine
i wa dwarf; dwarfish, short
i yui bi but, however, nevertheless; only
i yuu u a bruise or contusion
i wound, bruise, sore
i e sob
i exclamation of admiration
ei i shi work hard; belabored; toil
en i thereupon, then; how? why? where?
yui i only; yes
i great, robust; extraordinary
i officer, military rank
i change place, shift; move about
ki ka i drag aside, pull; drag one foot
i shi wa barley
tei dai i sequence, number; grade, degree
i tent; curtain, screen
ja i da snake
i shi wa barley; coix agretis
i do, handle, govern, act; be
ta i cheat
i ki animal horns
i vulgar; wanton; low; many; varied; a hedgehog, porcupine
tei dai i sprouts; tares
i different, unusual, strange
ki i name of a river in Shanxi
i river in Shanxi province
i winding, curving; swagger
i rebuke
wai e i high, lofty; precipitous
i give to, hand down, bequeath
i gi surname
i ki curtain that forms wall
i chair, seat
i surround, encircle, corral
i name of a river in Shanxi
i ki fierce dog; interjection of pleas; (Cant.) strange
i hello; (Cant.) phonetic
i cheeks; jaw; chin; rear; nourish
shi chi ji i part
i thought, idea, opinion; think
i sui zui ni coriander
i collect, compile, assemble; hedgehog
i collect, compile, assemble; hedgehog
i learn, practice, study; toil
i the bright shining of the sun
i paralysis; impotence
i crooked bones
i ki brilliant red; glowing
i greedy, stingy
i type of jade; rare, valuable
i rack
i disobey, violate, defy; be apart from
i iridium
i wither, wilt
i shi sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
ki kai ai i an exclamation of confirmation
i romantic; tender; charming
i ripples on water; swirling
ei i shi work hard; belabored; toil
ki i dim
i excellent, rare; beautiful, fine
i yui maintain, preserve, safeguard
in i distant place; remote; deep
ei i compliant, yielding; easy-going a newborn child
i reed
ki i mirthful, happy; interjection
ki i river in Shanxi
zui ni i pass buck, lay blame on others
ki i wave, brandish; modest, humble
i comfort, console, calm
i kiku ceremonial gowns of a queen
i utsu iron, press
i hedgehog
i luxuriant, flourishing; used for various plants
i woof; parallels of latitude
i yi; tripod, wine vessel; rule
i yi; tripod, wine vessel; rule
i yui lose; articles lost; omit
ei i hang, strangle
ei i stormy; cloudy, misty; dim; (Cant.) sultry
i ai oku belch; alas
i cheeks; jaw; chin; rear; to nourish
i say, tell; call, name; be called
tai i blowfish, globefish, tetraodon
i yuu kind of sturgeon, tuna
rei i be subservient to; servant
tei dai i the pelican
i tei dai shi ji the sheat fish
ei i be; particle; sigh, alas
gai shi ji i gi tai stupid; foolish
i chi ji side room
ki i dim; blurred vision
utsu i luxuriant, thick; ornamental
i ki gate, door; living quarters
i yui county in Shandong province
yoku i oku ilex
i cure, heal; doctor, medical
i ka ke ga surname; place name
ei i black and shining; ebony
i right; proper; perpriety
i yi; tripod
i yi; tripod, wine vessel; rule
ki i scream
i ta a mound, an embankment the earthen altar to the god of the soil
i clouding
ka i kai ge tan horse
yoku oku i seed of job's tears; lotus seed
i ytterbium
i etsu spoiled, rotten, sour
you i yui call
i virtuous, admirable, esteemed
i ei cormorant
kei e i large turtles
i swallow