Japanese On Search: mou

bou mou death, destroyed; lose, perish
bou mou death, destroyed; lose, perish
mou bou hair, fur, feathers; coarse
mou bou Radical 122
bou mou net; network; KangXi radical 122
bou mou absurd, foolish, reckless; false
bou mou mountain in Henan province
bou mou busy, pressed for time; hustling
bou mou net; deceive; libel; negative
mou myou bou farming population
mou bou blind; unperceptive, shortsighted
bou mou boku risk, brave, dare
mou myou man first in series; great, eminent
bou mou baku maku dim-sighted; dull, bewildered
bou mou kou Miscanthus sinensis
kou kai bou mou to waste, to destroy, to diminish; hence it came to mean, a rat
bou mou a kind of ancient flag; old
mou kou consume, use up; waste, squander
mou bou elderly person; very old, senile
bou mou to choose; to select; greens
bou mou jargon
bou mou point of sword; sharp point
bou mou to look at, look forward; to hope, expect
mou bou violent, savage, cruel; bold
bou mou disconcerted, dejected, discouraged
bou mou hat, cap; cap-like tops
bou mu mou a marine crab
bou mou boku moku bai me be jealous of, be envious
bou mou thicket, underbrush; poisonous
bou mou mai fine piece of jade
bou mou restless
mei mou swear; oath, covenant, alliance
mou myou small boat
bou mou look at, gaze at; hope, expect
bou mou flowing hair of young child
bou mou vast; expansive
mou bou net, web; network
bou mu mou state
ri bou mou rai tail; hair; yak
bou mou point of sword; sharp point
bou myou mou ri a black ox, a yak
bou mou exterior rim of wheel, felly
mou myou buu horsefly, gadfly
mou manganese
bou mou cover; ignorant; suffer; mongolia
bou mou (J) equivalent to 果敢 , fleeting, momentary, ephemeral; vain, empty; fickle
bou mu mou eyesight obscured; to feel ashamed
bou mou twilight just before sun rises
bou mou black horse with a white face
bou mou mu dull, stupid, doltish
bou mu mou cover, shelter, screen; protect
bou mou demons, mountain spirits
bou mou python, boa constrictor
bou mou condition or appearance of moon
mou bou stupid, ignorant; blind
bou mou python, boa constrictor
mou bou long and narrow war-boat