Japanese On Search: rou

rou old, aged; experienced
rou do, play or fiddle with; alley
rou prison; stable, pen; secure
rou labor, toil, do manual work
rou labor, toil, do manual work
ryou ro rou (Cant.) man, person; mature
ratsu rou pull, drag; seize, hold; lengthen
rou used in translation
rei rou tinkling of jade
rou a noise; a sound
rou narrow; crude, coarse; ugly
ru rou surname; a constellation; to wear
rou gentleman, young man; husband
rou ran wave; wasteful, reckless
ryuu ryou rou dragon; symbolic of emperor
rou a basket
rou ru to play with, handle things
rou wolf
rou gentleman
rou incoherent chatter
rou waste
rou syllable
rou clear, bright; distinct
rou palm
rahu rou final particle of assertion
rou humpback; surname
rou a variety of white carnelian; pure
rou ru rui surname; a constellation; to wear
rou clear, bright; distinct
seki shaku rou year end sacrifice; dried meat
rou labor, toil, do manual work
rou ryou grass; weeds
rou ryou chou squared timber; angle, edge
rou corridor, porch, veranda
rou the place where the supreme stores his books; library
rou herb, Scopolia japonica
sou rou onomatopoeic for the sound of falling rain; an ancient name for Wu Shui; a place in Guangdong
rou ra sound of flying bees, airplanes
rou ryou mantis, dung beetle; insect
rou betel-nut tree
rou building of two or more stories
ryou rou food, grain, provisions
rou ryou used for Ceylon in Buddhist texts
rou ryou young bamboo
rou ru humpback; surname
ru rou Goulou mountain peak in Hunan
rou leak, drip; funnel; hour glass
rau rou hanker
ryou rou hop, jump; hurriedly, urgently
shou rou fold, bend; twisted, curved
rou ru hug, embrace; drag, pull
rou rhodium ruthenium
rou kind of white cornelian
rou ru small mound
rou ru used in onomatopoetic expressions
ru rou river in Hubei province
ryou rou tou to hunt at night by torches
rou inundate, flood; torrent
ryou rou lift up, raise; leave, depart
rou tou dou ryou high door; high gate; high, lofty
rou lock lanthanum
ryou rou a car-rut; rumbling of a cart
tou chou ta kou kyou rou chat, jaw, gossip, talk
rou building of two or more stories
rou ryou scoop out of water; dredge, fish
rou to flood; a puddle; without care
rou cage; cage-like basket
ryuu rou dragon; symbolic of emperor
ku rou ru poor, impoverished
rou ru anal fistula; tumor, sore
rou mantis, dung beetle
rou ru fistula, sore, ulcer, goiter
rou ru ryuu ku gu Artemisia stelleriana
rin rou ryou phosphorus; water rushing between
rou year end sacrifice; dried meat
reki rou yaku chestnut-leaved oak; oak
rou ru drill for sowing grain
ru rou thread; detailed, precise
rou a mole cricket, Gryllotalpa africana
rou ru lapel, collar; tattered, threadbare
rou ru ku bamboo basket
rou consumption; tuberculosis
ryou rou food, grain, provisions
tou dou rou upper-story door or window
rou ru ryou ryu rude; barbarous
rou unclear wine, wine with dregs
rou year end sacrifice; dried meat
ryou rou rags
rou ru carve, inlay, engrave, tattoo
rou ru collect, bring together
rou ru lofty
rou ryou mountain located between Shanxi
ryou rou grave, mound; ridge in field
rau rou ryou rut
rou ru throat
rou mound, grave; ridge in field
sou rou raining; wet; soaked; a river in Guangdong
hou bou rou ru disorderly, messy; huge, big
reki rou chestnut-leaved oak; oak
rou spinach
rou solder; tin
rou ru vague, dim; twilight
rou a gem cut like dragon
rou condition or appearance of moon
rou ru a hole; a cleft; empty
rou wax; candle; waxy, glazed
rou ru skull; skeleton
rou ru grind, sharpen; mill
rou ryou tall grass; water-weeds
rou deaf
rou cage; cage-like basket
rou solder; tin