Japanese On Search: ryou

ryou to finish; particle of completed action
rei ryou command, order; 'commandant', magistrate; allow, cause
ryou two, both, pair, couple; a tael, ounce
ryou good, virtuous, respectable
rei ryou spirit, soul; spiritual world
rei ryou lonely, solitary; actor
ryou two, both, pair, couple; ounce
ryou ro rou (Cant.) man, person; mature
rei ryou ren pity, sympathize
rei ryou to haul; to lift; to take
ki chi rei ryou to rest
rei ryou purine
ryou to dawdle; the name of the father of the Emperor Yao
ryou two, both, pair, couple; ounce
rei ryou ren nice and cool, mild and comfortable
rei ryou sunshine
ryou bright, brilliant, radiant, light
rii ryou concave channels of tiling a long-necked jar
ryuu ryou rou dragon; symbolic of emperor
ryou consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients
ryou pure; virtuous; insult; maltreat
ryou cool, cold; disheartened
ryou ounce
rei ryou species of lark; wagtail; Motacilla species (various)
kei kyou ryou ou far
ryou clever, skilled; two, pair
rei ryou feather; plume; wing
ryou pass over, cross, traverse
ryou bridge; beam; rafters; surname
ryaku ryou rob, ransack, plunder; pass by
ryou cool, cold; disheartened
rei ryou small boat with windows; houseboat
rei ryou listen, hear
ryou somewhat, slightly, at least
rei ryou species of antelope
ryou hunt; field sports
ryuu ru ryou riku the sound of the wind; to soar
rei ryou bamboo screen
rei ryou fungus, tuber; licorice
rei ryou dragonfly, libellulidae
ryou hill, mound; mausoleum
ryou hilly, steep, rugged
ryou frighten, surprise, startle
ryou ounce
ryou fruit
rou ryou grass; weeds
ryou air-dry; sun-dry
rei ryou lattice work on front and sides
katsu kachi ryou smoke or flames from fire; roast
ryou fuel used for sacrifices
rei ryou to sell
ryou measure, quantity, capacity
ryou wail, cry, yell; neigh
rou ryou chou squared timber; angle, edge
rou ryou mantis, dung beetle; insect
ryou corner, edge, angle; square block
rou ryou young bamboo
chou ryou to stare straight ahead
rei rin ryou bell
ryou better varieties of millet
kyou kou gyou ryou kind of butterfly
rou ryou used for Ceylon in Buddhist texts
ryou rou food, grain, provisions
ryou thin silk, damask silk
ryou rei neck; collar; lead, guide
ryou fat
ryou water-chestnut, water caltrop
ryou waistcoat
ryou rou hop, jump; hurriedly, urgently
ryou ryuu ru to rely on
ryou surname; name of an ancient state
ryou gyo to fish; seize; pursue; surname
ryou few, scarce; empty, deserted
ryou companion, colleague; officials; bureaucracy; a pretty face
ryou a hearse; a carriage
ryou clear; intelligible; severe; cold
rei ryou spirit, soul; spiritual world
ryou excuse, forgive; guess, presume
rou tou dou ryou high door; high gate; high, lofty
ryou shanty, hut, shack
reu ryou used describe clarity of voice; resonant
ryou rou a car-rut; rumbling of a cart
ryou numerary adjunct for vehicles
rou ryou scoop out of water; dredge, fish
ryou rou lift up, raise; leave, depart
ryou bridge; beam
ryou rou tou to hunt at night by torches
ryou distant, far
ryou bright, clear
ryou to burn, set afire; to illuminate; a signal lamp
rei ryou species of lark; wagtail; Motacilla species (various)
ryou ru variant of 榴 , pomegranate
chuu chu ryou to be healed; to reform
rin rou ryou phosphorus; water rushing between
ryou be healed, cured, recover
rei ryou drops of rain; to fall in drops
chou ryou a wrapper or case for bow
ryou riku smartweed, polygonum
rei ryou mountain ridge, mountain peak
kyuu byuu ryou wind around, bind; prepare
ryou water-chestnut, water caltrop
ryou bright, clear; clear-sighted
ryou hunt; field sports
ryou rou food, grain, provisions
ryou wind round, rap around, bind
ryou a kind of monster
rou ru ryou ryu rude; barbarous
ryou penis
ryou carp
rou ryou mountain located between Shanxi
rau rou ryou rut
ryou rou rags
ryou rou grave, mound; ridge in field
ryou fetters
rei ryou the spirit of a being, which acts upon others spirit; divine; efficacious
rin rei ryou phosphonium
rei ryou carved or patterned window sills
ryou roo hip bone
ryu ryou dragon
rou ryou tall grass; water-weeds
ryou to stride over; to step across
ryou variant of 鬣 , a mane
ryou wren
rei ryou spirit, soul; spiritual world
rei ryou kind of wine
ryou horse's mane; fin; human whiskers
ryou (Cant.) 赤鱲角, Hong Kong place name
rei ryou the lattice of a window a sill, a lintel